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JRPLInfo 0.1
« on: March 08, 2011, 08:05:50 AM »
A long time ago (late 2008 actually) I opened a topic in which I speculated about reimplementing RPLInfo with Java and using that to build a replay management system. After some initial experiments I shelved that project until about a year ago, when I found enough free time to try and learn/practice Java a bit more seriously. A functional early version of the program was ready by April last year, but successive distractions meant I never got around to write an adequate README and package it for release... until now, that is.

JRPLInfo is a Java-based reimplementation of RPLInfo with a host of new features, from which I would highlight:
  • A handy graphical interface to browse through .RPL files in a directory without having to use the "Open File..." dialog for opening each file;
  • Support for trackfile matching check as an extra replay validity test;
  • Accounting for penalty time and ZakStunts-style car bonuses through user-supplied text files;
  • An interface for automatically setting up and displaying a scoreboard from replay folders which incorporate all of the features above as well as pipsqueak name recognition through filename patterns (that is, an early implementation of the ReplayHandler concept described in the 2008 topic);
  • Generation of .HIG files from replay folders;
  • Dictionaries of pipsqueak names and car data which can be extended through user-supplied text files. The car dictionaries cover most commonly used cheat cars out-of-the-box.

The basic RPLInfo interface is generally quite simple to use, while the "Race View" scoreboard module is somewhat less polished in that respect. Both modules are described in reasonable detail by the README, and of course you can ask me anything you need to know about them. Regrettably, I forgot to implement track file extraction from replays for this first version (and so my implementation does not fully supersede Luke's yet), but if there is interest it would not be too much trouble to incorporate that (as well as a number of other features you might find useful - I am open to suggestions).

The program is attached to this post - in order to use it extract JRPLInfo.jar and either the Windows or the Linux version of the Run_JRPLInfo shortcut to your Stunts folder. Then (assuming you already have Java installed) run it by launching the shortcut. At the downloads page of Southern Cross there is, in addition to this "executable" version, also a source tarball for curious hackers (hopefully my Java skills became somewhat less laughable after two years and a half  :)). I will be very happy if some of you give it a try (and truly jubilant if anyone actually finds it useful  :D). As always, opinions, suggestions and bug reports are of course more than welcome.
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Re: JRPLInfo 0.1
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2011, 07:31:28 PM »
Heeeiiii, good job!!   :)