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Site Announcements / Re: Cars and rules for 2019
« on: November 13, 2018, 10:02:02 PM »
I'm not sure about the slowing down. That is, it'd be interesting to test, but could cause the last five or six races of the season to be all-slow. If the cars recover more slowly but go down just as fast as before, this could happen. I'm OK with both doing it and not doing it. I'll agree with what most of you guys want :)

Site Announcements / Re: Guest tracks 2019
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:52:32 PM »
I'll book 213 and 218 (April and August). If only one is needed, you can drop August. If one more is needed, let me know and I'll be glad to post a third one :)

Car creation with Stressed / Re: Stunts goes Dtm
« on: November 01, 2018, 02:29:02 AM »
It's open now! :)  This will be the first multi-car race in R4K. Let's see how it works out. I found a couple of bugs in the website as a result of the track update, which I expected. Now they're fixed.

Car creation with Stressed / Re: Stunts goes Dtm
« on: October 24, 2018, 08:59:20 PM »
Sorry guys that I did not reply quickly on this one. It certainly is a great idea to try this car set in R4K :)  I still have to create a comfortable way for the cars to be downloaded if they're custom made, from the R4K site. I'd like a "download car for current race" button or something like that, but as simple as it sounds, there are some catches. Of course, the cars are already here and in Southern Cross and I can host them too. I just would like for the "access" to them from R4K to be more direct and "elegant" at the same time, ha, ha.

As I was telling Overdrijf via PM, my idea is that the next race should go from the 1st to the 25th of November and, from now on, all races be 1st -to-25th of each month. So this season would have only these three races. For the next season, I'll try to have a more robust system ready, so that, for example, season results can be calculated. As usual, I have many "half-ideas" that I hope to make full by the end of the year.

Competition 2018 / Re: Z208 - Invaders
« on: October 24, 2018, 08:41:18 PM »
It's a very nice track with many curves. Lucky that the LM001 is really good in that department. Of course, you all know I love fast races, but if I have to race with a slow car from time to time, this is how I prefer to do it. I've been racing it a bit, but still don't have a satisfying replay. I will soon post :)

Stunts Forum & Portal / Re: SESSION ID via GET in the forum?
« on: October 03, 2018, 08:27:48 PM »
Oh!  I understand!  So it only happens on first access. In that case, it should be relatively safe. And yes, I think the same thing about Wi-Fi... and the NSA. In fact, it's quite annoying how those guys are everywhere. Most sites are using Google services or somehow link to Facebook, etc. Some of those things make sites inaccessible from Tor. Not good. I have my browser configured to only accept 1st party cookies and to clear them all when it's closed. I also use NoScript. So maybe my browser behaviour "scared" the forum PHP. Still, it is accepting cookies from the forum.

Stunts Forum & Portal / SESSION ID via GET in the forum?
« on: October 02, 2018, 09:14:21 PM »
Something weird just happened to me. I was navigating the forum without having logged in and I clicked to see the last message of a post. Then I looked at the address line and, to my surprise, the first parameter in the GET line was PHPSESSID, which was assigned a hex chain maybe some 32 characters long. It really called my attention that PHP would send this sensitive information via GET, which anybody could copy and use to impersonate somebody else and I was surprised also that I hadn't seen this before. So I moved to another topic and the parameter wasn't there anymore. I returned to the same topic and no, it didn't do it, so I don't know how to reproduce it. Why could this be?

Competition 2018 / Re: Z206 - Low As Resources
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:33:55 AM »
Yeah, I've been tempted to do just that!

Site Announcements / Re: Cars and rules for 2019
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:28:37 AM »
Yes, more or less it would look like that. I mean, you have beside each scoreboard line, a small icon or button. You click it and you get a menu with things you can do on that lap. One option could be "get here with another car". That leads you to a page in which you select a car and then you get the driven lap for the same resulting lap.

Another, nicer, way to do it would be this: beside each of the cars in the bonus list below the scoreboard, there's a radio button. There's an extra line that says "Show each lap with its actual car", which is the default. If you select any other, you update the page maybe with a button and the scoreboard is recalculated with the driven times all equal to the time it would take to achieve each of the resulting laps. Some colour or mark could indicate this is an estimation and not the actual scoreboard. This option might be unavailable if one is not logged in.

