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Stunts Chat / Re: Is "Mark" the most popular name in the community?
« Last post by Cas on August 07, 2022, 04:09:31 PM »
Probably, yes. There're many of them in the Community. I only have a coincidence with the legendary Luke.
Custom Cars with Stressed / Re: Delorean-DMC12 Back to the Future.
« Last post by Daniel3D on August 07, 2022, 10:21:19 AM »
The model is 80% finished. It needs a bugfix and some more details.

Been working on the dashboard, try to keep close to the movie. But the digital speedometer on the dashboard is to high and conflicts with the transparency mask. I have therefore rammed it into the instrument section.

We don't need the analogue gauge anyway.
The technical part of the dashboard is new for me.

I've been working on the performance as well. Mainly testing because the dashboard comes first. I hope to finish the car soon.
Stunts Chat / Is "Mark" the most popular name in the community?
« Last post by alanrotoi on August 07, 2022, 02:45:36 AM »
Mark, Marcus, Marco, Marcos... etc!!! ::)
Stunts Chat / Re: Real names
« Last post by alanrotoi on August 06, 2022, 10:46:52 PM »
List updated

AbuRaf70 Anelio Baronetti
Akoss Poo Ákos Pinter
Alain il professore Alain Peré
Alan Rotoi Patricio Iván Martín Sbarbi Osuna
Bonzai Joe Jacob ?stergaard
CAP  Álvaro Pérez Cantalapiedra
Cas - Lucas Pedrosa
Chulk Ignacio Santivanez
CTG Peter Pal Varga
Dark Chaser Alexandre Ramos
Death Man Jason Cousineau
Diesel Joe Niki Hosseinian-Sereshki
Dinmor Thomas Mulvad
Duplode Daniel Mlot Pinheiro
Eddie Brother Nicolás Rodríguez
Friker Viktor Tomkov??
Gutix Gustavo Nielsen
Horst Paul Oliver Kalpen
Inavoeg Geovani M. da Silva
JTK Oliver Kalpen
Juank23 Juan Camilo Espedes
KHR Markus Kalpen
Krys Toff Christophe Van Houtte
Lene Lene Lydia Petersen
Leo Ramone Leonardo Alberto Bonassoli
Lise Lise Dilling Nielsen
Luke Lukas Lohrer
Manowar Maximiliano Sbarbi Osuna
Marci M?rton Ács
Mark Nailwood Markus Nagelholz
Marool Cool Markus Kalpen
Mft Peter Ács
Mingva Mindaugas Gvozdas
Nach - Ignacio Pedrosa
Paradisio Mindaugas Gvozdas
pArAnO Maurice Robichaud
Pavekiller Flemming Willum Petersen
Pedro Antonio Pedro Antonio Rodriguez Sastre
Q Dierk Widmann
Renato Biker Renato Brodzinski
Roy Forever (kArXiX) Roy Naufal
Roy Wiegerinck Roy Wiegerinck
Selahi Selahi Durusoy
SergioBaro Sergio Baronetti
StuntingHoschte Felix Sperling
Super Brian Brian Willum Petersen
Sylvain Chabert Sylvain Chabert
Thodran Nick Maiberg
Trx M?ty?s Tersty?nszky
Usrin Andr?s Uhrin
Umberto ?cs? R?bert Ács
Zak McKracken Peter Ács
Daffy duck  Xavier van Houtte
Tweety Bird  Thomas van Houtte
Live Races / Re: NIGHT and FOG live races
« Last post by Cas on August 06, 2022, 03:43:28 PM »
The dash top image includes transparency. To apply this, Stunts does what was fastest at the time: you first AND a mask against the background. The pixels that should remain from the background are coupled with bytes of value 255 and the pixels that should not show because the image will go on top are coupled with a 0. Then, you OR the actual image with the background. Because the background pixels were previously removed where the image is going to be, you get the combined image without superposition.

Now the thing is you can use a non-zero mask at places where you actually have a non-zero image pixel as well. This will cause the foreground image to combine with the background using an OR. Because OR is destructive (information is lost), it's very limited what you can get, but choosing the right colour, you may actually like how that destructive effect looks.

So if I understand correctly, Alan Rotoi is extending the dash top to reach the roof and is filling the parts that should be transparent with a non-zero colour. The areas where the light illuminates are filled with zero or with another colour that's less destructive (one that has fewer 1's and more 0's).
Live Races / Re: NIGHT and FOG live races
« Last post by Frieshansen on August 06, 2022, 01:11:34 PM »
That looks really good! Reminds me of Test Drive 3 right away.
Live Races / Re: NIGHT and FOG live races
« Last post by Overdrijf on August 06, 2022, 10:39:27 AM »
I didn't even know we could do partial transparancy. My first thought was that you were dithering (one pixel color, the next transparent) but you're probably using some of the ingame "colors" like the bridge mesh right? That's how night and fog look different? Or does the mask actually support individual pixels being partially transparent?

Very nicely done!
Stunts Related Programs / Re: CarWorks - a different approach to car making
« Last post by Cas on August 06, 2022, 06:10:30 AM »
Alright. I have a new update of CarWorks. This is version 1.1. Here are some of the new things:

[1.1] - Released 6 August 2022
New features:
    * Added a manual that can be viewed from within the program like
      in Bliss (2022-08-03)
    * Torque values can now be entered directly by pressing Enter or
      the space bar while selecting a point with the mouse or arrow
      keys in the physical parameters section (2022-08-05)
    * Scaling with Ctrl+S in 3D editing mode is now official and looks
      more natural (2022-08-05)
    * Ctrl+D can now be used in the Dash Manager speed-o-meter
      configuration to toggle digital mode or completely disable the
      speed-o-meter. The system properly recognises this (2022-08-05)
    * The speed or RPM value for the current spoke is now displayed
      in Dash Manager to aid in calibrating the instruments over the
      graphics (2022-08-05)
Fixed bugs:
    * Moving the needle centre of instruments with C was not working
      properly. Eliminated this and instead, the needle centre can now
      be selected and moved with the mouse and arrow keys like other
      spokes (2022-08-03)
    * Car project files where not being shown when browsing by file.
      Fixed (2022-08-04)

I've been trying to upload it to Race For Kicks, but I'm having problems with that. In the meantime, I've uploaded the Zip file to the first post of this thread, so you can get it :)
Live Races / Re: NIGHT and FOG live races
« Last post by Cas on August 05, 2022, 12:47:03 AM »
It's a really good concept!  I'm looking forward to participate :)  We already have a live race platform waiting to be officially tested. It still needs some bells and whistles, but I think it'll be fine, so you can count on it!
Live Races / NIGHT and FOG live races
« Last post by alanrotoi on August 04, 2022, 07:40:20 PM »
Hi! I'm on the project of a 2 stages live race. They are rally-like races where you have to race with these wheather change.
Here is an example video of both stages:

First Stage: Night
Second Stage: Fog

To simulate the enviroment I edited the dashboard of the Chevrolet Silverado but it could be easy adaptated to any car.
What do you think?

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