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Chat - Misc / Re: Football Fanats 2018 - Another World Cup Year
« Last post by Shoegazing Leo on December 09, 2018, 02:25:54 AM »
Atlético Paranaense will play on wednesday the Sudamericana Cup final against Atletico Junior Barranquilla.
Stunts Related Programs / Re: Stunts as a browser game
« Last post by dreadnaut on December 07, 2018, 09:09:50 PM »
KHR just raced Default secretly on  8)

I think it might reset every now and then, because the record is again 1'36" :(
Stunts Related Programs / Re: Stunts as a browser game
« Last post by JTK on December 04, 2018, 01:20:45 PM »
KHR just raced Default secretly on  8)
Chat - Misc / Re: PHILADELPHIA FLYERS vs pittsburgh penguins
« Last post by CTG on December 03, 2018, 03:39:17 PM »
pittsburgh penguins - PHILADELPHIA FLYERS 2-4 ;D ;D ;D

Racing Games & Other Competitions / Nitronic Rush
« Last post by dreadnaut on December 02, 2018, 11:09:27 PM »
The map for ZCT209 made me think of GTA Vice City, which is one of my favourite "driving games" in terms of car feeling. That, the original Carmageddons, and Nitronic Rush. And then I realised I don't think I've ever mentioned the latter.

Nitronic Rush is very arcade-y, highly maddening, and difficult. There is a recent sequel called The Distance which I have not tried, but have a drive on the original!
Chat - Misc / Re: Football Fanats 2018 - Another World Cup Year
« Last post by CTG on December 02, 2018, 09:21:34 PM »
Euro2020 qualification group:


I'm looking forward to see our crappy national team finishing last in the group - first time in history.
Site Announcements / Re: Guest tracks 2019
« Last post by GTAMan15 on December 01, 2018, 08:55:57 AM »
I'm sorry, i mistyped June
Stunts Chat / Re: Keyboard issues and ghosting
« Last post by CTG on November 30, 2018, 10:00:45 PM »
I figured I was limited to two keypresses, but I'm limited to two useful keypresses.

Car creation with Stressed / Re: Stunts goes Dtm
« Last post by Duplode on November 30, 2018, 09:28:09 PM »
I got two cars with the same handling/length, but one twice as long as the other. The short one steers a lot faster, more responsive. I figure it's related to the reason longer cars jump farther: When a Stunts car turns it doesn't turn by a certain number of degrees per 0.05 seconds, it turns by a certain distance per 0.05 seconds. For a shorter car the front end moving the same distance means it turning a larger angle, so it steers more quickly.

Car length does have a major effect on responsiveness, and as you say it is indeed related to jump distances. If I remember correctly, it goes like this: the game calculates displacements for each of the four wheels, and then, roughly speaking, averages them to compute the overall position of the car. Steering is actually done by changing an angle, but that angle is the direction on which the front wheels are moving. For a longer car, the same change of direction of the front wheels has less of an effect on the car as a whole over a  time step.

The handling parameter seems to be in control more of how long you can keep cornering before the car starts slipping. So they still counteract each other, if you corner slower but can keep it up longer you can corner sort of around the same distance at the same speed.

That is the right intuition. The handling/grip parameter tells you how hard you can steer (i.e. how large the steering angle of the front wheels can get) at a certain speed before skidding or losing control. I had found the exact formula for that, but I lost my notes about it in my HD crash in '16. In any case, longer cars require harder steering for changing the direction of the car at the same rate, so they can't take corners as fast.

All of the faster cars can do a single wide corner at around 150 miles an hour, despite their length or exact handling parameter.

Not quite. The limit speed of IMSA cars following the ideal line on large corners is slightly above 170mph; for the Indy, it is somewhere around 190mph. Such speeds are, as one might expect, very hard to attain without RH.

The sour spot theory is very interesting, and deserves further investigation. I feel it might also have something to do with steering responsiveness (i.e. how the car responds to steering input by the driver).

The BMW has a slightly lower max rpm than the other two with the same top gear ratio, yet I could not for the life of me get its real top speed (the highest of the tree) down just one or two mph, at the very least not without altering the air drag. I could give it slowdowns or lower its flat track top speed, but I think I could only lower that by 2 mph, not one. I think one of the things that's happening is that because the game works in discrete intervals of 0.05 seconds you don't actually touch every bar in the torque curve. You often end up skipping a bunch.

Besides that, the torque curve is made of segments which are 128RPM wide. If you set the redline at 8192RPM, there will be 40 segments; if the ratio of the top gear is set so that the real top speed is 200mph, the resolution of the real top speed will be 5mph per step, which is indeed quite coarse.
Stunts Chat / Re: Keyboard issues and ghosting
« Last post by Overdrijf on November 30, 2018, 02:10:17 PM »
This is a keyboard issue? Nice, good find.

Typical. I did the test, and it turns I can use up arrow, left and enter but not up arrow, left and space and I can use down arrow, left and space but not down arrow, left and enter.

I figured I was limited to two keypresses, but I'm limited to two useful keypresses.
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