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Competition 2020 / Re: Cars and rules for 2020
« on: February 09, 2020, 10:48:55 AM »
If you only allow leftover points to carry over you could end up in slightly tricky situations.

Let's say you got 239 hours last race, you get 241 hours this race, does that mean you only get 1 point from this race and no leftover hours?

You could judge that since this race you got over 240 hours independently the 239 hours you already had don't count and carry over to the next race instead, but in that case what happens if you got 239 hours last race and 239 hours this race, do you het one point and "lose" 238 hours? It seems hard to find a fair way to make those cuts.

If we're going with a system where leading time points are calculated independently from the separate races I think we should go all the way.

I still don't know enough about human psychology to be able to tell if this is a better motivation than the old system, it does seem fairer, but I do think that if we use this system all hours should carry over.

Also, yes, you can use this post as an argument that it totally wasn't you who decided it and that you didn't do it to keep all those hours from last race. ;) Because you didn't do it for that.

Chat - Misc / Re: Darts
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:16:41 PM »
I don't know, I don't follow the competition too much. I just never was much of a sports watcher (although the last few years I did start watching Age of Empires 2 as an e-sport, something I thought I'd never ever do because it's not real sports, but ones you know what to watch for there is so much happening at all times that it's actually pretty interesting). Barney/Raymond van Barneveld (recently retired again) was the one that really popularized darts as a TV and pro sport here, it's a pretty recent development, but then again every time he made the news he sounded like a bit of a diva, going on about how super important it was that he was playing in new shirts with wider sleeves or some "look at me I'm a real sportsman" stuff. Co Stompé always comes across as a nice fellow, but he never wins, so uhhh... Michael van Gerwen?

Stunts Questions / Re: Extra Cars!
« on: February 06, 2020, 03:56:36 PM »
Duplode manages a downloadable collection over here. The ones you name in this post are all available from there. Cars not on there can often be found on the forum with the right search terms. CTG's projects are a bit of an exception sometimes, there's a bunch that made it to the "posting images" stage but apparently never quite to "downloadable car" (says Overdrijf, who has at least 2 unfinished car projects laying around at least one of which he has already decided on never finishing.)

Team Zone / Re: New teams for 2020
« on: February 04, 2020, 05:05:46 PM »
Unskilled Drivers, Silver Spirit and Agro Motosport are also waiting for enthusiastic applicants. ;D

Crashper's Domination could use some new members as well.  ::)

Competition 2020 / Re: ZCT222 - Defensive driving
« on: February 04, 2020, 04:39:10 PM »
Technically I don't have a suitable device now to run Stunts.

How fast is your phone? ??? 8)

Competition 2020 / Re: ZCT222 - Defensive driving
« on: February 03, 2020, 12:06:39 PM »
Nope, no hiding. I resisted the urge to optimize before the race started.

I'm also resisting the urge to optimize while the race is running, but that's more because of a (good) general busy-ness I've had going on.

Competition 2020 / Re: Cars and rules for 2020
« on: January 16, 2020, 02:27:16 PM »
That's probably even better. Nice and consistent.

The downside compared to the current system is that the LTB experience becomes a thing separate from the race you're currently racing. There's less motivation to drive now because a good time could secure that point. But it does motivate to consistently race early and race strong.

Competition 2020 / Re: Cars and rules for 2020
« on: January 13, 2020, 11:19:07 PM »
I like the idea from the start of the season post to let unused leading hours carry over. That's probably the most realistic option to let LTB hours motivate everyone, if you get 3 days in several races you could still grab points eventually. I'm in favor.

There might be a bit of an issue with the +1 bonus. The +2 bonus already tends to go to someone who has been in the lead for at least half the current race. +1can require nearly the other half, or you can get lucky and grab it for 48 hours. So there's more randomness in the payoff, in how many races you need to save to get a point. I'd almost suggest to tally everyone's leading hours over the entire year and hand out points as if it was a thirteenth race instead, but only almost.

Competition 2020 / Re: Cars and rules for 2020
« on: January 10, 2020, 09:18:38 AM »
I think the X-point system could have some unexpected consequences. Let's say I'm the first person who posts a replay. It's a strong replay, but I'm still last, no points start accumulating. I keep improving during the month, but I don't overtake anybody, because everyone else is slower than me (or ridiculously faster, Marco-style.

