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Need strategy for pipe jumps
« on: January 23, 2002, 01:00:00 PM »
Nice to know that there is still a live site devoted to The Best Racing Game Ever.  

There is a dedicated Stunts forum ('the Game')    but it seems to be inactive at the moment so I'm asking this here.

You probably know that it's possible to drive on the roof of a pipe stunt by jumping on it. However, half of my attempts result in me falling through it and dying, and 49% make me launch vertically upwards and of course, crash.

I know that it's possible, but are there any special tricks to do it? Like landing on the third section instead of the second, at the exact center, etc.?

I use version 1.01 of 4d. Edited by: Brother Laz at: 1/23/02 1:30:38 pm