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Re: Shape ideas
« Reply #210 on: September 16, 2018, 03:17:48 PM »
It appears to work completely normal. Even the car0 shape can be edited normally. In fact I now figure that I could probably save the file if I deleted the car0 shape. That would put an end to further experimentation and to using it as a reference for a rebuild, so I'm hesitant to try that just yet.

Although typing that just gave me a weird idea. Does a shape use more vertices if it's two sided? Because I made all of them (not the wheels or lines) 2 sided since that appeared to make the shapes a little less buggy. I did the same for car1 though, which was just fine, so it's probably nothing...

EDIT: I may or may not just be an idiot. A second attempt at the same shape (Anim8or works great, thanks), did run into the save bug and saved just fine after removing some stuff, so maybe I just forgot about some things and didn't remove enough on the previous attempt. My apologies to Dstien for badmouthing his program. It confuses me by counting no further than 257. I figure if there was one too many and I removed one it must now be okay.
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Re: Shape ideas
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Re: Shape ideas
« Reply #212 on: November 27, 2019, 05:01:19 PM »
I want to see Tesla Cybertruck in Stunts. Easy to create in Stressed... ;D
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