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Re: ZCT 137 - Powderfinger
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2012, 07:58:12 PM »
Maybe the rules are too complicated...

This is the good point.

Btw I participated in ZCT131, 132 and 135 only for the EB.

There's the point against EB. Imagine if somebody sends a replay in the last minute, completing only a small circle around the finish line with 2:00 penalty. Does he deserve +6 (or even +1) points?

Yes, he does, because he has to do it 12 times in a row to gain +6. :) This seems to be quite hard to do (and it is harder than finish 7th!). And - you can try it next season (with another ghost pretending he is a newbie..) - I bet you will not be happy with that.

That was an irrealistic example. I had quite serious reasons to leave out a race in May 2012: the darkest era of losing weight, shoulder injury, job interviews, sleeping only 3-4 hours, living in a friend's flat because of the violent attack of my former neighbours, and at the middle/end of the month: my computer broke down). Would you say the same if I make the above mentioned replay in May? I could be 10th with it (more realistic: 20-30 minutes gameplay, probably beating Zak and finish 6th).

I don't think there should be any difference from this aspect between completing 11 and 12 races.

What was the original purpose?

EB: support the pipsqueaks with the most enthusiasm
taking out the worst 4 results: keep the interest of some lazy dogs (or latecomers)

What do we see now?

The lazy guys complete some really crappy races, because:

- they won't count
- even with bad performance, they are going to earn 12 points

What do you need to have 84 pts without LTB?

- 7 victories and retire
- finish 2nd once, 3rd 9 times and leave out two races
- finish 3rd 6 times, 4th 5 times and leave out a single race
- finish 4th 8 times and then complete 4 "fake" replays, driving around the finish line

Do they have the same value? No.

Hmm.. What to say.. You see how hard is to participate in all 12 races (everyone has their trouble), the bonus is enormous, the role of EB should be diminished.