Site Announcements / Re: Cars and rules for 2019
« on: September 25, 2018, 10:37:57 PM »
I think Overdrijf is right. I don't mean (and I think neither does he) that we have to make this change, but that this change would result in greater diversity of cars per track. In theory, the smaller the deltas applied to cars after each race, the slower the "favourite car of the race" will change, but the most precise the handicaps will eventually be, until they get to the point that, on every race, every car could be considered. Of course, if this were done, there's another problem: some tracks are simply better for a car than for another, so when a track favouring, say, the Jaguar, came up, it would cause its handicap level to be drifted from average, but, if changes are small and tracks are always very varied, this should work. Maybe I should make this experiment next year with a R4K season (more than Race For Kicks would be like "Race for Science" XD). Of course, the handicap bonuses that will work fine in OWOOT won't in freestyle and vice-versa.

This is just an analysis. I think ZakStunts is great as it is. But you know, some "what ifs" lead to good ideas sometimes, even if they are entirely different from the initial proposition, so I think they have to be stated.

About the scoreboard position calculator, the idea is that one can say "if I used this car, what lap do I need to reach each of the current scoreboard positions given the current bonuses?". I don't think it's the same as RPLInfo. The idea is that I don't have to create a replay.

Site Announcements / Re: Cars and rules for 2019
« on: September 25, 2018, 04:03:08 AM »
I think the car bonus system is something amazing that ZakStunts has and indeed, I've seen almost every car used in races, so it works very well. There is only one goal that seems very hard to achieve: car diversity on the same race. It looks like, while cars from race to race change a lot, the trend is to use only one car or two per race. I can think of a few ideas that could help in this regard, but all of them are risky, that is, they could lead to undesired, unexpected results as well.

For example, what if, like in the currency market, cars coeficients would float during the race?  Say, using a car that hasn't been used on the race when at least other two different cars have been used already will signify an extra little bonus to the first pipsqueak using it. I know, very complicated, but this idea could lead to something simpler if analysed. Also, what if a pipsqueak would get a lower bonus on a car if he used the same car on the previous race, but pipsqueaks who didn't will get the normal bonus?

Another idea, longer to apply, but simpler. Suppose initial bonuses are assigned to cars from simple tests on tracks for the first race and then, on every next race, instead of trying to make the cars cycle, bonuses are recalculated according the the diversity obtained on the previous race and seeking a greater diversity?  The problem with this is that a whole season of racing would be sacrificed for this calculation. But, I could use R4K for this purpose next year... I don't know.

Now, beside any of these crazy ideas that are just brainstorming (feel free to use your creativity on them and change them wildly, ha, ha), one thing I'd like to propose is a field in ZakStunts where one can enter a lap and a car and obtain the lap with bonus applied or maybe like this: you click on one result on the scoreboard and that can take you to a menu where you can select one of the available cars and ZakStunts will calculate what lap you need to reach that pipsqueak with the car you selected. That tool would make it a lot more comfortable for pipsqueaks and would make them more eager to pick different cars instead of following the one that everybody's using. What do you think?

Site Announcements / Re: Profile updates and changing password
« on: September 25, 2018, 03:44:42 AM »
I really don't know if I actually sent any replays earlier. It'd be strange that they had been excluded from old scoreboards. I think it's unlikely. I probably gave it a try, but never posted what I had done because I couldn't get a decent lap. I don't know. Still, it'd be very interesting if it were easier to chronologically follow the activity of a pipsqueak. That would make it easier to contribute to the wiki, for example. Is it possible to search messages by pipsqueak in the shoutbox archives?  (I mean, instead of by month). One very nice thing ZakStunts currently does it auto-search tracks made by each pipsqueak when looking at the profile. I like that.

Stunts Related Programs / Re: Modern system native Stunts proto-engine
« on: September 23, 2018, 07:57:13 AM »
Looks like it's enabled 32bit, but still even the most fundamental 32bit libraries are not there, so nothing that's 32bit is running. For instance, I'm trying to run the 32bit compilation of Bliss and it just won't. I wonder what I should install next. Probably, I should check with the people at FreeBasic on how to compile 32bit on a 64bit system and that would also allow running most 32bit programs.

Stunts Related Programs / Re: Modern system native Stunts proto-engine
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:57:19 AM »
I think my problem is more general than just with Wine. I'm having difficulty (lack of knowledge?) getting to install anything that requires 32bit architecture in my 64bit system. When I try to install Wine (which I usually do by using the software centre in Ubuntu or by sudo apt-get install), the installation fails because of dependency problems related to the architecture. Same thing was happening to me with Skype in the past. Now Skype is 64bit-only. So I don't get to the point of having it installed to be able to configure it in any way :(

Site Announcements / Re: Cars and rules for 2019
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:52:34 AM »
Trying different cars each year is very good, so we get to know them better and we don't forget they're there. How are handicap levels set at the start of the season?  Do they continue from the last race of the previous one?  In that case, how are newly incorporated cars assigned handicap by default?

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