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Title: Copycats
Post by: Argammon on September 01, 2003, 10:43:57 AM
Imagine the following situation:
You take a nice 30 minutes on a rainy afternoon to give an old game a shot you have not for several month.
The result is obvious:
After several crashes and a car moving snake lines around the road you eventually finish the first 'boring' part of the track while of course losing a lot of time there.
Thinking 'ah well I gave it a shot' you start driving the track and with some luck you manage to do 1 shortcut after another making the overall time decent.Of course it does still not make up for the lost time due to the fact it's just 'a try' and not an optimized time.

What would happen next?
Ah well there are officially no teams at kalpens but since you received some fake times from your fellow teammate placed 1th on zakstunts you decide to send your replay to your teammates to show them your shortcuts.Maybe they will win if they find time and motivation to optimize their time using the same way.

After staying up next morning you would eventually check your e-mails:

BANG! There's an e-mail from 1.09.03 somewhere around 1.33 am from a fellow teammate.What might that be?
I mean the contest is already over!?!?,or is it not?
Checking the e-mail the solution is simple.It's a great time driven by super duper teammate Alain.
First thought:Wow with that time he might have won,Great!
Second thought:Ah well he could have send this time around before the contest was over like I did.

Of course you would curiously want to take a look at the great winning replay just received from your teammate.
Expectations are rising! What shortcuts might he have found?

Watching the replay you bite your teeth into the table.HARDER! HARDER!
The replay you are watching is an exact copy of your replay with the only difference the other driver obviously took some time to avoid driving snake lines.Yes,he optimized the replay taking the same way and thus copying your replay.

First thought: Um ugh why didn't he send his replay around before the competition was over if he decided to copy your replay?You quickly figure out this would be obnoxious ;) and unfair behaviour.Not that you would have driven again if you had received his replay.But just the fact he copied your replay would somehow give you the right to watch his before the competition is over.And then again he didn't know you had no intentions to drive anymore.

Second thought:
Thinking about this rude action you are brainstorming your mind.What to do?
Go to the message board and start a flamatory post yelling at your teammate because of his obnoxious behaviour?
Ok flaming is fun and maybe it helps to release some steam but then again there's already to much flaming and nonesense on the forum.

While thinking a bit farther you get a third thought:
You would write a small(ok not THAT small) funny story around it to convey your views to your teammate.That way he would know what he did wrong and all the others might have fun reading.........
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 11:12:06 AM
hi argy!

i know you always think you are the best and it makes you alive here ;)

but several persons will forward you the mail i sent to everybody in the team on saturday the 30st 7:20 pm 2003 anno domini and you (apparently?) didnt receive (and i sent to argXXXXX@XXX.XX), where its obvious that you did not find the shortcut before i did :)

hence, alain rules.

i like the copycat scenarii in serial killer movies!!!

i want to be like hannibal!

my humble 48 seconds rpl is called cta4.rpl and my superduper inspiring rpl is cta31.rpl. in cta31.rpl you can find an original source of inspiration from alain 'il professore'. During all sunday, i thought the competition was over!!! because i thought august got 30 days only! (it reminds me the scenario of eighty days around the world hu hu hu) and i went to the chat room and asked them there were jit?ka that said me its over at 0000 gmt. It like was panic room in Hendaye. its driving again cta31.rpl during half an hour that i did supadupa.rpl and supadup2.rpl of course your rpl helped me pushing the envelope, but at first, i thought hey! this guy gimme a super idea! and not: hey! this guy copied me! plus my beginning is naturally strong, i played it in the previous day with relax mind. but i think the winner will get a faster time. mine is really weak comparing to the perfect one i ought to drive and i planned to drive, imaginating the shortcut you found one month ago, before my career major 'accident'

P.S. i didnt need your help in none of my four victories in a ro... sorry only three victories for now in zakstunts :D and thats good! perhaps i will help you soon! ah sorry, you dont like to be helped! you prefer to dominate, lead, guide, control, rule, command, prevail, master argy :) dont mind! aHgy is stHong aHgy still Hules!
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 11:14:42 AM
>> i drove 00:48.20
>> i saw an opening in the skies with a splendid trick also.
>> lets attach those two replays that will help you till tomorrow...
>> i feel good! my finger hurt again!!! i missed that so much!

excerpt from my saturday night replay :)

the splendid trick had to help you :) and apparently it didnt
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 11:39:38 AM
sorry to tell it to someones: there IS a team competition on kalpen. no one can control that :)
Title: Copycats
Post by: Argy on September 01, 2003, 12:21:00 PM
I will answer in short and easy to understand sentences to make it easy for our frenchmen to read:

In that replay you drive around the track not using any shortcuts.

In that replay you try to find shortcuts but you don't.Your car is flying around randomly not able to finish

--> you did copy.

Is that wrong? No  but I expect to receive something back.

3)Your 3 victories on Zackstunts?Do they count anything?Let's see:
Did BJ drive for real,no Alanrotoi? no ,Did I drive,no?
Myron gaining 2nd place on one of those 'wins' says all.

4)Do I think I am the best?No.As you said on another post it all depends on time.I used 30 minutes to find/do the shortcuts  on my own w/o maximizing the time.Of course that's not enough to win and I said so before the competition was over.

