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December 31, 2014, 04:27:28 PM
sorry for my english ... first of all super Congrats. I'm from Italy and I found this site today ... it's great to see so many great stunts players in the same competition .  ;D ;D ;D ;D

I'm from the very old school, begin to play with Pc at the beginning in the early eighties. I have an original copy of Stunts 1.1 (european ver. 4d Sports Driving) that I still use today on a 486dx2 and, in the nineties, I have made a lot of tracks that I still have today (some tracks needed 15 minutes to be completed , without cutting I mean :).

I have checked your competition rules and have seen the replay joes4 and it's difficult for me to accept them ;)) I have always looked for "real life" inside the games so my competition rules are to try to simulate real races... not cut on the grass, no pass through walls or through loops, no save replays to do not waste best sectors laps :)).  As you correctly explained, after a jump you can speed up your car but there's also another "semi random" glitch that could happen after a's another little bounce that,if happen,it could increase your speed more if still not at the max speed after the first main jump. If there's a long straight after the jump, the 2nd lucky bounce  could really make the difference. Then , if i have to be in a competition, i try to make tracks that reduce the possibility to keep advantage from jumps that basically means to insert a turn close to the jump :)).

Recently I have made a friendly challenge with the Delta on a short track named "HILL" that you can find on my youtube channel  "Marco Plays Dos Games" .
here the video

Here the track

I saw some replays, you are really great players, I would like to see you race with my rules :)))

Thank you my friends