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Topics - Mark L. Rivers

Stunts Drivers Races / RH - R10/2007 - "THE ARENAS"
October 29, 2007, 07:44:36 PM

Here it is the last RH track of the season, ARENAS! It will be (so I hope!) a mix of fun, pleasure to drive and wish to win thanks to known Indy?s features and a track full of dazzling, engaging and (as usual! ;)) original tracts! Seeing the track from the sky, we can see soon that there are two big elevated and blinded arenas (?Would you say that is it the reason of the name?!? :D) placed in a large sea and linked only by two tight stripes of asphalt. But let?s start for a usual virtual patrol-lap! Set free the ?horses? of your Indy but only for a short tract of the first ?link? that lead at the first arena: you have to approach at your best a tight chicane so to exit with the possible maximum speed. The reason? You have to enter in the porthole of the first arena almost in 4th gear if you want to avoid to land far on the track losing too much speed?. After the first two curves, the first arena is characterized to the necessity to reach and keep a high enough speed so to exit by the egress in a particular way? Which? Well, you?ll know it! (I can only say that tract will be the most difficult of the entire track? ;)). And then we are on the tight road that connects the two arenas! Water on the left, water on the right, and two fast chicanes to approach while the speed is over 210 Mph? But before to reach to porthole of the 2nd arena, we have to approach a strange and dazzling jump: Powergear is absolutely needed but? only partially?(?!)? You?ll see!  ;)  And now the 2nd arena: strong brake just after the entrance, but then we find a crucial tract where the ability to keep high the speed between different kinds of curves will be essential for a top performance. Weird and dazzling jump from a Loop to an Up/Down Corkscrew (really original and funny!) and then we?ll be launched towards the exit and the last tract of the track! What will we find outside the 2nd and last arena? Water, obviously, but a very fast tract too (Powergear? Let?s see?), where we will have to manage our Indy carefully until the finish line? That?s all! Come on Stunts drivers, let?s make a great show on this final track and, above all, enjoy with it!  :)
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH - R10/2007 - "EVERGLADES"
October 29, 2007, 07:42:50 PM
The track where we can see the last act of this great NORH season is really special! ?Everglades?, this is its name, is an adapted version of an old track, designed by Krys TOFF, that arrives 2nd at 2003 Track Design Contest. Krys TOFF has realized the modifications too so to make the track suitable for a NORH race.   :)
So this is the 1st SDR track not designed by contest manager, and this means I had not to try it during the building. Really I haven?t put yet my wheels on the track so this preview is based only on what I can see through Track Blaster.
Well, Everglades is a track quite different from the previous ones, sure a bit more difficult. Maybe the designer wants to begin to lead NORH drivers towards another kinds of tracks that we?ll see next year when he?ll manage the only official Stunts NORH contest on the web...   Seeing the track through the map it?s quite difficult to guess the length, but I think that a quite good time could be around 1?10? ? 1?15?. But we?ll know it beginning from the 1st of November! Meanwhile? let's go for a ?virtual? lap! A long straight characterizes the beginning, reaching very soon the Powergear, and overleaping without trouble (but in a dazzling way!) two Up/Down corkscrews. We can keep the magic 6th gear for a long tract, availing opportune bank-roads and a fluent tract with some consecutive large curves before to reach a loop that we should leave behind without many troubles but with a bit of adhrenalin?. A short straight (at 245 Mph all becomes short?) and then an obligatory bridge (water?   ::)) just before a large 180?: good-bye Powergear (even if someone could cede to the temptation to keep it?) but not for a long time. In fact, after another fluent tract (not long like before), we?ll re-find it thanks to a ramp. Anyway, this time it won?t be easy to manage, I think. Above all, we will have to see if jumping from the ramp at 245 Mph it will be possible to land before the access of the near pipe (or tube, as you like), that includes a classic obstacle (could it be without an obstacle? ). Anyway, even if we will able to insert the car in the pipe at maximum speed, avoiding then the obstacle placed in the middle, we will have soon to push very hard on the brake because an elevated corner is waiting for us: shakes? Another straight (with tunnels and barriers) and then a L/R corkscrew. Possible Powergear? Not this time, because a slow curve on the left will oblige the drivers to insert their car in a tunnel and in a last straight that leads to a last elevated corner: after all that drivers have encountered until here, and missing only about 15? seconds to the finish line, I think they will approach this elevated curve with much trepidation?   :D   How will be the final? Fast and quite complex. Difficult to describe why, but I can say that drivers will reach a hill in full 4th gear, maybe already in 5th gear (I have not to explain what this mean, isn?t it?  ;) ), and they will have to choose: follow the conventional track (having trouble to control their rocket-car landing on a bank-road curve) or cut it aiming (blindly) the finish, taking many risks trying to avoid a probable penalty?
Simple question: how many complete trials will a NORH driver succeed to make on this track trying to win??  ;)
Come on NORH drivers, show one more time your great passion in the last race of this wonderful season!  :)
Stunts Drivers Races / The future of SDR
October 24, 2007, 07:09:08 AM