Meanwhile, one of the other teams has figured something out. They keep posting minimal improvements to their times, just barely overtaking each other every time, they get lots of X-points. EDIT: No wait, they only need to post new replays whenever someone with no time posted yet enters the board above them, otherwise it has no use, I think.

In situations like that the points may not accurately reflect effort, skill or anything else we'd want to reward. The system may be a little too open for strategic play. EDIT: also a little complex in writing, but it might be clearer in action.

Competition 2020 / Re: Guest tracks 2020
« on: January 07, 2020, 10:00:56 AM »
I assume this thread is going to start heating up as the new season starts, but just in case I'm putting another option on "whichever month we need a track for". Whenever the next month hasn't been claimed yet give me a one or two week's notice and I'll fix it.

Chat - Misc / Re: Darts
« on: December 17, 2019, 11:43:51 AM »

Competition 2020 / Re: Cars and rules for 2020
« on: December 16, 2019, 06:01:52 PM »
I like the podium time suggestion, I made a suggestion in the old thread that is completely different but has a similar intention:

A semi-interesting brain fart I just had: would it be easy to implement a delay in public replays being posted, like say 12 or 24 hours? Like an extra button that says "public after delay"? It might slow down the collective efforts to find the fastest route a bit, but it would also reward innovation with a chance at LTB points. I'm thinking of calling it the "Oh god what if Marco (or Overdrijf, let's be honest here) comes online somewhere in the next few hours"-mechanic. 8)

Basically: The LTB is intended to motivate people to race and innovate, but they only really work for people contending for the top spot, and even then they don't always have the intended effect.

For example, in ZCT 214: Accuracy Gutix posted the most important replay of the race, using the Indy he proved that yes, this is a powergear track. He got 3 LTB hours for that before I posted my version of his lap. I'm in favor of any kind of solution that allows people to more consistently reap rewards from their inventive work. Even if I don't really know what kind of idea might work best.

On the upside a podium bonus might allow the subtop to compete for LTB points a lot more (I think? The logic is actually kind of fuzzy...). A downside could be that when two great players go at it fanatically they both might end up with basically 600 podium hours and their feud is decided by something silly like who started 2 hours earlier.

I like the smaller changes to the car bonuses. This season some of the cars got quite a bit of extra spotlight because the new balance hadn't been properly shot in yet, but even so half the races gave us a two-car podium.

I also think it's good to think about the manual car bonuses, maybe either decrease them in size or make them temporary (they revert for the next race)? They feel a bit more powerful than intended right now. (Even though every downside has an upside, they're a good tool for adjusting the car balance. If only we had a better idea of where that balance sits at any point.)

Competition 2020 / Re: Guest tracks 2020
« on: December 16, 2019, 05:41:01 PM »
Ooh, ooh, pick me!

I have a track pretty much ready, named Defensive Driving, unless I think of a better pun. So I can do January of February, or it could be a "backup track", which is submitted in January but kept in a locked zip file in a safe in the basement until December unless some scheduling error means a track is suddenly needed.

I love tracks.

Competition 2019 / Re: Cars and rules for 2019
« on: December 14, 2019, 10:09:26 AM »
A semi-interesting brain fart I just had: would it be easy to implement a delay in public replays being posted, like say 12 or 24 hours? Like an extra button that says "public after delay"? It might slow down the collective efforts to find the fastest route a bit, but it would also reward innovation with a chance at LTB points. I'm thinking of calling it the "Oh god what if Marco (or Overdrijf, let's be honest here) comes online somewhere in the next few hours"-mechanic. 8)

Stunts Questions / Re: HOWTO: Stunts on WinXP, Win2000, Linux
« on: December 08, 2019, 12:52:50 AM »
I'm taking a moment to appreciate that this is a thread about how to run an old game on this newfangled Windows XP thing.

I'm taking another moment to appreciate that the solution from back in those days still works.

I'm taking a third moment to appreciate how much smoother everything runs now that most of our current computers can handle Dosbox at 20.000 cpu cycles per second, rather than the "at least 3.500" (with an optional maximum frameskip of 2) that the opening post recommends.

I would like to take a fourth moment to appreciate even my phone runs it smoother than that, but that's not quite true yet. Maybe if you have a fancier phone than I have. But I will appreciate that in another decade or so.

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