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Title: A new sort of competition:
Post by: SuperBrian on June 01, 2006, 11:48:39 PM
Rules are as following:

      The competition takes place in USC and Zakstunts, maybe it will expend and include more races next year if it is popular. The time you end up with on the scoreboard is the same you get in this competition, but if you don?t participate, you?ll get DNP-Penalty.
(Did Not Participate-Penalty) The DNP-Penalty is the worst time on scoreboard + 1 extra second. So it does not take extremly hard race to come back if you miss one race in the season!

 :twisted: DNP Penalties:    1.52.95   = C59.
                      2.08.75   = C60.
                      2.04.35   = C61.
                                                2.52.00   = C62.
                      1.21.30   = Aggtelek.
                      1.27.10   = C63.
                      1.49.90   = Gyula.
Title: Spaces!!!
Post by: SuperBrian on June 01, 2006, 11:50:54 PM
Sorry! The spaces between times disappeared, I hope you can distinguish them for each other... :shock:
Title: A new sort of competition:
Post by: CTG on June 01, 2006, 11:53:49 PM
I'm too tired or too stupid but I don't understand the system. Maybe tomorrow...  :-D
Title: List of June:
Post by: SuperBrian on June 02, 2006, 12:02:03 AM
The list of 1st June is even more difficult to understand, it is because of the spaces! I cannot cpoy from Word-ark! Hrrmpf! :x

But here is it:

Renato Biker   Orion      Brazil   7.08.45
CTG      Looping Warriors   Hungary   7.21.45
Chulk      MeganiuM Aces High   Argentina   7.31.15
Bonzai Joe      Cork?s Crew   Denmark   7.33.60
AbuRaf70      MeganiuM Aces High   Argentina   8.22.70
Krys Toff      Damage Inc.              France   8.46.55
Dark Chaser   Orion      Brazil   9.10.75
Mark L. Rivers   ?..      Italy   9.57.10
Zak McKracken   Cork?s Crew   Hungary   10.38.20
Alain      Orion      France   10.40.90
SergioBaro   Poder Sudaka   Argentina   10.52.60
Mislav      Cork?s Crew   Croatia   10.53.05
CTG      Silver Spirit   Hungary   11.26.70
SuperBrian   Damage Inc.   Denmark   12.55.05
Ayrton      MeganiuM Aces High   Argentina   13.09.50
Paleke      Poder Sudaka   Argentina   13.28.55
Leo Ramone   Damage Inc.   Brazil   13.32.90
Gutix      MeganiuM Aces High   Argentina   14.48.95
Hek      Poder Sudaka   Argentina   15.05.35
Argammon      Cork?s Crew   Germany   15.05.85
Alan Rotoi      MeganiuM Aces High   Argentina   15.08.65
JTK      ?..      Germany   15.13.70
Vamologocomisso   Orion      Brazil   15.28.50
Usrin      Looping Warriors   Hungary   16.15.95
Jules      ?..      Brazil   17.17.60
Dottore      Silver Spirit   Hungary   17.18.30
Lene      ?..      Denmark   17.26.50
Satanziege      Cork?s Crew   Germany   17.27.70
Werda      ?..      Hungary   17.42.35
PedroAntonio   ?..      Spain   18.04.20
CTG      Silver Spirit   Hungary   18.09.85
Lise      ?..      Denmark   18.14.20
Marci      ?..      Hungary   18.20.65
Guste      ?..      Brazil   18.59.85
Jr      ?..      Brazil   19.05.50
Izirajder      ?..      Hungary   19.08.85
Johnny-K      Poder Sudaka   Argentina   19.22.90
X-tian      ?..      Hungary   19.29.35
Esteban      ?..      USA   19.29.35
Title: ZzzzzZzZ
Post by: SuperBrian on June 02, 2006, 12:06:00 AM
I'll send the idea to your mail. I'm to tired to explain now too... ;-)
Title: Re: List of June:
Post by: zaqrack on June 02, 2006, 12:53:06 AM
well if you put it between CODE brackets (you can select/type it when posting) it shows them with a fixed font and that helps a lot. Just use currect tabulation in word and you'll get no rproblems, right now its still a bit messy.

