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Stunts Chat / Stunts Movie
February 18, 2013, 05:56:18 AM
This topic got me thinking... if we were to have a Stunts movie, who would you cast to play every pipsqueak in this community and why?
I haven't thought about anybody yet, but the idea crossed my mind and I wanted to let you know.
Chat - Misc / Online games
February 03, 2009, 02:24:38 AM
So we can tell about any online game we find interesting.

Here's one I think CTG will like

Pandemic 2

The objective is to kill all humankind with either a Virus, a Bacteria, or a Parasite (Your choice!)
Chat - Misc / Interesting yet useless facts...
November 24, 2008, 11:16:17 PM
This topic is to write any kind of useless/interesting fact you hear about. The reason is I like to read them, so I hope you would write many. I'll post the first 3 I remembered...

Mageiricophobia is the intense fear of having to cook. (I bet someone here has it)  ;)

In the movie "Toy Story", the carpet designs in Sid's hallway is the same as the carpet designs in "The Shining."

The only insect that can turn its head 360 degrees is the praying mantis.
Chat - Misc / Annoying things
July 31, 2008, 12:16:50 AM
Hi there, I'm just back home from the market and decided I wanted to create a post for those annoying things that happen around us daily.

I was on my way back home just a few minutes ago when a man came to me and asked me what time it was. There's nothing annoying on that, but the man touched his wrist. Maybe this is not annoying for you but it is to me as it's pointless... I'm sure he doesn't grab his balls when he asks for a WC!

Waiting for those things that annoy you and I'll post more as soon as they come to my mind.
Chat - Misc / Goals in life.
February 04, 2008, 05:37:46 PM
Here you can talk about your goals in life, what did you expected when you were a little boy, how is it now and what do you want for your future. Mine is to be a stockbroker and invest my own money. Of course having a wife and a cuople of kids too, but that will come only after...
Chat - Misc / New Year's Burning Dolls
January 01, 2008, 10:33:18 PM
Hi, guys. I created this topic to show you a bit of what is a tradition here in La Plata (My hometown): The New Year's Burning Dolls! It's about building giant dolls, filling them with fireworks and then burning them after midnight. I'll post some pictures here as I find them in good quality. I hope you enjoy them!
Chat - Misc / International SMS
October 25, 2007, 01:04:22 AM
Can you send an internacional SMS? If this is the case, how far can you send it? How much is it? I'd like to know so if you could tell me I'll be thankful.
Results for 1st round of South American qualifiers.

URU 5-0 Bol     Uru: Su?rez, Forl?n, Abreu, S?nchez, Bueno
ARG 2-0 Chi     Arg: Riquelme (2)
Ecu  0-1 VEN   Ven: Rey
Col   0-0 Bra
Per   0-0 Par


Pos.   Team   GP   W   D   L   GF   GA   +/-   Pts.
1        Uru     1     1    0   0   5     0     5       3
2        Arg     1     1    0   0   2     0     2       3
3        Ven    1     1    0   0   1     0     1       3
4        Bra      1     0   1   0   0     0     0       1
4        Col      1     0   1   0   0     0     0       1
4        Par      1     0   1   0   0     0     0       1
4        Per      1     0   1   0   0     0     0       1
8        Ecu     1     0   0   1   0     1    -1       0
9        Chi      1     0   0   1   0     2    -2       0
10        Bol     1     0   0   1   0     5    -5       0

First 4 qualify for World Cup. 5th will play for a place in South Africa 2010 against Oceania?s winner (Australia for sure!).

Next round (2nd round)

Venezuela ? Argentina (16-Oct)
Bolivia ? Colombia (17-Oct)
Paraguay ? Uruguay (17-Oct)
Chile ? Per? (17-Oct)
Brasil ? Ecuador (17-Oct)
To Krys & Duplode: Have you tested Colin McRae Dirt? I wanted to give it a try but it requires a dual core processor and I don't/won't have one for some years I'm afraid...

(I posted this also in stunts sequel projects topic, but it should be here)
Stunts Chat / Stunts Dream Team
April 04, 2006, 12:26:24 AM
Who do you think is Stunts Dream Team? The idea of this topic is simple. Pick 5 drivers which you think will be unbeatable considering their regularity, trickfinding skills, motivation and that kind of things.

My Dream Team would be:
Alain-Ayrton-Bonzai Joe-Chulk (Of course :) )-CTG in alphabethical order.

Some excellent driver were left out of this list because they race once in a while (Rotoi-Argammon-Akoss-Gutix)
Here you can tell everybody what is it that you do when you play stunts to motivate yourself and get the best results.
I usually play best when I'm falling asleep so I play at night.
Other thing that fully motivates me to race is listening to Metallica's song 'Fuel' over and over and over again when I'm playing. That's when I do my best replays.

Hopeyou tell us about your 'things'.

Editing was done to correct a grammar mistake
Competition 2005 / OUR NICK/USERNAMES
August 26, 2005, 06:49:32 PM
This topic I post is here so you can explain the other pipsqueaks how did you get your usernames (some can be an easy guess).
I'll tell you how a got mine:
When I was a boy, family started to call me Chucho for a reason nobody remembers. Then there was a day when I got very angry so my brother said I look like The Incredible Chulk and that's how I got mi nickname.

Hope you will tell everyone your story just to satisfy my curiosity!!