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Title: Stunts on Classic Reload
Post by: Overdrijf on August 22, 2018, 09:27:05 PM
Hi folks,

Long time no see. (Edit: In fact now that I look around more people haven't been talking too much. But that's fine as long as they're racing.)

I stumbled across a to me new site today, and it made me think of you guys. is a game collection site similar to Home of the Underdogs and Abandonia, with a twist: the games are playable online. This includes Stunts ( They have the uncracked version even, with the manual lines needed to login in their description text.

But here's the actual good part: Their game seems to have a memory. It remembers what users add to it. You can add tracks and of course high scores. I just put my name on Default, to make myself nice and visible. But I'm betting there's a few pipsqueaks here who deserve the visibility even more. So if you feel like defacing the internet a little, show those pipsqueaks how it's done. ;D

But yeah, aside from that, good to be reading these forums again. Excuse me while I get lost for an hour or so.