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Chat - Misc / Hackers and developers
February 22, 2022, 03:34:31 PM
Split from: Stunts WIKI

Quote from: Cas on February 21, 2022, 11:00:59 PM
About "hacker", I think this is a person that solves puzzles and finds the way to tame somebody else's code. It doesn't have to be illegal and in fact, I think it's a little "microsofty" to assume it is, since MS is always promoting that view in an intent to convince people to only use their software.

Unfortunately, this is not only MS. Hackers in that sense are disliked by various people working or commercially interested in ICT.
Consider the owner of a little PC shop, able to gain 100 EUR (or USD, or CHF) from a plain format and OS reinstall: having people capable to do so autonomously, although even easier than what usually an hacker does, means renouncing to an easy way to make money.
So they have all the interest to give the impression that these are difficult tasks, that only nerds without a life do them by themselves, and so on; this affects also the perception of free software and open source.
Stunts Reverse Engineering / Second set of tyres
January 08, 2022, 12:14:09 AM

Quote0E6h/0E7h, 0E8h/0E9h, 0EAh/0EBh, 0ECh/0EDh - another series of values, this time 0020h, 00C0h, 0080h and 0040h. The resemblance to the default values of the surface grip modifiers, which are located near these positions, is uncanny: were they intended to refer to a second set of tyres?

I just added the bold part; did someone make the same hypothesis in the past?
Team Zone / Rolling Stunts
November 01, 2019, 12:00:30 AM
Could someone kindly add this to the wiki? I would do it myself, if I can get authorized to create pages there. ;)


Rolling Stunts is a Stunts team. As of 2019, its members are [[afullo]], [[dreadnaut]] and [[Seeker1982]].

== History ==

The team was founded in 2016 by afullo and dosbox92, two Italian rac3rs. The former one has been champion of the newbie league in 2014 while racing for [[Damage Inc.]], and has confirmed his affiliation for that team in 2015, while the latter one was new of the community.

The first two years were not so much glorious: in two seasons where 5 teams took part to the team competition, Rolling Stunts finished last in 2016 and fourth in 2017. But at the dawn of 2018 several facts happened: afullo decided to start playing more seriously, after a season in which he submitted only a not-so-elaborated lap per race; a new Italian rac3r, Imperas, had emerged from the crowd during the previous summer with several promising results, and was interested to join a team; the [[Yellow Fleas]] had basically had only dreadnaut as an active member for the majority of the previous year, so he started to have interest in changing affiliation to a team with active rac3rs.

So in 2018 the team competed with afullo, dosbox92, dreadnaut and Imperas as members, and the results were largely unexpected: Rolling Stunts won the team competition, ahead of [[Cork's Crew]] and [[Slowdrive]], by winning also six races. It had been noteworthy that <i>all</i> the four rac3rs brought points to the team, having everyone of them placed at least once as the first or the second rac3r of the squad, by being also in one of the first 12 positions overall, and that they were all from the same nation: Italy.

The year 2019 saw some changes. Apart from the previous observations, dosbox92 and Imperas played only one race out of 12 in the whole year, respectively the tenth and the first, so the team restarted without them; instead, German rac3r Seeker1982, champion of newbie league in 2018, joined it, by being also the first non-Italian to do so. The team won again the first two races of the season, but later started to lose to Cork's Crew, with the tandem [[Duplode]]-[[Overdrijf]] gaining the upper hand in the majority of the following tracks.
Racing Games & Other Competitions / SI6IL
June 07, 2019, 09:34:47 PM
Speaking of old school gaming, is someone playing SI6IL, a DOOM episode featured by John Romero?

I just played the first two levels: the design of the maps is great, but you have to be careful and patient moving through these hellish lands. Having a Baron of Hell and a Cyberdemon as enemies, when you still have only the pistol and the shotgun, is for pro...
General Chat - ZSC / Newbie league
February 15, 2019, 02:07:10 AM
Yesterday Seeker asked about not being in the newbie league anymore, this is consistent with the 18-month period, but:

  • in the season standings, he has been wiped out; Heretic is listed as taking 12 points in C210, while in fact he took only 11;
  • a similar phenomenon also happened to me in 2015, but there is more: Cas is listed as participant in the season standings, while he does not count as a newbie in any of the races! This can have something to do with the fact that he registered in 2005, but he posted his first replay only in 2015, and maybe the 18 months are counted starting from a different date in the two cases.

How do we have to count correctly the points? Note also that Marco joined in January 2015, but according to season standings, he took points in the newbie league until the end of 2016 (that is, for a period longer than 18 months), and FinRok joined in March 2016, while taking points in that league until the end of 2017 (also here, for more than one year and a half); in both cases, the results in the single races are correctly counted only up to 1.5 years. Maybe the latter ones make more sense...
Stunts Chat / Tracks from my childhood
February 03, 2014, 08:23:18 PM
On an external hard drive I have stored lots of tracks which I and other players made back in the 90s, could they be of some interest for you? Unfortunately I've lost my tracks from 1994 and 1995, because when in 1996 I bought a new PC, I reinstalled Stunts from floppy disc without retaining the folder from my old PC, and the latest backup I had at the time was dated 1993. Anyway, there is a lot of stuff.