Author Topic: Considerations about the FM Towns version and the *REAL* Otto Track  (Read 4051 times)


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Re: Considerations about the FM Towns version and the *REAL* Otto Track
« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2020, 03:04:17 AM »
When I first got Stunts, it was Broderbund 1.0. At that time, 1993, in Argentina, it was impossible to get any original version of any software. All came through piracy. There wasn't any place where you could buy originals and there wasn't any internet either. Often, when you started the games you'd buy at these pirate places, they would show some logo made by the rippers and then you'd press a key and continue to the game. Thus, I don't know if what I got was a faithful copy of the original or if it had any modification of these files. I still have that copy and I can share the replay (v1.0) if you guys wish.

The replay was made with a blue Indy racing on the Default track we all know. Everything would go well until the car got to the loop. At that point, it would get up to 90 degrees and shoot for the sky, finally crashing into the ground. In the foreground, the well known text would flash saying "Professional driver on closed circuit". I remember I found it difficult to believe, considering that phrase, that such replay was the original one.

About the car  in the intro, didn't I read somewhere that the Ferrari F40 had been made based on that car?
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