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Live Races / Sunrise / Sundown (2019-03-17)
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:43:28 PM »
So here we are, the first Live Race of 2019!

We meet this evening, Sunday 17th, at 17:00 Buenos Aires / 17:00 Brasilia / 20:00 London / 21:00 Rome and Budapest. pipsqueaks should be on the forum chat at that time.

Two tracks are attached, we'll start with "Sunrise" and see if there is time and interested for "Sundown" —or another track!
The car for both is the Porsche P962, and there is an extra rule: "The loop must be looped".

Site Announcements / RSS feed changes
« on: March 16, 2019, 11:57:06 AM »
A mildly obscure feature of ZakStunts are the RSS feeds, which list recent messages and replays.

In a long term plan to make them more useful, I have renamed the existing two, and moved them under /feeds. You can now find a full list at

The old addresses redirect to the new feeds and still work, but I will eventually remove them. If you are following them, please switch to the new ones :)

Stunts Related Programs / Car cards!
« on: February 26, 2019, 12:00:33 AM »
Because there are never enough ideas mid-flight! It's all because I re-discovered this old post by Duplode:

Thanks God, I don't have to make that "Vehicle data" section. :D

I wonder about which data to include. For the purposes I have in mind it would be nice to summarize the key features in a way that wouldn't take half a screen per car. For instance, one unoriginal idea would be a NFS-style bar chart with acceleration, handling and so on, plus a few icons for things like PG...

The first thought was of course "that would be cool!", because in my mind I was looking at actual printed cards, like collectable ones, with the Stunts cars!

Now, actually printing them might be going too far, but let's say we had the space of a playing card, back and front, how would you showcase a car? What would the bars on the chart be? Let's say there's space for five. Maximum speed? Performance on different terrains? Magic-carpet-ness? Which icons do we need? Anti-, flexible-, powergear?

How do you see these cards? how about your Paint skills?

Stunts Reverse Engineering / Track tiles table
« on: February 22, 2019, 11:06:24 PM »
Does anyone have a table with all the track tiles, with id, dimensions and possibly the name?
I was about to start compiling one, but with all the editors and tools around, there's bound to be one already :)

Any format is fine!

Live Races / Live Races 2019
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:33:25 PM »
Time to get one organised again ;D
For those who are new, read about the "Le Stunts" format that we usually follow.

Stunts Related Programs / [idea] Replay auto-upload
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:32:29 AM »
I was thinking about live races while having breakfast, and this came to my mind. I'll dump it here, not to forget.

Uploading a replay for a race is a multi-step operation, nothing too long, but seconds! are really important at the end of a live race. So what if there was a little program that looks at the Stunts directory, and every time a .RPL file is created or modified, it uploads it to ZakStunts?

The website should have an endpoint to allow automated uploads, and keep only the most recent 15-20 replays to save space. pipsqueaks would have a new page with a list of their uploaded replays, and the option to Publish, Download, or Delete each.

Bonus, a "Team mode" where the list is shared among the members of the team.

Competition 2019 / Teams 2019
« on: January 12, 2019, 07:07:43 PM »
Teams are better than great! Join a team :)

The best way to race in ZakStunts is as part of a racing team! Share tricks, strategies and frustration with your teammates. Mostly frustration. Up to four pipsqueaks to a team, see the rules for more details.

Write here if you are looking for a team to join, if you want to start a new team, or simply to confirm an existing team!

Racing Games & Other Competitions / Nitronic Rush
« on: December 02, 2018, 11:09:27 PM »
The map for ZCT209 made me think of GTA Vice City, which is one of my favourite "driving games" in terms of car feeling. That, the original Carmageddons, and Nitronic Rush. And then I realised I don't think I've ever mentioned the latter.

Nitronic Rush is very arcade-y, highly maddening, and difficult. There is a recent sequel called The Distance which I have not tried, but have a drive on the original!

Stunts Forum & Portal / Forum administration
« on: November 18, 2018, 12:56:56 PM »
While Zak is relaxing on a tropical island, lying under the sun with a drink with a small umbrella in it, he has given me and Duplode administration rights to the forum :o

This means we can now access a bunch of pages full of new buttons, and no idea on how to use them. However, we can now see all the private boards, which is quite terrifying to be honest :-\   I thought it would be easy to ignore them, but yesterday I ended up replying to a team thread, just because its title was too similar to one in the public sections.

To avoid further mistakes, and for a clean conscience, I have demoted my account back to normal user, and created dreadnaut+ as an admin. I will only log in with that account if any of the scary buttons need pressing.

Competition 2019 / Guest tracks 2019
« on: November 12, 2018, 04:04:26 PM »
New thread for the guest tracks! (see 2018)

Who's up for a track? Book your race below.

Tracks for the competition are designed by its participants. If you have an idea for a track and would like to contribute, just choose an available month below!

