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Title: Invisible corners and OWOOT
Post by: Duplode on March 08, 2016, 05:27:21 AM
An intriguing question about the interaction of OWOOT rules and invisible corners has been raised at the ZakStunts shoutbox. Given that there is no real precedent (tracks with mixed rules were, up to now, uncommon, and OWOOT-only illusion tracks even more so), I feel a straw poll and discussion thread might be useful. Some facts about invisible corners:

My two cents: I think the rules shouldn't be applied in the invisible corner tiles. Having to follow something which you can't see is not very fun, specially in NoRH. Furthermore, even verification with the F3 camera can't be done properly in-game due to the height differences. I feel that any line should be allowed as long as you are OWOOT both when exiting the tile before the invisible corners and when returning to the track at the entrance of the tile after them -- which already restricts lines quite a bit in relation to what you'd get with shortcuts. 
Title: Re: Invisible corners and OWOOT
Post by: zaqrack on March 27, 2016, 09:59:01 PM
sounds reasonable to me!