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Title: Re-Volt
Post by: Krys TOFF on December 25, 2002, 10:40:55 PM
Well, this topic is not abandoware only, so I'll talk about another great game I like : Re-Volt.

If, like me, you like Micro-Machines games, you'll LOVE Re-Volt :!:
Because it's the same spirit : small cars in a big world, collect bonus to explode oponenents, ...

But with 3 huge improvements :
   1/ 3D view
   2/ Terran editor, very powerful
   3/ A huge community where u can download new tracks and cars

U can even race a flying saucer (if u are good enough). :shock:  :!:
I really like this game very much.
Title: Re-Volt
Post by: zaqrack on December 25, 2002, 11:03:16 PM
yes, it's really a great game!
Unfortunately my machine is just to slow to play enjoyable with it, but my brother loves it really much.
I prefer Micro Machines V3 and Ignition from this category.  They're kickass :)

Title: Answer to Zak
Post by: Krys TOFF on December 27, 2002, 12:28:57 AM
Yes, u're right. MMv3 and Ignition are good too (and quite difficult MMv3 !!!) :)
But there's no bonus on Ignition :(
Btw, my favorite "Top view" game is Death Rally. See why on the "Death Rally Topic" :wink: