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al il professore:
i played once on default and exploded the previous record in the sky. no matter who plays against u there, u will be beaten by alanrotoi... dont play in permanent competition, its permanent. u still got time when america empire has fallen to prove u are the best at permanent competition. once upon a time, someone said that here the times were the best in all time. prove it. drive your best, and u can say, noone had race faster than me on default track or joes curves... magic

It's the Zakstunts drivers against the tracks! We just need to drive them as fast as possible, whether it's Rotoi or me or someone else... I'll send anyone all my perm. comp. replays if you want to see them, so that we can improve even more and find new tricks. I think that's what it's about. After all, there will be no winner.

al il professore:
okay, send me your rpls.

al il professore:
here we are three years after that and bonzai joe sent me his replays shortly after this post, but believe it or not, i never opened the zip files... !!!

Renato Biker:
hahahaha, send me Bonzai  :-D


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