  • ZCT210 (starts Sunday 13 Jan) - Akoss Poo
  • ZCT211 (starts Feb) - Overdrjft
  • ZCT212 (starts Mar) - dreadnaut
  • ZCT213 (starts Apr) - Shoegazing Leo
  • ZCT214 (starts May) - Cas
  • ZCT215 (starts Jun) - GTAMan
  • ZCT216 (starts Jul) - Afullo
  • ZCT217 (starts late Jul) - Duplode
  • ZCT218 (starts Ago) - CTG
  • ZCT219 (starts Sep) - Alan Rotoi
  • ZCT220 (starts Oct) - sd4000
  • ZCT221 (starts Nov) - Zak McKracken

General Chat - ZSC / Old concept cars
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:09:42 PM »
There are some great ones in here:

The Lamborghini LM002 had some friends: Cheetah, LM001, and LM004!

Site Announcements / Profile updates and changing password
« on: September 20, 2018, 11:43:14 PM »
It should be now possible to change your login password from the "Edit profile" page.
There is no password reset yet, so don't forget the new one ;)

I've refreshed the rest of the profile information too, and removed "Height" and "Years of experience". The first one seemed a bit random, while the second felt always out of date.

Let me know if you want them back, of if you'd like to add different information!

General Chat - ZSC / Those tiny graphs...
« on: September 12, 2018, 02:21:20 PM »
This might not be very interesting, but it's quite satisfying if you are a data nerd.

You know those little bar charts at the top of the News Archive? The ones that show the number of posts per day — like the one in the attachment.

Well, these used to be little PNG images, created on the fly. But now they are little SVG images, created on the fly :D

They look exactly the same as before, but they are part of the page (no extra server request), they scale to any size without blurring, and... try to move the mouse over one of the columns!

Stunts Reverse Engineering / Replay recording and limits
« on: May 02, 2018, 10:19:12 PM »
Posts collected from the ZakStunts shoutbox in May 2018, for easier reading.

About the time limitations, I'm trying with MS1.1 and I can go past the 10 minutes replay limit (with the correct displaying of the truncation message):

Note that the replay starts at 0:30.00 and ends at 10:20.30, so the older recording is progressively discarded. Now I'm going to proceed through the 25 minutes limitation, and to see what will happen...

I just hit the 25 minutes limit, and the game simply returns the replay screen, like pressing ESC; trying to continue driving from the menu, which is still an active option (written in white and not in blue, differently from "save replay" which becomes inactive after 10 minutes), will result in the replay screen disappearing for a fraction of second, and then reappearing still stucked at 25:00.00... Maybe it has something to do with possible overflow errors: you can theoretically complete a track with a time higher than 25 minutes if you collect proper penalties, but I remember at least once to have seen a minus sign in the total time (elapsed+penalty), which was with all chance caused by a low number of bits for the integers involved...

Indeed, in this example (units are 0.05):

I skipped 898 tiles, so I was charged with a penalty of 2694 seconds, or 53880 units. Modulo 2^16 = 65536 this equals -11656 units, or -582,8 seconds, or -9:42.80. This is consistent with the limit: 25 minutes are 1500 seconds, or 30000 units; 16-bit signed integers range from -32768 to 32767, so it would be possible to reach safely 27.18:35, I guess 25.00:00 is simply the nearest "sufficiently rounded" lower number.

Just a minor remark: with the terminology used in Stunts Wiki: Penalty_time , I skipped *896* tiles, it is the chain to be 898 elements long.

By leaving the track on tile 1 (I count them from 1, don't knowing whether there is an internal counting starting from 0), i.e. very close to the start/finish line, I rejoined it on tile 898, i.e. the one in position (3,30) on the grid; so the tiles from 2 to 897 were skipped, tile 898 is the re-entry element, and tile 899 is the element coming immediately after it, closing the penalty chain. Note that intersecting another nearby tile, e.g. tile 58 which is one step east to the s/f line, does not result in the chain interrupting, since (by quoting directly from the wiki) if, after performing a penalty-inducing shortcut, one returns to the track and then leaves it immediately, without closing the penalty chain, penalty will be calculated as if all elements between the first leaving of the track and the final re-entry had been skipped, even those crossed upon the temporary rejoining of the track.

This is very interesting. I think it would deserve a good forum thread so it can be accessed easily. I hadn't sat to think about when the 32767 cycle limit would be exceeded. I think I never drove that long. What calls my attention is that the "last minutes" are kept instead of the first. We know Stunts records the key presses, not the physical status, so the only way to conciliate these two facts would be that Stunts uses an inverse function when going backwards, but this seems to contradict the fact that you can immediately warp to the beginning of the replay. Maybe this is only the case when it's not truncated, or maybe Stunts does memorise the replay initial conditions. Then if the replay could be saved, we'd see an additional field in it, but the key presses are clearly saved right after the track data in memory.

Competition 2018 / ZCT198 - Abusái
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:19:54 PM »
And we begin!

First track of 2018 is designed by Cas, and the title is "very informal slang from my city for so abusive!".
Good luck ;D

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