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Stunts Related Programs / Re: Wiba - Calculation tool
Last post by dreadnaut - Today at 11:20:42 AM
Quote from: Cas on May 26, 2023, 10:41:02 PMI think something of that sort had been proposed some time ago. Say, you select a car and the page reloads, then, on hovering on top of the lap times, you can see the equivalent lap with the selected car

I'm hesitant adding even more tables to the scoreboard page, but I'll think about alternatives. There is probably a decent visualisation that can show similar details 🤔
Stunts Forum & Portal / Re: landing page
Last post by dreadnaut - Today at 10:48:14 AM
I've replaced the link to the chat with one pointing to the youtube channel for the moment.

Quote from: Overdrijf on May 26, 2023, 05:59:11 PMAnd it's on paper rather than digital, so it has to be a simple link.

Curious, tell us more!

@Daniel3D, could you prepare an updated description for CCC? Want to add No-Time Travel as well?
Stunts Chat / Re: Combining two tracks into ...
Last post by mrdries - Today at 10:36:57 AM
Okay, thanks for explaining. Very cool stuff that has already been tried out.

I had a third idea though I didn't mention it because you already told me about the limited amount of slots in Stunts.

But it would be possible to change the track elements in Stunts visually. You might, for example, add a wall to a road. Since it would only change the track element visually, you'd be able to drive right through that wall.

However, you might use a second program to check whether you'd have driven against that wall either while you drive or afterwards. I suppose that if you could check it afterwards, by checking the replay data, it would be the easiest. In that way, you would approach that wall as a real obstacle and you'd effectively have a new track element. You wouldn't have to check it every time, after all, you could check it if you'd really want to or for some competition.

The cool thing about this approach, is that you keep the original Stunts in place. Which I personally like as well. Though as you mentioned, the slots are limited. So its use might be limited. Though I guess one could make a second Stunts executable with different track elements if someone wanted to do so.

I guess it may motivate people to start designing new track elements. If you'd be able to play such new track elements already, you could feel the immediate benefit. And this may motivate people to find better ways of handling these track elements in the future. Like, by porting it to c.

I feel like I'm going on like crazy about these track elements. Though I guess people understand that it is what has been missing. You have made all these new cool cars. Yet our tracks are still made up of these same elements. Once you had different ones, it would be a totally different game. And not necessarily a worse one. Perhaps one that has become much more interesting once more.
Stunts Forum & Portal / Re: landing page
Last post by Daniel3D - Today at 08:36:55 AM
Quote from: Cas on May 26, 2023, 10:49:19 PMThe chat is still in good use, just not permanent use. We do use it a lot for live races.
True, but the link on ZakStunts is sufficient for that purpose. It confusing on the portal because it raises the expectations of heavy usage.
Stunts Forum & Portal / Re: landing page
Last post by Overdrijf - Today at 07:53:38 AM
I'm starting the hopefully sending over on June 3rd, by the way.

So yeah, I might have been a bit late in posting this.
Custom Cars with Stressed / Re: Car Difficulty
Last post by alanrotoi - Yesterday at 11:45:32 PM
Quote from: Daniel3D on May 25, 2023, 12:57:49 PM
QuoteIs it to inform newcomers about which cars are challenging to drive? If not, what is it?
I a way, yes.
Difficulty is subjective. But in general the experience is similar for newbie drivers.

That's right. An easy pattern to follow like a number and/or a color is for new drivers and also for a quick knowledge of what car you are facing. Then a more detailed list would be cool too for those who also like this way.
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Frieshansen - Yesterday at 08:11:46 PM
Stunts Chat / Re: Combining two tracks into ...
Last post by Cas - Yesterday at 06:16:03 PM
The first idea reminds me of the movie "Déjà vu", with Denzel Washington, in which the protagonist drives a car on the highway while he's seeing the past through his goggles!  I don't know who came up with that idea, but it's genius.

The second one, we've been talking about recently. I was considering "tunneling" physics information from Stunts through DOSBox out to the host system like it was done by another Stunts fan, who managed to have two cars play together through sending each other's information and placing it in the opponent's car. Daniel3D and I suggested back then that this tunneling could be used to play with my graphics engine without having to develop a physics engine, but it really isn't a comfortable thing and it's not easy to do because the input still has to be sent to DOSBox. Yet, if it were easy, it'd be a very interesting experiment.
Stunts Chat / Re: Combining two tracks into ...
Last post by mrdries - Yesterday at 02:07:14 PM
One alternative idea would be to get the necessary data out of Stunts when you drive.
I'm sure this is also difficult but if you'd have the data containing the direction and position of the car from Stunts, as you drive a track on Stunts, then you could use this data to simulate the physics of Stunts into another program.

This program may look similar to Stunts, it may preserve the original graphics as best as possible, it would be like some kind of mod. May have the same track elements, and perhaps even more track elements than Stunts. But the physics of Stunts would be used in that program.

So the idea would be that you'd have two overlapping tracks once more. The input of the keyboard would be sent to Stunts. The data of the car, direction and location, would be sent to this second program. This program would have this overlapping track. And you'd see the visual output of that second program, based on the data from Stunts. So you'd basically be driving a Stunts car with Stunts physics but the visual output would be from that second program. The Stunts car and physics would be basically be imported into that program. And that program may contain different track elements, like road blocks in a tunnel, for example, and that program would determine whether you'd have crashed or not, based on the trajectory you took with that car.

Though I guess it may be pretty hard to get that data out of Stunts. It's a bit like using Stunts' cars and physics as a plugin for a different program. Not sure this is what has been considered before.

One issue would be the difference in the collision data from both tracks. If you'd have a tunnel in track 1 in Stunts and if track 2 in the second program, overlapping track 1, would have a tunnel with road blocks inside at that same position, then this second program couldn't allow you to drive very gently against these road blocks without crashing. Since if these roadblocks aren't there in Stunts, the car would go right through as if they're not there. However, if the second program would decide that you'd have crashed, however gently you drive against such objects, then the issue would be circumvented.
Stunts Chat / Combining two tracks into one
Last post by mrdries - Yesterday at 11:47:10 AM
This idea suddenly popped in. Not sure it has been done before.

Suppose you were to make two Stunts tracks. And these tracks would perfectly overlap. So if you would put the map of track 1 over the map of track 2, they'd overlap all the way.

Now suppose you had some kind of software that would allow you to play both tracks simultaneously. So you'd run one instance of Stunts to play track 1 and another instance of Stunts to play track 2. But what if this software would allow your keyboard input to go to both instances? So if you'd press the left key, you'd turn left on both tracks.

Now this would be already quite a challenge. You had two look at two screens at once and manage to complete both tracks.

But what if it would be possible to combine the visual output of both instances into one screen?

Well, then you'd be able to look at one screen. But you'd also see remarkable things. You might see road blocks in a tunnel. And you're not supposed to ignore the road blocks or the tunnel... cause you're supposed to complete both tracks.

You might see road blocks on a bridge, if these road blocks were on a hill, at the same height and location of the bridge.

You might see an icy road or a muddy road in a bridge or tunnel.
You might see a pipe with the roof of a tunnel.

So you'd kind of have new track elements. The tricky thing would be to find a way to combine the two visual outputs of both Stunts instance into one coherent visual output. Perhaps it could be done by analyzing both tracks beforehand. Don't know if it's possible. The visual output of one the tracks, would have to only contain the actual road... and not the grassy terrain around it. And both instances would have to be kept in sync...:-)