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General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 15, 2018, 07:33:21 AM »
On my computer, using the IceCat browser, I noticed that the hourglass shows well on a regular font, but is invisible when italic (that is, when it's in your own lap). The flag and arrow appear normal. The new version of Tor seems to use custom icons for some items, so the hourglass looks multicolour and I think it will show up even in italic, but I have to test that. That's why I'm asking. Well, so far, so good, then :)

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:48:47 PM »
You're right, Duplode. The system archives each race in one directory, so at that point, the tracks could all have the same name, but put the tracks together for anything and you end up having to manually rename them all. I think I'll implement season_racenumber.trk for the track file name.

There are a number of other things I have to fix, such as the race start date. The way the messages are handled in the chat is also very messy and primitive. I left that for the end because it's not obvious from the outside.

Are you guys able to properly see the green flag, hourglass and download arrow in the scoreboard?  I'm considering changing them for images.

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Those tiny graphs...
« on: September 12, 2018, 08:23:07 PM »
Ah, that's really cool!  I had not given much attention to them before, but now I went right away to test them XD
Precisely, I was thinking that the next step in my learning PHP will be image synthesis. There are a number of things I'm not sure about. I'll be asking you tons of things, ha, ha.

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 12, 2018, 07:19:42 PM »
That's right!  Come and join the race!
Track: A Literal Race
Author: Overdrijf
Car: Super Kart
Tournament site:

Stunts Forum & Portal / Re:
« on: September 09, 2018, 09:53:57 PM »
Main portal not working?  I'm getting a blank page.

Following the old discussion above, I believe that, even when we normally don't check it much, it's important for it to have something there and to check from time to time to make sure it's active because new people that come across the community likely fall there first. It could have information on what online tournaments are about in general, have a link to the forum, the wiki and the currently running tournamens (as I remember it does). Videos would be great too.

This time, I was trying to get to it because I remember Dreadnaut had told me that I could set up a json file in R4K so that the portal would auto-detect the current track and I wanted to get an idea of the file name and its structure.

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 09, 2018, 09:08:11 PM »
I think I've got the new version of the site ready. I can keep on adding touches, but the main funcionality is already complete. Send me the track when you're ready :)

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Funny nicknames on Zakstunts' list
« on: September 05, 2018, 02:39:51 AM »
Curious that "Snel" sounds similar to "snail", which isn't a fast animal at all :P

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:22:04 PM »
Alright. I'll download the data currently on the site, so that I can get it ready for the next race. Let's put it for the 1st of October, though, if I see it comfortable, I may start it earlier.

Yeah, no problem for me. I'll organise the tournament for reopening and I'm willing to open it up for people to create their tracks and request a car for them. You can follow the other thread I started about Race For Kicks.

General Chat - ZSC / Re: Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: August 31, 2018, 10:59:18 PM »
Hey, Dreadnaut!  Thank you!  Yeah, I've been trying to make the code as pure and simple as possible, but it still does have some confusing parts mainly because of the menu system. I could add to it or redo the whole thing in a more organised way. I'll take a look at it and see and I could send it to you so you can take a look. I'll PM you with more details on what I like and what I'd want. I know I can do it. I'm only much more comfortable with non-web programming, but in the web world, I really think nothing is neater than PHP. We can also discuss how to organise the permanent competition. We could work together. I think I had posted about it in the past. I'll PM you.

General Chat - ZSC / Reopening Race For Kicks
« on: August 31, 2018, 06:36:13 PM »
Hey, guys, as you may know, I'm thinking of reopening the R4K tournament. This time, I want to do it in a more organised way, so before I just start up, I'd like to check some things with you and see what the best way would be.

One thing is that I'm planning to make the races more regular and to keep record of the tracks, the final scoreboard, etc. To do this well would require that I do some PHP first, which would make it start a little later (for example, I'd like to make the site auto-record every significant event in sequence, auto upload tracks, etc.). On the other hand, I could just start in a quick-and-dirty fashion with the current system so that we already have a race and work in parallel. What do you think?

Another thing is that perhaps "Race For Kicks" sounds like it's not important and maybe I should rename it just "Bliss", to make it consistent with my editor or give it some other good and simple name. Ideas and opinions are welcome. And I also wonder if it'd be possible to link a sub-domain from as an alias to the site, like say ->, so that it can be more easily found?  This is not necessary, but it'd look cool. If it costs anything to do, we can just leave it as it is, no problem.

About cars, up to now, the idea was I designed a track and picked a car, usually a fast car, for everyone to use on that track. Now I'd like to start with a track for the Kart and maybe other people could design tracks too and the track creator picks the car. Being able to use more than one car on a track could be complex. If that were desired, I'd have to use some handicap system, but I'd prefer it to be at most two cars per track, so the can be picked especially for the track, so the handicap system should be more manual, unlike ZakStunts'. Opinions on this, also welcome.

Another thing I've been thinking for quite a while is running the OWOOT side of the so-called "permanent competition". If you guys want, we could run a joint effort and just make it one thing where both things could be posted, or that could be done later, as the records will be kept anyway. I've read somewhere in the forum that at some point, a few pipsqueaks spoke of resetting the permanent competition, so if that were ever to be done, it would be the right moment for me to start with the OWOOT side. But even if it's not done, I could start that too.

And well... any other thing you'd like to state, say it now :)

Oops!  I've very just posted in the shoutbox in response to CTG, inviting him to post a track. But now I think if you would like to post a track for the Kart, it'd make more sense. Maybe, he'd like to make his track for another car?  Anyway, of course. How would I not let you post your own track for the Kart?  I better start a topic on the reopening of Race For Kicks.

I've downloaded the Super Kart and I'm testing it :)  I have to get to know it better so I can make tracks especially for it. I'll be preparing Race For Kicks and get a race to try the Super Kart :D

General Chat - ZSC / Re: About the Wiki
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:24:48 PM »
Thank you, guys. I actually had figured out most of the things by yesterday night. I found the help from MediaWiki and used it to guide me and I also found the templates. I also just realised that our Wiki does have its own section about help editing. I've been working on the pages I could write the most on (about myself, Bliss and other projects) and making some minor touches.

I was thinking that the pipsqueak template itself would need an update, but I don't want to touch that before I'm sure I'm not messing up. I would like to take the work to edit all pipsqueak profiles to make sure all of them include the template and fill the data. Another thing is that it'd be good to make a nice long profile for AbuRaf70 and perhaps contact SergioBaro to tell us more. AbuRaf is a true legend in the community.

Another thing is, I was about to create a page on Race For Kicks and I realised I've never taken note of which tracks, with which cars, etc., were raced in the tournament. Also, the dates... Do you, Duplode, have this info, by chance?  I know you often save these things. From now on, I'll be very careful to document everything.

I reckon the only way to make a race fair while testing cars that we're not sure how to compare to each other, is to use a single car per race. I can make R4K with its usual rules (OWOOT, allowing both RH and noRH) and test the Kart in one race and possibly other experimental cars in other races. The system works. I'd like to make a few touches to it, but it's already functioning, so I could quickly set up a race for the Kart. Where can I get the latest version of the Kart?

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