Well, it?s arrived the moment to talk about the future of SDR, communicating to all what I decided last summer.
Without many words, I have to say that there won?t be a 2008 season. There won?t be a RH contest and neither a NORH contest. SDR will remain active only for eventual special events like ISM.
The reason is very simple: I have not enough time to continue to manage a whole season. So I must renounce to my activity as contest manager.

I always thought, and recently I said it too, that all want to keep alive our extraordinary little world have to do something for it, even if only racing with passion.
Now it could seem I act in an opposite way. But, honestly, I think I have given very much for Stunts racing world in last 2 years. Let me do a short summary of my Stunts activities until here, a kind of little testament of my work.

My first official race was Tokaj at USC in November 2005, just after I discovered Stunts on Web.

My Stunts passion pushed me very soon to become a contest manager, and so I started to manage SDR in January 2006 with a RH contest, even I had no experience about web designing (but I learned quite well, I think? ;)). I tried soon to bring some innovations (at least comparing with the situation I found at my ?arrive? on the Web) like a News page updated almost daily with specific comments about all results (a feature introduced later in other contests).

In May 2006 I enlarged my engagement starting with the first official NORH contest in the Web availing DOSBox 0,65 and its video-capture system.
(Even if it should be quite clear, two contests means: double check of replays sent, double update without an automatic system, double analysis, double comments, double all. Anyway, I tried to make more and more interesting both SDR contests including month after month new features about races and site, even if this meant more work).

To make more compact the whole community and to have a point of aggregation for all active contests, in September 2006 I created Stunts World Ranking (SWR) improving it month after month with new features making it more and more balanced and suitable in order of current statement of all contests.

Then, basing on SWR, I organized International Stunts Master 2007 (ISM 2007), which has been raced in December 2006 and January 2007 having a good success.

In February 2007 I renewed my engagement for both two contests (RH and NORH) with an absolutely new racing system based on weekly checkpoints.

In July 2007 I created a new Stunts car, SPEEDGATE XSD, a very good car listening who have raced with it. I hope a long and glorious career for it. :)

In August 2007 I launched ISM 2008, which will begin next December 2007.

And beside all this, I raced about 90% of all official races in last 2 years (almost 100% in last year) with all my passion trying to increase step by step my skill.

I don?t think to have given more than others, above all in the past, have given. But I?m very satisfied about what I done, above all because I think I done it in the period it was more useful.
I think all Stunts drivers have benefited from all my activity and my passion, and I feel to have done my part in this wonderful world.

I?m especially proud about the official NORH contest and SWR, and I don?t want they could be lost. I think that would be a little ?tragedy? for me, and a damage for Stunts community.
So in agreement with a real Stunts-Man, Krys TOFF, they will continue to exist. Thanks to the contribute of  Krys, NORH contest with DOSBox video-capture system will continue in 2008. Krys will tell us when new contest will begin (Spring 2008 ?) informing us about its new features and the official site.

