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Competition 2011 / ZCT120 - Marshmallow
« on: July 29, 2011, 10:56:24 PM »
Haven't submitted this many replays in a single round since 2008. Not too many pipsqueaks yet, but there's oceans of time left.

Get the latest code from our Git repository if you want to compile the current version for your exotic platform of choice.

Latest build: (2013-01-20 hg e0d96cd9b0b1/git d441c71db6b03adb4f8c0efffd231f6f6f477b49)
  • Change order of shape paint jobs (Duplode).
  • Raw binary editing of opponent path and car tuning resources.
  • Opponent speed resource editing.
  • Simple animation sequence editing.
  • Link to user manual on the Stunts Wiki (Duplode).
  • Ported to Qt version 5.0.
  • Statically linked Windows binary.
  • Replaced old bugs with new ones.

Older builds: (2008-11-26 SVN r51)
  • Automatic cull-data calculation.
  • Y-axis ratio correction in 3d view.
  • Improved material selection list. (2008-10-28 SVN r45)
  • Flip and mirror primitives.
  • Material selection list. (2008-10-26 SVN r41)
  • Draw wheel and sphere primitive.
  • Optionally weld coexisting vertices.
  • Highlight vertices.
  • Easier cull data editing.
  • Visualize cull data. (2008-10-14 SVN r33)
  • Change order/rename/duplicate/insert new resources.
  • Partially open files containing unsupported resources.
  • 3d view mouse picking.
  • Fixed interpretation of primitive flags.
(2008-10-06 SVN r29)
  • Initial build.

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