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So I started reverse the real "game.exe", and found that restunts don't know how to handle this type of files (*.PES)
This file format use a common scheme used in image file compression, first pass is huffman decompression, then RLE decompression.
After they do an "unflip" on pixels for some images, and expand image data to 8bits. After all this, we can extract easily image like follow :

Image gallery for the file SCRED.PES :

Image gallery for the file SDTEDIT.PES :

dstien will add my work to stressed and restunts as soon as possible.

Track item masks, that's nice! Thanks!

Although there are some artifacts left. E.g., this image should be a brown windmill, like the one in this palette:

You are right, and it is now fix :)

Excellent! :) ESH icons were the main data formats yet to be described. Only a fuller account of music and sound effect data is missing now, IIRC. To point out one low-hanging fruit: as the track element to editor selection grid correspondence is defined by pbox in TEDIT.RES, being able to edit the icons makes it possible to add the ghost cars (like the one available in Track Blaster) to the regular editor's palette.

Beyond excellent! ;D
7 related functions now ported in restunts.


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