So my career as contest manager finishes with next and last SDR race.
But I won?t renounce to continue to give my contribute so to keep alive this great world.
You will see me engaged in all races I will able to race, above all NORH races, sure. And If I?ll succeed to find a bit more of time, maybe ISM 2008 could be only the last SDR special event before the next one? ;)

Thanks to all have taken part in a whatever SDR race (you can see the list in SDR Ranking pages), I hope they enjoyed in it, and thanks in advance to all will take part in last race if it will be their first time in SDR.
Finally, thanks to all have appreciated all my hard work too.

What can I say more?

Nothing more than this: Long live to Stunts?
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH - R9/2007 - "RISK"
September 30, 2007, 10:28:52 PM

A track not properly difficult, without real critical points? A not very used car but quite easy to drive? What does it mean all this? RISK!  :)  Yes, the risk will be the real main element of this race, the ninth race of the season, the penultimate one! From the beginning to the end, drivers will have to push their Coronet Pulsar as fast as they are able to drive it, making no so many calculations during the race if they will want to put their wheels ahead their opponents. Anyway, here it is some info about the track. Fast beginning and maximum speed (200 mph) reachable after only 10-15 seconds before to an exciting blind jump.  8)   First reduction of speed (important but not dramatic) correspondently to a decided change of direction before to fly (real flight? ;)) into the second section of race. Again high speed (not very easy to keep for 2 obligatory cuts that will lead drivers to put their wheels on the grass) before the 2nd drastic (a bit more than previous) change of speed correspondently to a brutal dirt chicane placed between a tunnel and bank-road.  ::)  Third and last fast tract where drivers will have to avail some cuts and bank-road to reach and keep a very high speed (it will be easy, no fear  :)) before to arrive at the final. A not very quiet final, characterized from a brutal brake (that driver will have to begin just after to have left a loop/ramp needful to jump over a little ?lake?) and a brutal turn (more than 90?) on the right to insert the car in a more elevated small straight (not completely flat?) before the finish line? So, we all will see who will be able to drive his Coronet Pulsar STi-R risking continuously for about 80?: looking for strong hearts? ;)
Stunts Drivers Races / RH - R9/2007 - "FUNNY"
September 30, 2007, 10:26:00 PM
Nice and funny race: this is the best way to describe the penultimate race of the season!  :) Aboard your Coronet Pulsar ST?-R, a car not very much used but quite easy to drive, drivers will have to race on a track with unusual ways to choose as it's wonted in SDR.  ;)  Start and immediately a triple choice for everyone: believe me, it won't easy understanding very soon the fastest...  ???   Anyway, the three ways will become again only one very soon, just before to approach the 2nd section of the race. In this part drivers will have to cross (ortogonally...) a loop before to avoid, as smart as possible..., the subsequent up/down corkscrew... Very tight hairpin (Cut or not to cut? This is the question...  ???) and then 3rd section. A long, but not very quiet, straight tract where drivers will have to steer and jump almost at maximum speed (200-210 mph?) between ramps, hills and left/right corkscrews. An then the final, where it will be quite difficult to guess the right way to approach it, cause a tunnel just in a bad place...  ::) Some trials to test the track made 10 days ago seem to indicate a race about 70"-80" long, but... as usual, let's see! Sure it will be a funny race, but... we have to mind that there's still so much at stake for some drivers and the maximum engagement will be necessary to put own wheels ahead the others. Remember, "funny" doesn't mean "easy"...  ;)
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH - R8/2007 - "CALIBER"
August 29, 2007, 07:05:19 AM

