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Title: Neptun
Post by: zaqrack on October 21, 2002, 08:46:58 PM
my comments:

Indy: 5. Some mistakes, but it deserves a 5.
Lamborghini: 5 Awesome, altough a bit long for this car.
Design: 3 not my style. :)
Competition: 5 nice balance, shortcut blocking and length.

Overall: 5. Nice work.

awaiting your comments.
Title: Neptun
Post by: CTG on October 21, 2002, 11:16:32 PM
Oh, no... its not really a good track. I hate the design of Neptun (and design is very important for me!), and I haven't enjoy that there's too much water. It reminds me on some ZCT tracks covered by the sea... :?
Title: Neptun
Post by: CTG on October 21, 2002, 11:17:22 PM
I forgot the mark: 3
Title: Kingdom of Neptunus
Post by: Mingva on October 21, 2002, 11:30:26 PM
I raced with Indy and Corvette on it.

Advantages: fun, challenge;
Disadvantages: a little long, must know where to drive, couldn't find shortcuts.

There's my vote:
Fun and Interest - 2.5 from 3
Length and Layout - 2 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 2.5 from 3

So, my overal vote for Neptun is 4
Title: Neptun
Post by: pArAnO on October 22, 2002, 01:43:33 AM
I... hate it! sorry.. I drive it tonight on the live competition.. and she's....damn, I hate it!
Title: Neptun
Post by: al il professore on October 22, 2002, 07:26:11 PM
this one is too difficult. and too long (its 1.46 with indy car). I dont like the design. AND U CANT TAKE ANY SHORTCUT. TWO points. Sorry.
Title: Neptun
Post by: Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister on October 24, 2002, 04:12:30 PM
Well, this is a contesttrack, something like Zak's ones: water, no shortcuts and some difficult elements. But: a good one. Well, the design is not my style and it's a bit too difficult to be enjoyable, so overall I must say it's 3.
Title: wow!
Post by: alanrotoi on October 25, 2002, 05:40:55 AM
Terrain: Ok, Neptun is blue, sea  blablabla but this terrain is ugly!!! It must be called atlantis :D
Lenght: Is very very good!
Fun: I enjoyed is too much.
Indy: Don't use another car, this is the best.
Shortcuts: Yes there is a very good trick in the bridge/elevated road/Corkscrew. This is a fantastic shortcut.
RH: yahooo!
NORH: is possible, we just raced on it in the live event.
Competition: Of course, one of the best tracks here until now.
5 points to this track!
Title: :(((
Post by: CTG on October 25, 2002, 09:44:59 AM
I hate this track because of the design and the water around the road. But it's length is good for contests. Mark: 2
Title: Neptun
Post by: BonzaiJoe on October 25, 2002, 03:56:57 PM
Good track - Very good, but all that water!
Good terrain - I like the flying bridges. It's all funny, but not pretty
Good competition compatibility
Good length
Title: Neptun
Post by: Krys TOFF on October 26, 2002, 02:48:32 AM
How to be sure everyone will follow ISA rules ? Put water everywhere ! :lol:
To be honest, I don't like much this track. :(
It's impossible to correctly drive it with any car but indy, and there is only one trick possible...
Short enough for live comp, but way to tough for no-RH : don't learn well the track before driving and u will end in the sea. :x
No, that's definitively not a track i like.
2, that's my vote.
Title: Neptun
Post by: CTG on October 30, 2002, 06:42:33 PM
I can see water everywhere...  :(  1 point!!!  :evil:
Title: vote
Post by: Argammon on November 15, 2002, 11:25:04 PM
- all those crossroads make the track look bad
-to much water
+some hard parts

Title: Neptun
Post by: CTG on November 22, 2002, 01:44:19 AM
Awful design, too much water but enjoyable. 3 points
Title: Neptun
Post by: Usrin on November 24, 2002, 01:49:04 PM
The icy corners in the middle of the water are wonderful. It's the better idea I've seen in the design contest.  :) But the design... bridges in the air, long roads leading to nowhere... it's awful.  :cry:

That's why my vote is only 4.
Title: Neptun
Post by: Usrin on November 24, 2002, 02:44:35 PM
Sorry, I was thinking about Three Islands.  :oops: But I don't change my vote, because design is the only problem.
Title: Neptun
Post by: al il professore on June 19, 2003, 12:33:22 AM
that was my track