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Track Design Contest 2002 / Dumb
October 25, 2002, 04:30:13 PM
Awaiting your comments on Dumb...
Track Design Contest 2002 / Design Contest in general
October 25, 2002, 04:11:43 PM
I'm so happy it's such a great success...

9 tracks joined in no time, 8 ppl voted on all of them.
There's also a hard race between them, still every vote counts.

Those who voted on all, don't worry, recently received 3 new track, upload in a few mins. :)
October 23, 2002, 10:18:51 PM
After our recent experminets and test I have to make the following announcement:

Due to my, and stunts's, and rplinfo's stupidness from this day ANY method of replay handling is allowed. You can even rev back your replay, and press continue, it doesn't matter that you can't write your name in the highscore table. Sorry from those who spent a lot of time on saving-reloading the replay, this is also a new thing for me as well, and for the most of us I guess. Those who used an other way, cannot be blamed, because the improper rules and the incorrect regulations.  

I'm under myself.  :cry:
Better luck with fair rules in 2003, sorry...

Chat - Misc / Flags
October 22, 2002, 11:39:37 PM
I wasn't satisfied with my handmade flags on the site, so downloaded some.
1. they look better
2. they are 2px higher :)
3. one flag is ~100 bytes, compared to the previous ~800

so enjoy. :)
Track Design Contest 2002 / Neptun
October 21, 2002, 08:46:58 PM
my comments:

Indy: 5. Some mistakes, but it deserves a 5.
Lamborghini: 5 Awesome, altough a bit long for this car.
Design: 3 not my style. :)
Competition: 5 nice balance, shortcut blocking and length.

Overall: 5. Nice work.

awaiting your comments.
Track Design Contest 2002 / Brakes On!
October 21, 2002, 08:44:58 PM
My ratings:

Indy: 3 (it's OK, but too long and boring)
Lamborghini: 2 (very repetitive)
Design: 5 (very well-done)
Competition: length 1, shortcut blocking 4 ---> 2

Overall: 3

awaiting your comments.
Track Design Contest 2002 / El Nino
October 21, 2002, 12:08:10 AM
Awaiting your comments...
Track Design Contest 2002 / Starclub
October 21, 2002, 12:07:41 AM
Awaiting your comments...
Track Design Contest 2002 / Alps
October 21, 2002, 12:07:20 AM
Awaiting your comments...
Team Zone / Cork's Crew
October 20, 2002, 10:40:45 AM
This is the topic related to Cork and his Crew.

First I open it with the fact, that I updated Cork's Crew team site a little.
Scores of ISA and FSC are available now, nothing more.
Team stuff still to come, if I have time. :-)

Zak McKracken
Chat - Misc / Welcome Aboard!
October 19, 2002, 11:56:35 PM
Welcome to the new board, people!

Hope you'll find it at least as more friendly and userful, as I did.
And also I hope it won't be such a big thing to migrate here, and we'll have a live conversation here too.

Feel free to migrate your previous favourite topics here too, but take care the new categories.

Long live stunts!
Track Design Contest 2002 / Beijing
October 19, 2002, 11:45:38 PM
Archived from the old forum:


Here you can write your comments and votes on Beijing

Stunts expert
Posts: 75
(10/19/02 4:50:41 pm)
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Beijing for slow cars only?

I raced with Indy and Lancia on it. Is written that track designed for indy but I have more fun with driving slow car. It's noncense to race with indy. So my oppinion after racing few times with Lancia:

Advantages: large view range, nice scenery;
Disadvantages: a little long, must use brakes a lot because of corners.

Not needed or what to change:
- 2nd cork in the beginning and sharp corner after it;
- sharp corners in the middle of the track;
- curvy road in the end of track (better straight road after last jump).