After the marvellous victory by Duplode  :)  and with a very dazzling fight for the title   ;), we are approaching the 8th race of the season. What kind of race will it be? Well, it will be a quite selective race, where drivers will have to calibrate their brakes, gas, steering in many tracts of the track to reach a very good performance. If you want to know why, please read the following description of the track. After the first 10? (made not very easy from a strong brake that driver will have to begin in the last part of a jump approached in 4th gear), the first part of the track is very fluent, permitting to lead the car until a very high speed before to encounter a crucial hairpin that drivers will have to approach very carefully. If they will try to cut it too much, maybe their speed will decrease too much and it couldn?t be enough to overtake the subsequent jump composed by two ramps not connected by a bridge element...  ::)  (No fear, it won?t be a tract that will lead to stop frequently the race? obviously if you won?t cut too much the previous hairpin!  ;)). After the jump, a slow curve (not very slow if you will cut it?) introduces in the central part of the track, very fluent and fast (but be very careful passing in the tunnel in 4th gear between two fast chicanes!), where drivers can reach the maximum speed before to reduce drastically it (after a low take-off) having to succeed to insert their car (trying not to lose too much speed) in the uphill tract that leads at the final part. Again a strong speed increasing but not like previous, because drivers will have to approach the last crucial tract, a quite large 180? placed just before the finish. Will it be easy? Well, a quick downhill-uphill tract just before to invert the direction of your Jaguar XJR9 won?t make the things so easy?  ;)  Don?t you believe it? Then you will have only to do a lap on the track, beginning from the 1st September*!   :)

* Exceptionally, 1st CP won't be the 1st Sunday of the month but the 2nd one, and deadline won't be last Sunday of the month but Thursday the 27th September at 23:59.
Stunts Drivers Races / RH - R8/2007 - "CUTS"
August 29, 2007, 07:02:51 AM

The most selective and hardest SDR race of all times: this is the right way to describe ?CUTS?, the challenge that will see engaged the RH drivers and their Jaguar XJR9 beginning from the 1st September*!  :)Since the first races, all Stunts drivers have sure found a special satisfaction finding and availing all possible shortcuts offered by the tracks (except IRC rules fans, sure?  :D), researching their best performance. As its name can suggest, CUTS can be defined the ?paradise? for all love the shortcuts, a special track where the shortcut-guide has lead to an extreme experience. But the track includes normal tracts too where drivers will have to push their car at maximum speed. Anyway, if drivers will avail all possible shortcuts, they will transit only on 33 Stunts elements of the 58 that form the conventional track. A madness track?  ??? Too weird to be really appreciated as a real Stunts challenge?  ::)  Well, CUTS is sure an original track. But I invite all to try it before to express any thoughts. We?re quite sure that many drivers will be captured from the atypical way they will have to approach some ?normal? tracts.  ;)  The hope is that all active top drivers (and inactive top drivers too, sure!) will want to take part at this very hard and selective race making a great Stunts show, that?s so important in this particular season. We think that CUTS really can aid to re-discover the taste of the challenge, a taste that has aroused memorable moments in Stunts history!  :) Come on Stunts drivers! Take out your Jaguar XJR9 from your boxes, jump on board and try one more time the great emotions that only this great neverending game is able to gift us!  :)

* Exceptionally, 1st CP won't be the 1st Sunday of the month but the 2nd one, and deadline won't be last Sunday of the month but Thursday the 27th September at 23:59.
Stunts Drivers Races / RH - R7/2007 - "GATE"
July 30, 2007, 07:53:51 AM

