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Stunts Reverse Engineering / load.exe compression (first level)
« on: January 10, 2009, 11:48:24 PM »
(this is my first "try" of getting into reverse engeneering the game)

i just found out that load.exe is exepacker based
and can be easily uncompressed with UNP (in zip-archive \unp412b)

and i reduced the normal stunts11 package to the minimal amount of files
(data and "executables") needed to run the game (without the anti-password-crack, setup stuff)
so its easier to use an debugger or disassembler ( on it
and the dosbox debugger could also help:

in the load.asm file is an first-shot-listing from ida freeware

just use start.bat to start the game - happy opcode extracting

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