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Stunts on Classic Reload
« on: August 22, 2018, 09:27:05 PM »
Hi folks,

Long time no see. (Edit: In fact now that I look around more people haven't been talking too much. But that's fine as long as they're racing.)

I stumbled across a to me new site today, and it made me think of you guys. is a game collection site similar to Home of the Underdogs and Abandonia, with a twist: the games are playable online. This includes Stunts. They have the uncracked version even, with the manual lines needed to login in their description text.

But here's the actual good part: Their game seems to have a memory. It remembers what users add to it. You can add tracks and of course high scores. I just put my name on Default, to make myself nice and visible. But I'm betting there's a few pipsqueaks here who deserve the visibility even more. So if you feel like defacing the internet a little, show those pipsqueaks how it's done. ;D

But yeah, aside from that, good to be reading these forums again. Excuse me while I get lost for an hour or so.
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