It?s sure exciting to pass through a door that leads to an unexplored place. And this it?s what you?ll do racing the first official race with the last Stunts car born: SPEEDGATE XSD, developed in SDR laboratories. What will you find after the door? A new kind of speed. Until here, all Stunts drivers could use some fast cars, original and cheated. But none of them is able to permit to drive at high speed in a similar way you could do with a real car. Powergear is a wonderful Stunts bug, and sure all Stunts drivers love it. But, from the other side, it makes the cars very unreal, unsuitable to arouse the unique sensations you can feel driving at high speed. SPEEDGATE XSD will permit to drive at very high speed (until 245 mph availing the jumps) without Powergear, and you will have to manage it helped only by an high grip and very strong brakes. So you are now able to drive some known tracts (small and large curves, fast chicane, up/down corkscrew) with an unconventional speed, higher than normal thanks to a power engine (almost like Indy) and a high (even if not infinite?) grip. Moreover, a torque more similar to a real engine will engage the drivers to find the right moment to change their gears (not simply waiting the ?red zone?) so to avail the maximum possible acceleration. And the track where you will have to race, GATE, is what drivers need to test all new features. The door that leads to the real speed guide will open the 1st August 2007: pass through it and drive as you never did before?   ;)
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH - R7/2007 - "EMOTIONS"
July 30, 2007, 07:49:47 AM

Sure every NORH race arouses strong emotions in all drivers. So, why this track has been called ?Emotions?, what?s the difference? Well, this race will be special because drivers will have to race with a new, absolutely new car, never used before in a official race: we are talking about SPEEDGATE XSD, the new Stunts car created and developed in SDR laboratories. This car is really able to arouse great emotions for its speed, acceleration, grip and an engine with a torque very similar to a real car, characteristics that are what a NORH driver needs to exalt his passion. Moreover, being the first race with this car, there will be a particular curiosity to find its limit, never explored before. It will be very exciting to drive some known tracts (small and large curves, fast chicane, up/down corkscrew) with an unconventional speed, higher than normal thanks to an higher (but not infinite?) grip. What about the track? Sure very suitable to appreciate the features of the new car: fast (but not straight) tracts where to avail the high grip until the limit (but not over?), an up/down corkscrew where you can finally feel the sensation to lead your car (and not to be lead by it?), a dazzling shortcut where you will fly very high and a not very fast final tract, quite easy if you won?t risk too much. But? will you really able not to risk??  ;)  The doors of the speed and the emotions will open the 1st August 2007: will you pass through them?   :)

I?m glad to inform all Stunts drivers about the creation of a new Stunts car: SPEEDGATE XSD


Top Speed: 245 mph
Powergear: No
0-60 mph: 3,9 sec
Transmission: 5 gears (Auto or Manual)
Max Speed for gear: I = 95 mph - II = 132 mph - III = 182 mph - IV = 219 mph - V = 245 mph


Overview. As technical features show, Speedgate XSD is, for acceleration and maximum speed, a very fast car, decidedly more than Porsche 962 and only a bit less than Porsche March Indy. Not having Powergear, the new car permits to drive, in the complete sense of the term, at very high speed (until 245 mph availing the jumps), making you able to drive some known tracts (small and large curves, fast chicane, up/down corkscrew) with an unconventional speed, higher than normal, but not too much so to appear unreal.

Handling. Speedgate XSD is very manageable, above all at low speed, thanks to a good grip. Increasing the speed, the car replies quite good at steering inputs but at high speed (over 200 mph) it?s obviously not very easy to feel when the grip limit is reached so to correct in time (above all in NORH races) eventual guide errors.

Brakes. Powered, very suitable to manage high speed.

Engine. The trend of the torque is more similar to a real car than other Stunts cars, so drivers will have to test it accurately to know the best moment to shift to a higher gear instead to wait the red zone of their speedometer?

Bugs. No bugs known at the moment. Please tell me if you find anyone.

Fun, emotions and the taste to discover the limits of this new unexplored creature complete the guide impressions. Above all NORH drivers will find it very exciting to drive.


Speedgate XSD is already available at SDR Download page ( You can enjoy free testing it before you will have to make a real hard test: an official race. When will it be? Next SDR race, obviously? ;)
Futile to say, SPEEDGATE XSD is from now patrimony of Stunts community and everyone (sure contest managers) can use it like every other car.
Here it is a short table with some statistics about SDR NORH races.

