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I would like to draw the words " Stunts Challenge" on the start finish line banner.
Would this be possible?
Is there a editor available?

Thanks :)
Hello I modified my track to nearly the max road possible on the map. The game stopps/freezes as soon the counter ingame goes to 10:00 minutes. No more clicking or going back to the menu possible.
Is there a bug on my track or is this a memory cache problem?
I play it on a modern pc with DosBox at 8555 cpu cylce (Ctrl+F12).
If this is a memory problem how can we fix this to get past the 10:00 minutes driving?  :-\
Thank you very much! :)
Stunts Questions / Stunts = 4D Sports Driving on Amiga
November 27, 2022, 02:36:28 PM
Hello all and thank you for unlocking me to your awesome Stunts Forum.
I love the updates, new cars and improvements the community here is developing for this 30 years old game and I am curious about everything new for this great old Test Drive like Stunts driving game.
I really love most the new cars you guys are creating with all those details and working dashboard.
I know most of the tracks are working for the Amiga version too, but I would like to ask if someone could try to make a additional working car for the Amiga too?
If you want to try it your self just go here and download 4D Sports Driving:
I can also provide a quick setup and working Workbench 1.3.3 with WHDLoad and 4D Sports Driving installed
wich I can e-mail you if you are interessted in creating working additional cars to the AMIGA version of 4D Sports Driving.
Best regards,
Reini :)