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Site Announcements / Re: Profile updates and changing password
« on: September 21, 2018, 08:33:08 AM »
It should be now possible to change your login password from the "Edit profile" page.
There is no password reset yet, so don't forget the new one ;)

It works fine. Now let's see if I can avoid forgetting the new password  :D

I've refreshed the rest of the profile information too, and removed "Height" and "Years of experience". The first one seemed a bit random, while the second felt always out of date.

Let me know if you want them back, of if you'd like to add different information!

I suggest adding them back. The intent was to have the same fields as the opponent profiles.

(For maintaining the "Years of experience" field, we might add the years elapsed since registration at ZakStunts to the value, if you don't find that too silly a thing to do :))

Car creation with Stressed / Re: Shape ideas
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:59:52 AM »
As far as recreating it goes: I still have the bad file open. If there is anything you can think off you'd like me to try out on it I'd be happy to. I just can't send it to you, for obvious reasons.

I can't think of anything useful... I wonder, though, if the editor (the coordinate grid, the shape picker, etc.) still appears to work normally.

(When it comes to reproducing it, I guess synthesising a 256 vertices shape and then trying to extend it would be the way to go.)

Car creation with Stressed / Re: Shape ideas
« on: September 15, 2018, 06:11:07 AM »
for quickly scaling up car1 to car0 I know you're supposed to export, scale the object in a general 3D editing program and import again. I did it the slow way ones today, I'm ready for a change. I've tried a few programs and they all fail to work so far in one way or another. Does somebody know a program, preferably free, which will do the job? (This is like, the only 3D work I ever do, I'm more of a 2D shopper.) If paintjobs and wheels are not intact that's fine, because that's going to happen anyway, but it shouldn't create extra polygons, and it should allow me to keep the same point as 0.

My tool of choice was Anim8or. It fit the bill of "3D editor for someone who has no clue about 3D editing" pretty well when I first went looking for that, and it has an adequate scaling function. It is a WIndows program (in the distant past I got it to work well enough on Linux/Wine, but it didn't cooperate last time I tried). Blender now can handle polygons with more than three sides (once upon a time it couldn't), so in principle it is also an option (I say "in principle" because I never could bring myself to actually learn to use it).

When I try to save my 3D shape I get an error that the number of vertices (257) exceeds the maximum of 256, so I can't save. The thing is: I already removed a bunch of vertices and polygons since I first got that message and even tried removing the shapes that originally seemed to have triggered it. [...] It even refuses to be exported. I really did something bad to that car. And despite not being able to save it did corrupt my save. Reported file size does not match actual file size or header. (File is near empty in a hex editor.)

Noted. It would be worth having a go at reproducing that one of these days...

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:12:29 AM »
Are you guys able to properly see the green flag, hourglass and download arrow in the scoreboard?  I'm considering changing them for images.

The flag and the hourglass show up fine here, with Arch Linux + Firefox + a few font packages which cover emojis (I guess the arrow will work too, but there isn't one on the scoreboard right now).

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:01:39 AM »
Let's go! I have just posted a test lap... it will be fun to see how far we can push the Kart here  ;)

(With respect to the site, the one suggestion I have is to change the downloadable .trk file name from curtrack.trk to something race-specific, to make archiving easier.)

Stunts Forum & Portal / Re:
« on: September 10, 2018, 03:07:45 AM »
Main portal not working?  I'm getting a blank page.

Well spotted. How odd -- it was working fine two or three days ago, when I last had a look at it...

Chat - Misc / Re: Everything about computers
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:07:02 PM »
After months of procrastination, I have finally set up a Linux on dual boot on my new(ish) laptop. While configuring Arch last night, I almost lost patience and switched to something else, but I stuck with it in the end -- and I guess I'll be glad for it later on.

(By the way, this does increase the likelihood of progress on my Stunts projects, as the path is now clear for me to restore backups and set up a sane programming environment.)

General Chat - ZSC / Re: About the Wiki
« on: August 29, 2018, 05:38:47 PM »
Another thing is, I was about to create a page on Race For Kicks and I realised I've never taken note of which tracks, with which cars, etc., were raced in the tournament. Also, the dates... Do you, Duplode, have this info, by chance?  I know you often save these things. From now on, I'll be very careful to document everything.

I was about to ask you a similar question, with an eye at a Competition Archive update... The problem is that, ever since my old desktop went up in smoke around Christmas 2016, my Stunts collection is not as tidy as it used to be, as I have not stopped to pick up the pieces yet (that is one of the reasons why I haven't made the Archive update that would be due this year). It is likely that I have replays from the earlier R4I/R4K races, but not from the later ones (i.e. the ones from mid-to-late 2017, when I was largely away from the community). I will survey what I actually have over the next few days, and I will let you know of what I find.