I simply wanted to know how a strong NORH driver is able to approach a strong RH driver time, and it's sure interesting to see that the percentage is almost always around 90%. Does this percentage mean anything for you?
I also calculated the single ratio about the two strong NORH drivers (for the moment...  ;)) and what it's resulted is very interesting: less than 2" between their total times after 10 races (btw, 0"70 between their SDR RH total times...) and a percentage absolutely similar about their personal ratio... Are they twins...?   :D

Stunts Drivers Races / RH - R6/2007 - "DRIVE"
June 27, 2007, 07:06:32 PM

Here it is the 2nd Indy race of SDR season (the 3rd and last will be obviously at the end  ;))! It?s a very hard track with many different tracts where the sensibility of the drivers will make the difference. The track is characterized from three distinct and quite different Powergear tracts. Two of them should be very special, personally I never see in other tracks what drivers will have to do at 245 mph. Did you jump previously on a long bridge or on a up/down corkscrek starting from the lowest terrain level?  ???  Maybe not? But if I?m wrong, please correct me!  ;)  Anyway the winner won?t have only to manage perfectly his car in these PG tracts. There will be four ?no-PG? tracts where drivers will have to race with all their ability to make a valid performance. Above all the 3rd of ?no-PG? tracts is very hard and engaging, resulting almost surely funny and dazzling for all the competitors. And we can't forget the final. Arriving at 245 mph it won?t be so easy to choose the right trajectory to insert your car in a short but very bad hairpin tract? The whole track will result a real total drive experience?   8)  Try to believe it!
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH - R6/2007 - "ADVANCED"
June 27, 2007, 07:04:23 PM

The name of this track doesn?t let doubts: it?s really a serious trial for NORH drivers.  8)  To avoid soon any misunderstanding, it?s good to say that it won?t present ?impossible? tracts or hard difficulties so to make the race too much tiring. But drivers will have to put their experience and ability to govern their Indy in three distinct and very different sectors. In the first they will have to ?dance? with their car driving in a kind of ?Special Slalom? of ski between some tunnels (no shortcuts are availing?). So in this funny tract (but maybe not all have the same thought?  ;) ) 2nd gear will be used so much according with accelerator. Second sector will be dedicated to the Powergear. No fear: PG will be easily reachable and quite easy to keep, but it won?t so easy to individuate the point of brake?. A drastical change of speed will introduce in the last sector where high speed (no PG, I think, too much risks trying to reach it  ::)) will have to keep until the last decisive brake to insert the car in the tunnels that lead at the finish. Yes, drivers will really take part at an advanced level NORH race, and the show will be sure great: stay with us!  :)
SWR and ISM / International Stunts Master 2008
June 13, 2007, 08:43:50 PM

I?m glad to inform you about the International Stunts Master 2008!

ISM 2008 is planned from 15 December 2007 to 29 January 2008 and it will see engaged the first 10 drivers of Stunts World Ranking in order of the rank updated at 3rd December 2007* (see at bottom for the details). The formula of the event will be quite different from last edition and it will include two distinct round.


15 December 2007 - 07 January 2008 / Checkpoints: 23 and 30 December 2007

1) Drivers will race divided in 2 groups and all will have to race on 2 tracks (the same for both groups):

Group A

1st classified SWR
4th classified SWR
5th classified SWR
8th classified SWR
9th classified SWR

Group B

2nd classified SWR
3rd classified SWR
6th classified SWR
7th classified SWR
10th classified SWR

In each group, 1st driver at every checkpoint will gain 1? bonus on his final time (this vales for both tracks).
In each group, 2nd driver at every checkpoint will gain 0?50 bonus on his final time (this vales for both tracks).
In each group, 3rd driver at every checkpoint will gain 0?30 bonus on his final time (this vales for both tracks).

For 2nd Checkpoint, Bonus Time will be assigned to a driver who had sent a previous time only if his new time is at least 3% lower than previous.