There's my vote:
Fun - 1 from 3
Length and Layout - 2 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 3 from 3

So, my overal vote for Beijing is 3

Stunts expert
Posts: 259
(10/19/02 5:44:51 pm)
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Re: Beijing

It's not such a power-gear track, altough you can achieve it at oe point with both transmissions. There are lots of sharp corners, which need intensive braking of course, but you have enough time to brake down, it's not annoying, but challenging. Really liked the double corkscrew, and the jump - sharp hill combo, but somehow, something is missing from this track, it's just not complete. No difference between the transmission types, so:
Indy feeling auto trm.: 4
Indy feeling, manual trm.: 4

Simply beautiful. The track in the woods, between the hills, and the river far away, with some natural looking square-ponds in the overview. While driving is nice to see these small ponds, and somehow the strange mix of the different trees is not annoying, but relaxing.
Scenery: 5

It's a tricky part, so there'd be big differences between amateur and pro pipsqueaks. (4). Shortcuts are almost well solved, the double sharp corner at the end is easy to cheat, maybe it's not a mistake (4). Also there is another shortcutty-looking part, but I won't tell where. Lenght is 10 secs longert than ideal. (4)

Competition score: 4

So, alltogheter 25 points, which makes this a very good track, but not a classic one. 4.


al il professore

Stunts addict
Posts: 115
(10/19/02 6:49:13 pm)
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Re: Beijing

good job

5. Just love it.

i drive several times and enjoy the short cut possibilities. also the landscape is beautiful. Not important for driving, but it helps in choice.
Track Design Contest 2002 / Nailwood Island
October 19, 2002, 11:45:04 PM
Archived from the old forum:

Nailwood Island

Here you can write your comments and votes on Nailwood Island

Stunts expert
Posts: 256
(10/19/02 5:18:49 pm)
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Re: Nailwood Island

Well, driven with the indy, auto or manual transmission, you can easily achieve 6th gear with some jumps, and then immediately slow down, because of a corner or as stunts-part. This is good, but not thtough a whole track. A bit irritating. The whole track is about speed up - brake down, and not enough other type challenge.
Indy Feeling Auto trm.: 2
Indy Feeling Manual trm.: 2

The island looks quite nice I like the small village too, but I don't like that the whole island is a hill, and when driving you can almost only see the water
Scenery: 3

Shotrcut problem is well-solved with the big water, altough it's a bit repetitive (4), and the length of the track is ok (4), but the average speed is too slow. (2)
Competition: 3

Alltogether 14, so my overall rating for Nailwood Island is: Bad. 2


Stunts fanatic
Posts: 76
(10/19/02 5:22:50 pm)
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Track designed by Nailwood Company?

I raced this track with Jaguar and Lancia. Could be good (after editing it a little) for average speed cars. There's my oppinion after racing few times:

Advantages: shortcuts?;
Disadvantages: impossible to finish track without RH first time, some slow corners and useless elements.

Not needed or what to change:
- 1st cork and slalom in the beginning;
- sharp corner after 2nd tunnel;
- sharp corner near finish line.

There's my vote:
Fun and interest - 1.5 from 3
Length and Layout - 2 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 2 from 3

So, my overal vote for Nailwood is 3

al il professore
Stunts addict
Posts: 118
(10/19/02 6:57:18 pm)
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Re: Track designed by Nailwood Company?

hard. I dont like when its hard and i cant feel that I can do well on some track. This one reminds me ISA too much. 1 for the work it demanded. But I should have given no note... sorry. [/i]
Track Design Contest 2002 / Dover Island
October 19, 2002, 11:44:20 PM
Archived from the old forum:

Dover Island

Here you can write your comments and votes on Dover Island

Stunts expert
Posts: 258
(10/19/02 5:33:23 pm)
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Re: Dover Island

Altough this track is generally speedy, and there are just a few stunts track elements, you must still concentrate or/and do heavy braking at some parts, but there are also fast and really jumpy sections. So there together give a very varied, fast, but hard track, which I enjoy much. Because of the many jumps, the track is more enjoyabkle with manual trm, so let's say 4 for auto feeling.
Indy feeling, auto trm.: 4
Indy feeling, manual trm.: 5

