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I'm back!

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People who remember me... I'm back!
I don't really have a lot of time, but I'd like to participate with what I can. I'm right now taking a look at the forum to see what's going on. :)
I apologize if this topic is quite useless... but this is exactly what I needed to post, that I'm back and want to continue. I'm not going to be posting useless stuff everyday, I promise!  I had been offline for over a year.
I'll be gathering all the work I had been doing on disassembling Stunts and building applications for it and post anything useful I can find. If anybody wants to remind me of something or ask me for something... or just tell me how you are... I'll be very happy to read it.

Hello back to you all, good people! :)

Cas, you have lost some precious time when as disassembling regards. You'll find some topics about that and even a tool to model cars for stunts! You couldn't have come in a better time. Welcome back!

Mark L. Rivers:

Hi Cas, and welcome back!
I remember you as a young talent with big margin of improvement when I raced in 2006 in WSC! Happy to hear you are again onboard and see you on the scoreboard!  :)

Krys TOFF:
Welcome back. ;)

Hi there Cas, I'm a long-time fan! Nice to see you back, hope you've got some juicy information on Stunts internals for us. :D


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