In this round scoreboards will be update just after every checkpoint. This means every driver won't know the results of the opponents before every checkpoint. This vales for event manager too (if he will participate), because he will check (with RPLINFO) all replays just after every checkpoint.

2) 7 drivers will accede at final round in this way:

Firsts 2 sum of times of each group and 3 better sum of times of other 6 drivers not directly qualified.


10 January 2008 - 29 January 2008 / LTB Standard Rule

7 drivers from previous round will have to race in a 3rd final track.

Driver with 1st better LTB will gain 1? bonus on final time
Driver with 2nd better LTB will gain 0?50 bonus on final time
Driver with 3rd better LTB will gain 0?30 bonus on final time

In this Round, update will be usually daily.

Final classification of this race, included LTB, will determine the champion.

Official Site is active yet and pages are going to be completed.
Info&Rules page includes English and Spanish versions

* If a race begun in next November won?t be finished at midnight (GMT+1) of 2nd December 2007, this race will concur to SWR classification only if, in that moment, it will be almost at half of its original duration. In this case, the positions at midnight (GMT+1) of 2nd December 2007 in that race will determine the results to be included in SWR.

Established the final rank for ISM 2008, a personal invite will be send by mail to the first 10 drivers of the rank. Everyone will be invited to confirm his own participation at ISM 2008 within midnight (GMT+1) of 10th December 2007. If one or more of them won?t confirm their own participation, the invite will be extended to a correspondent number of drivers classified after them, in order of ranking.
Contextually at the personal invite sending, a personal advice will be sent by mail to the drivers who will occupy the positions from 11th to 20th in the rank. The advice will inform them about the event and every driver will be invited to confirm his own eventual participation if he will be included in ISM 2008 participants list after the renounce of one or more included in top 10.
Anyway, a driver included in top20 can confirm his presence (eventual, for drivers from 11th to 20th) even if he has not received the personal invite/advice. He can send a mail to within midnight (GMT+1) of 10th December 2007.

Stunts Drivers Races / RH - R5/2007 - "TETRIS"
May 29, 2007, 09:50:08 PM

We are going to arrive at the half of the championship and it?s time to do some considerations just before R5, a race that tell us more clearly who want to climb on final podium, especially on the tallest step. Looking the general classification, we can see a couple of drivers, Chulk and me, who are leading the season with about ten points on AbuRaf70, about 20 points on Krys TOFF and 25-30 points on CTG (2 races missed), SuperBrian and Zak McKracken (2 races missed). More detached Paleke and Sergio Baro. What can we said about? Well, with 6 tracks still to race and a bonus points system that can permit to gain until 21 points in a unique race (AbuRaf70 learns!), there are sure possibilities for many drivers to win the title. Moreover, all could encounter some suddens missing one or more races, and this could easily change the classification. So, all the firsts 6 in classification can really still aspire to the final victory, but next race maybe could be the last chance for some of them to remain on the train for the title. appropriately, next race won?t be marked from a specific quality or characteristic but it will include 4 different sections really engaging whereto it will need a different quality for everyone of them: fluency for the 1st one, acrobatics for the 2nd one, speed for the 3rd one and steering for the last one. This should make a very balanced race not favouring any driver in order of his own characteristics. Who will be able to match all the components so to succeed to make a ?perfect line?? Remembering that there will be only 62 hours between Start and the 1st checkpoint, jump inside your Porsche 962 and demonstrate how you are able to play at ?Tetris?!  ;)
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH - R5/2007 - "ABANDON"
May 29, 2007, 09:48:32 PM

