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Title: Introduction / Status Report
Post by: mysoft on August 05, 2011, 03:10:28 PM
hey guys, what is the current state of restunts.exe?

still in bussiness? becasue i'm willing to be able to help
since i would love to be able to port this thing to DS later

anyway i don't have much experience with C on DOS (because i'm a freebasic programmer by heart) , but i'm very comfy with DOS asm anyway.

so maybe i can be of some help :)
Title: Re: Introduction / Status Report
Post by: dstien on August 09, 2011, 07:48:44 PM
Welcome aboard! Not much activity lately, but I've just set up the restunts work environment and intend to keep working again. There appears to be a game loop bug in the current restunts.exe, I'll look into that when I get the current Ida database from clvn. I also have the remaining decompression code almost ready for check-in.

Progress report:
SVN repo: svn://
Build tool chain:

Check out readme.txt and src/restunts/readme.txt for details. We used to hang out in #stunts@EFNet, but it's been quiet there the past, well, year...