Code: [Select]

Renato Biker Orion Brazil 7.08.45
CTG Looping Warriors Hungary 7.21.45
Chulk MeganiuM Aces High Argentina 7.31.15
Bonzai Joe Cork?s Crew Denmark 7.33.60
AbuRaf70 MeganiuM Aces High Argentina 8.22.70
Krys Toff Damage Inc.              France 8.46.55
Dark Chaser Orion Brazil 9.10.75
Mark L. Rivers ?.. Italy 9.57.10
Zak McKracken Cork?s Crew Hungary 10.38.20
Alain Orion France 10.40.90
SergioBaro Poder Sudaka Argentina 10.52.60
Mislav Cork?s Crew Croatia 10.53.05
CTG Silver Spirit Hungary 11.26.70
SuperBrian Damage Inc. Denmark 12.55.05
Ayrton MeganiuM Aces High Argentina 13.09.50
Paleke Poder Sudaka Argentina 13.28.55
Leo Ramone Damage Inc. Brazil 13.32.90
Gutix MeganiuM Aces High Argentina 14.48.95
Hek Poder Sudaka Argentina 15.05.35
Argammon Cork?s Crew Germany 15.05.85
Alan Rotoi MeganiuM Aces High Argentina 15.08.65
JTK ?.. Germany 15.13.70
Vamologocomisso Orion Brazil 15.28.50
Usrin Looping Warriors Hungary 16.15.95
Jules ?.. Brazil 17.17.60
Dottore Silver Spirit Hungary 17.18.30
Lene ?.. Denmark 17.26.50
Satanziege Cork?s Crew Germany 17.27.70
Werda ?.. Hungary 17.42.35
PedroAntonio ?.. Spain 18.04.20
CTG Silver Spirit Hungary 18.09.85
Lise ?.. Denmark 18.14.20
Marci ?.. Hungary 18.20.65
Guste ?.. Brazil 18.59.85
Jr ?.. Brazil 19.05.50
Izirajder ?.. Hungary 19.08.85
Johnny-K Poder Sudaka Argentina 19.22.90
X-tian ?.. Hungary 19.29.35
Esteban ?.. USA 19.29.35[/quote]
Title: A new sort of competition:
Post by: Krys TOFF on June 02, 2006, 12:37:19 PM
CTG, it's about cumulative times.
This is mainly the idea of WRC Stunts "yellow shirt", like French Cycling "Tour de France" => sum of all track. And for non participating pipsqueaks, it's worst time + 1 second (not 1 minute :shock: 1 minute is too much).
See WRC Stunts rules : (point 8 : "yellow shirt award")

See scoreboards after 4 rallies :
I lead in points just before gutix and Zak (but just because I took part of all steps) and Zak leads Yellow shirt award.

Damn. I REALLY HAVE TO finish the last 2 rallies of WRC Stunts someday...
Title: A new sort of competition:
Post by: SuperBrian on June 02, 2006, 01:09:50 PM
Cool, I didn't know there existed such a race, when does it begin again? :P
Hmm, you're right, 1 minute is way too much, I'll spend this day to recalculate all the times, and see what I get. 8)
Title: A new sort of competition:
Post by: BonzaiJoe on June 02, 2006, 01:32:08 PM
I have always dreamed of a competition like this, but I think it's going to be impossible to make it work. With current rules, the winner will be the one who finishes the most races. (already only 5 people finished all races, it seems)
Title: A new sort of competition:
Post by: SuperBrian on June 03, 2006, 01:21:52 PM
I have always dreamed of a competition like this, but I think it's going to be impossible to make it work.

I have just calculated the times from minutes into seconds, so if you have missed a race you are not too far behind to give up, this makes not only this sort of race possible it makes it also FUN! :P