Abandoned buildings, abandoned roads, abandoned bridges. World is sadly full of these uncompleted works. But sometimes, they offer a suggestive scenery where to stage an absorbing Stunts race! It?s sure so for the new SDR challenge entirely dedicated to NORH racing: ?Abandon?! What kind of track will it be? A track a bit long than previous, but easier, above all in the first 15?. What will this mean? In ?Smart?, after the jumps serial at the beginning, a driver knew immediately if it was futile to continue his race, and maybe he interrupted it a lot of times even if he had not risked. In ?Abandon? there will be a crucial passage around 20?, but, differently from ?Smart?, it will result FATAL only if a driver will push very hard (and not simply for the choice of the trajectory, not always easy to guess). In other words, it will be the risk that a driver will take (and not simply the track) to determine the prosecution of the race. So this race will be very suitable in order to approach the half of the season! The challenge for the title would seem by now restricted to Chulk and me, exactly like last year. But all can still be written! So this race will give us some important answers: will current leader be able to defeat the Chulk?s rescue? Or, after two subsequent victories, will Chulk become the new leader of the contest? Will other drivers? results affect the challenge for the title? Who will be on the podium at the end of the season? How will bonus point affect the final score? Remembering that there will be only 62 hours between Start and the 1st checkpoint, drivers have only to jump very soon on their Porsche 962, driving through some modern ruins until the finish?. but without crashes and fast, very fast!  ;)
Stunts Drivers Races / RH-R4/2007 - "X-CHANGE?
April 29, 2007, 07:18:27 PM

A Stunts track, not a railway!

A superb challenge is waiting all Stunts drivers and their Melange!  :)
Yes, next RH track is really involving and absorbing with a unique characteristic. Don?t you believe it? Well, what would you say about a multi-way challenge where the track switches from one way to two ways 5 times in about 80?, and where drivers will have to switch from a way to another after every fork road if they will want to reach their best? Only the best drivers will be able to choose the right moment to change the way?  8)  Sure, you?ll drive a very manageable Stuns car on a Stunts track, not a locomotive on a railway? but sure a bit of water doesn?t make easy the switches!  ;)
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH-R4/2007 ? ?SMART?
April 29, 2007, 07:16:28 PM

Be "Smart"!

It's time to present the new dazzling challenge living it inside your Melange!  :)  You know the car, it doesn?t need presentation: speed, grip, steering. In a word: smart. You know what kind of driver SDR needs: fast, able, imaginative. In a word: smart. You don?t know this track. But don?t you imagine how could it be? Yes: ?Smart?!  8)   Enjoy with the 2nd track entirely dedicated to NORH drivers!  :)  Start is behind the corner: 1st May at 00:00:01!
Stunts Drivers Races / RH-R3/2007 - "GEOMETRY?
March 28, 2007, 09:57:55 PM

Here it is the first Indy track of the season, fully dedicate to RH driver!  :)  An engaging beginning, then 20" of PowerGear with a really strange way to choose  :o   and a final for sensible fingers... 8) all in around 70"!
The track is characterized from some tracts never seen before (I think, but correct me if I?m wrong  ;)), above all a strange way (very far from conventional track!) which drivers will have to choose to make a very good performance. I think this race should be involving and above all drivers should enjoy thanks to a funny PowerGear and some unusual shortcuts. Anyway the winner will have to show a great ability to individuate the right angle to choose so to draw the right trajectory availing all shortcuts that track offers? An affair for able geometers? What did you study?  ;)
OK, only few hours to start! Remember new bonus points rules and try to gain more you can!  :)
Stunts Drivers Races / NORH-R3/2007 ? ?TRUTH?
March 28, 2007, 09:52:29 PM

The first SDR track entirely dedicated to NORH race is going to be published!  :)  It will be a truth-track. Yes, being simple (no critical point), short (around 65"), and demanding less time to reach a good performance (thanks also to the great grip of Indy  ;)), this track will permit to the drivers to be able to make many attempts than previous races to reach their best. So this track, which will start next 1st April at 00:01, will give us a more truthful answers about two important questions:

1) Who really have a great passion for this wonderful specialty?

2) Which is the real rank about NORH drivers?

If a Stunts driver likes NORH race and if he thinks to be fast driving from start to finish without RH, now he can demonstrate it!  ;)
Come on Stunts drivers, make a great show putting your heart in your NORH race!  :)