5)Your sorrow replay couldn't match my stories style by far.

6)I am answering on your 'level now.

7)Eat dirt,I will show you the ropes on Kalpen track 2.
Title: Copycats
Post by: Argy on September 01, 2003, 12:24:38 PM
And about skill level:

You didn't improve at all after the audi track which you would have won if I had stopped driving at that time already.

You just 'maintained' your skill level getting the advantage that the last track BJ drove seriously was the Jeep track while Arg and Alanrotoi stopped racing seriously earlier.

truth hurts a big ego.Huh :)
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 01:21:27 PM
Mingva is ice. distant.

Krystoff is earth. the base.

Leo is... wooden made :)

you are like water, you slip in hands.

I am the fire part of orion.

i am stronger than that.

no one can beat me.

i win. i get harder and harder. i lose. i get harder than you can imagine. i will teach you how to teach the ropes to someone else in CTK2.

I guess you will say: hey! i found those shortcuts!!!!

but the problem is still not the shorcut finding, its the way.

its how far you commit in a replay. You are a quitter. you never play more than twice a year. dont teach me how to be the best, because I am. You dont think you are the best? or better than me? so why do you say and repeat... argy didnt play, alanrotoi didnt play BJ didnt play to the max! skid that! i beat alanrotoi on regular sweating in asuncion, and BJ was not a better driver than me, he was a luckier one with the jeep. analysing the replays shows he gets only one advantage in the elevated road where i just played a smooth curve he took it a full speed, by luck, and thats the ONLY part of the track (that was long) where he gets a real gap. you dont read others replays... i just know that. when you say about my genius spark light on ctk2003a was a thing that i copied on you its heavy, because you might tell to everyone that i am just your puppet and you are the master of puppets. FALSE. I did send you a super sparklight replay (that you funnily wipe with a hand saying its not finished and the car slides randomly on the grass) that you didnt look at seriously... if you had, you may have saved time copying it...

OH YEAH i am sorry for you sister argie! your so called famous inspiring teammates replay is weak, and i just drove better than you. Whats your problem with that??? YOU LOSE! and against a teammate, so what? i clearly proved to be better than you on ctk2003a, while you didnt commit enough to beat me. period.

you will be losing again if you attack my commitment :) DONT ATTACK ME ON THE ONLY THING I GOT: commitment. commitment is my strong part.When you are a bad driver at the very beginning and consider that you should have only one chance to be the best: to drive with your heart, and change the mud into gold in your hands, when you figure out other lazy minute men are jealousing you because their existence is only pride without commitment, YOU DONT FEEL ATTACKED, you dont feel bad. you just feel like... the king of the world. so swallow your anger and drive faster. commit yourself in stunts. perhaps you will feel stronger than with pulling others down.

this post will make you play faster. teaching the ropes to someone else part one: boiling water means some big fire energy waste bringed it to one hundred degrees.
Title: Copycats
Post by: zaqrack on September 01, 2003, 03:45:46 PM
I must say I'm so happy I'm in Cork's Crew :)
Title: Copycats
Post by: JTK on September 01, 2003, 03:48:13 PM
When KHR and I still were a team (somehow he doesn't race anymore  :evil: ) we never exchanged our replays. Both of us wanted to be faster than the other one. Now I have to agree with Zak - I like my team the way it does (or does not) work :)
Title: Copycats
Post by: BonzaiJoe on September 01, 2003, 04:10:37 PM
Since you had to bring me into this, I just have to comment: That Z25 trick was NOT done by luck. You are quite right that you were better on the rest of the track, but the trick was made with commitment and, if you like, skill.

Thank you Alan Rotoi for inventing the trick in October ;)
Title: Copycats
Post by: alanrotoi on September 01, 2003, 04:44:22 PM
I'm curious... which trick?
Title: Copycats
Post by: Argy on September 01, 2003, 05:03:14 PM
OK it's hard to talk with you Alain :)
I guess I should have just stayed with my small story....

Is it so hard to understand I only drove a short period of time to be able to join Kalpen2,3 ? I actually wanted to start racing later this year .Like 'september' but the rules forced me to through in an unmotivated replay.(like alanrotoi's)

Is it so hard to understand that there is a big difference between racing a bit and racing for real?

Knowing you always think you are right I should just give up arguing with you :)
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 09:13:13 PM
hard to talk or hard to write something distinguished enough to face.

hey what do you mean bonzai joe with the october invention of alanrotoi? which track?
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 09:22:16 PM
i was heavy: this 25 trick was not luck, it was a trick.

a trick is lucky. we make luck happen, no more.
Title: Copycats
Post by: BonzaiJoe on September 01, 2003, 09:25:37 PM
Hey, it was July, not October, sorry. But he did it in October too. ZCT15 was when he invented it.
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 09:29:47 PM
yes that stinking lucky thing i never managed to do yet.
Title: Copycats
Post by: Shoegazing Leo on September 01, 2003, 09:39:38 PM
Everyone speaks about copycats, but nobody saw anything about copydogs  :)  :)  :D  :lol:
Title: Copycats
Post by: al il professore on September 01, 2003, 09:51:15 PM
that made me laugh! really :)