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Stunts Chat / Re: Stunts WIKI
« Last post by Cas on Today at 07:20:06 AM »
I gave it a read and found just a few very small details that I corrected. There are some things that in my opinion, are OK, but I'm not sure if you meant exactly that, so I just left them as they are.
Stunts Chat / Re: Programming help wanted.
« Last post by Cas on Today at 07:11:48 AM »
Oh, this is the little program I made for the exclusive purpose of finding in the binary the letters "C", "O", "U", "N", to be able to configure the default car. I noticed in the assembly code that they were separated by the same amount, but couldn't be sure of what that amount was. This way, I was able to change the default car for the Ferrari Edition without having to recompile the program.
I think he uses a compiled part of Stunts, which generates a huge file with lots of information from the reply most of which is irrelevant. Then, he applies a second pass to it which selects the useful information and produces the desired results. I figure what you suggest is possible, but it must be a lot of work and especially, very hard to make it work well. The site would have to actually call an executable program when a replay is uploaded to produce the replay animation. That would take a lot of space and would demand some CPU from the server. Then these animations would be downloaded upon access, taking up bandwidth.... It's "no turkey slime", ha, ha.
Stunts Chat / Re: Stunts WIKI
« Last post by alanrotoi on Today at 06:44:05 AM »
Yep. Those times were a beatiful dream 🙂. Only good memories now.

About stunts wiki, I updated Melange and 4dsL articles. Could somebody take a look for possible grammar errors?
Stunts Chat / Re: Programming help wanted.
« Last post by llm on Today at 06:32:58 AM »
First it sounds like an ordinary hex editor search giving the offset of a string, but then i've reread your description and now im not sure... what is the use case?
Now the next level would be to have an online replay reader to watch the replays straight from the site. ;D

Duplode has a replay reader that shows the cars in the track from a top view. I don't know how he does it but sure half of the work is already done.
Stunts Related Programs / Re: CarPark - This tool does not exist
« Last post by Cas on Today at 12:00:47 AM »
I have had an idea very similar to Dreadnaut's CarPark in the relatively recent past. That is, besides the idea of a more complex and elaborate car manager more like what Daniƫl and KyLiE would like, which I also like, at a point, I thought that I could make something command-line-oriented to have it working soon and to make it flexible for the keyboard-centric user like me.

My idea was not exactly the same, but similar. Instead of using command line arguments for the main program, I envisioned the program like you'd call it and you'd get a command line interface inside it. Then you'd type command to list the cars, delete, backup, restore, etc. You'd also have commands to tag cars, so that groups of cars could exist that you could backup or move together quickly.

In my experience, nothing takes more time in developing a program than working on the interface visuals, so making this a command-line program would make it possible to complete the project very quickly, although it wouldn't be the nicest car manager for most users, which leaves space for somebody else making another with a different style as well.

Metadata?  Well, that's another topic. I don't think it should be dynamically added or removed from cars while handled by a car swapping program. Whether metadata should be added by the author when creating the car, that's another thing and I think it's up to the author.

EDIT: OK, I got tempted by the idea and I made this simple command-line-based garage manage. I didn't want to steal the name, so I called it Simple Garage. It's made quickly and my own way, but if you like it, just tell me, or I could just add things to it to make it more like the CarPark idea. Anyway, I'm willing to collaborate. The zip I've uploaded contains the Linux and DOS versions. I can also compile it for Windows if you guys want. If you call it with a command line, it'll execute the command. If you just call it alone, it'll open a console and you can call commands there. Type "HELP" for... well, help. "EXIT" to exit, of course.

Dreadnaut: if you like it and if you want to guide me a little, I can make this one work more and more as you want and then, if you prefer it, we could use the CarPark name. What it currently does is pretty simple. You can create groups of cars and move either individual cars or whole groups between Stunts and the garage. If a car has a number of files other than four, they're still all copied together, but you get a warning when you list them.
Competition and Website / Re: Suggestion: direct access to scoreboard replays
« Last post by Cas on September 23, 2021, 11:40:45 PM »
That would be a dream, ha, ha...
Stunts Chat / Re: Programming help wanted.
« Last post by Cas on September 23, 2021, 11:39:46 PM »
The program, I have somewhere if anybody needs it, but the algorithm is very simple:

You give the program a four-letter string. The program looks up the first letter. When it finds it, it tries to find the second letter among the first few bytes after the place where the first letter was found. If it doesn't find it, it continues; if it does find it, it counts how many bytes after the first letter came the second and say that is x; then it checks x bytes beyond and 2x bytes beyond to see if the the third and fourth letters are there. If they are, then the string has been found. If they aren't, then it hasn't. If found, location is printed. The algorithm continues until the end of the file.
Stunts Chat / Re: Stunts WIKI
« Last post by Cas on September 23, 2021, 11:32:13 PM »
Wow!  Things were more strict there!  Here, the high boom was up until 1994 and then, that started to change with CDs because most people didn't have a CD burner, so these shops would actually rent game CDs. Around 1996 to 1997, pirate shops began receiving warnings that controls were going to be enforced to stop this and since by then, people had started to have access to their own CD burners, the business wasn't as affordable anyway, so they opted to just stop doing piracy and focus on some other activity. I don't think any of them was ever prosecuted. When it was lucrative, it was easy to do.
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