From the overview you can truly feel the island feeling, hilly and flat parts over the sea, nice. hile driving, it's also great to see the big canyons, or watch the sea from the top of a jump. But I didn't like those few scenery elements there were. Badly placed a bit.
Scenery: 4

From the view of the competition, the length is a little bit too long (4), shortcuts are well blocked, so that pipsqueaks don't feel this is here just for blocking (5), and the overall speed is nice too. (5)
Competition score: 5

Alltogether 27 out of 30 points, this is truly one of the best competition tracks. 5

Stunts fanatic
Posts: 77
(10/19/02 6:29:24 pm)
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Paradise in Dover island

Well, when I saw map of the track, I thought: hmm, maybe 3 points I'll give, nothing special, seems very long. But when I begun to race with Jaguar, was crazy look on my face and one question on my mind - who designed this track? It seems that designer knows how 'B' tracks should looks like. Next few times I raced with Indy just for fun (and crashed sometimes after BIG jumps). Wasn't any matter to race with slow car. This track almost perfect

Advantages: big jumps, speed, shortcuts, fun;
Disadvantages: -

Not needed or what to change:
- 2nd up/down cork (I hate it).

There's my vote:
Fun and Interest - 3 from 3
Length and Layout - 3 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 3 from 3

So, my overal vote for Dover is 5

al il professore
Stunts addict
Posts: 116
(10/19/02 6:50:54 pm)
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Re: Paradise in Dover island

I dont like it at all... I dont like when u must stay on the track all the time. I like the chess games. (thinking about the shortcuts)

1. For the hard work it demanded.

Stunts fanatic
Posts: 78
(10/19/02 7:00:59 pm)
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shortcuts on Dover

ha ha, Alain cann't find shortcuts

Drive a little more, or ask my rpl
Track Design Contest 2002 / Stroke
October 19, 2002, 11:42:49 PM
Archived from the old forum:


Here you can write your comments and votes on Stroke.

Stunts expert
Posts: 257
(10/19/02 5:25:13 pm)
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Re: Stroke

Stroke review

When driven with the indy, it`s quite an easy track, not so many tricks, and well, it's a little bit boring. It's short, but seems long.
Indy Score: 2

Driven with the Lamborghini Countach, everything changes. The first jump is hard to take, and the rest of the track is challenging as well, but not too hard. So you must concentrate, but you won't kick the computer after 3 mins. Length is below 2 mins, so this is how a track for slower cars should look like:
Lamborghini Score: 5

The scenery overview is nice with the rivar and the hills, altough the scenery objects look a bit too organized, and rarely placed. While driving it gets better, still rare, spacy, but not boring.
Scenery Score: 3

As I said before, lenght is about perferct with both cars (5), but looks like nobody cared about shortcuts, and so lots of the challenge can fade into the darkness, especially when using power gear. Should be re-thought. (1)
Competition Score: 3

Alltogether 20, divided by 6 you'll get the result:

My ranking for Stroke is Average. 3


al il professore
Stunts addict
Posts: 117
(10/19/02 6:52:31 pm)
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Re: Stroke

I love the minimalist idea. Straights and curves thats stunts. I like it. I would drive often on it. Less well designed than beijing of course. but for me its a 4.

Stunts fanatic
Posts: 79
(10/19/02 7:43:35 pm)
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beginners stroke

Hmm, maybe isn't very interesting to race with indy. So, I raced a lot with IMSA cars, and I have fun. It seems what track is designed for comp. newbies or Stunts beginners

Advantages: speed, fun, good lenght and layout;
Disadvantages: lack of scenery.

Not needed or what to change:
- ???

There's my vote:
Fun and Interest - 2.5 from 3
Length and Layout - 2.5 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 1.5 from 3

So, my overal vote for Stroke is 4