General Chat - ZSC / Re: About the Wiki
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:58:04 AM »
Does this Wiki work in a way that's similar to other WIkis?  I mean, can I just look up a YouTube video on editing wikis that can help me?

The Wiki uses MediaWiki, which is the same software that powers Wikipedia. That means most of what you find about Wikipedia editing will apply here as well.

My biggest question that remains is: How can I make those nice info boxes?

They are made using templates. For instance, the Acura NSX page starts with:

Code: [Select]
carname = Acura NSX|
image = [[Image:ANSX.png|226px|center]]|
designer = ''Original car''|
year = 1990|
version = All|
engspec = DOHC V-6, 3000cc|
maxhp = 270HP|
gears = 5-speed|
sixty = 5.3s|
hundred = 12.8s|
halfmile = 21.60s|
top = 173mph|
realtop = 203mph|

The Cars within double curly brackets make the Template:Cars page to be inserted, with the named parameters being filled as specified.

Oh, and how can I have a certain word redirect to another page?

The "PG" page contains...

Code: [Select]
#REDIRECT [[Power gear]]
... which sets it up as a redirect to "Power gear". (The double square brackets are regular link syntax; the magical part is the #REDIRECT.)

Another thing is, I was wondering whether it's possible to download the whole Wiki to a file that I can read offline. Maybe a PDF or a large HTML file. Similarly, is it possible for me to write a whole page and then upload it to the Wiki?

Right now there isn't an easy way to do that. One route would be installing on the server one of the MediaWiki extensions that provide exporting. Alternatively, the MediaWiki API might be used to prepare a combined Wiki page without having to copy-paste everything by hand. (I will have a go at the second approach when I get the chance -- I'll keep you informed of progress on that front.)

Competition 2018 / Re: Z205 - Not your fault
« on: August 25, 2018, 03:58:22 PM »
This is also a good GAR track. There are some subtleties that make laps quite interesting.

I do like the Kart! It's true that it works best on a rather specific kind of track, but it can be fun to drive. Furthermore, I don't think we actually had a bad race with it back when it was a ZakStunts car.

(Nice to see you around, Overdrijf  :))

Competition 2018 / Re: Z205 - Not your fault
« on: August 04, 2018, 02:09:58 AM »
And also default...

I actually interrupted my very first lap a few seconds in to check whether I had picked the right track  :D

General Chat - ZSC / Re: ZCT 202 - Dual-way concept
« on: July 29, 2018, 01:52:05 AM »
Dup! You programmed some years ago a tool to mark in a map where the car's position is in every moment of the replay. Could you show the first half of this replay in an image?

Sorry it took a bit long, but here it is! Open the attached SVG and crank up the zoom. The usual resolution Cartography uses to draw the traces wasn't enough to show the tile being traversed clearly, so I had to hand edit the SVG to make the yellow line thinner :o

(The coordinate data file for the lap shows the car spends two frames within the tile. At 17.55s (cf. the screenshot above) the car is 59cm ahead of the western tile boundary, and 126cm from the southwestern tile corner. At 17.60s, the car is about six milimeters behind the southern tile boundary, and 305cm from the southwestern corner... It seems plausible that if the car had been on the same path but moving a little faster, it would not being within the tile bounds at any frame, and so the path wouldn't be legal. Verifying that would be an interesting experiment.)

General Chat - ZSC / Re: ZCT 202 - Dual-way concept
« on: July 04, 2018, 08:30:00 PM »
But here, this is not the case, as you never actually join one of the two paths.

This is an overhead pic from Alan's lap at 17.55:

The car is just inside the first tile of the orange path -- what counts in such cases is the position of the centre point of the car -- and so both paths are used. Right on the limit! 8)

(Note that the highlighted tiles in Alan's map aren't part of any path, and so they don't count indeed.)

Chat - Misc / Re: Football Fanats 2018 - Another World Cup Year
« on: June 30, 2018, 04:02:25 PM »
Knockout stage predictions, anyone?

France 1 - 2 Argentina (France may well turn up and start playing to their potential. I still believe in Messi, though.)
Uruguay 1 - 0 Portugal (I see Portugal being found out against Uruguay, though you can't count Cristiano out.)
Spain 2 -1 Russia (Spain should muddle through this tie.)
Croatia 2 - 0 Denmark (Sorry BJ, but I don't see Croatia having trouble here)
Brazil 1 - 0 Mexico (I see either we getting an early goal and Mexico collapse, or a tough game. Here I'll stick with the latter.)
Belgium 3 - 0 Japan (As much as I'd enjoy seeing Japan make a deep run, Belgium should make short work of them.)
Sweden 0 - 1 Switzerland (A ferociously close tie. I feel individual skill from the Swiss will tip the balance.)
Colombia 2 - 0 England (I predict England to disappoint in typical fashion against a fine Colombia side. One question mark is how well will James be come Tuesday.)

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