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Stunts Chat / Re: My personal take on a "Stu...
Last post by Matei - Today at 03:31:07 PM
Making a new "engine" is much easier than "reverse engineering", but the cars should be replaced with vehicles like in Star Wars R**er to make it convincing.
Stunts Chat / Re: My personal take on a "Stu...
Last post by Oneofthe8devilz - Today at 02:34:09 PM
Several questions inevitably are popping up when thinking about this:

Does this community as a whole have the will/conviction to push forward in this direction ?

Does it have the numbers of members willing to contribute financially and structure wise  ?

And who is willing to spearhead and lead this endeavor ultimately making decisions and taking responsibility for the utilization of funds and achieved codebase milestones ?
Live Races / Re: Live races 2024
Last post by alanrotoi - Today at 01:08:34 PM
Next live race the 17th of March!

09:00 Buenos Aires
09:00 São Paulo
12:00 London
13:00 Amsterdam
13:00 Rome
13:00 Budapest

I'll publish the details in a week more or less but know that the track is ready and the car is set!
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Shoegazing Leo - Yesterday at 08:04:25 PM
Stunts Chat / Re: My personal take on a "Stu...
Last post by Cas - Yesterday at 08:03:50 PM
Yeah, I usually don't push with it because I know that most people using GitHub really mean well in terms of software freedom, but I personally avoid GitHub (not just uploading things to it, but downloading them from it if there's an alternative) because of that reason. And I agree, if it's about standard language, we're talking about C. It's veeeery far from perfect, but it's the only language that can be called a standard.

The points I mentioned, of course, are not a matter of "what's right". I don't think there's one right way. Those points are details about what I feel that we, the members of the Stunts online community, generally would like to have.

Like Dreadnaut said, to really reproduce the behaviour, you need to fully interpret the code. I think it is possible to create from scratch a physics set that's convincingly close, without being compatible, but just how close is something we won't be able to know until we really try hard to do it. And in all honestly, I don't know if it takes less time to comprehensively reverse engineer the physics engine of Stunts or to develop a convincingly close brand new one. I don't know it.

Hiring people... I agree that'd be a great push and probably would also make us want to participate as well... and I don't think we here are not willing to pay. I personally would be happy to contribute. My only fear is that maybe the person(s) won't do it the way we would like or maybe we end up paying and not obtaining what we want. Also, while there are many skilled programmers, I wonder how many are skilled in software based, low level graphics and physics... The few I know about are here in this forum or have been here.
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Cas - Yesterday at 07:49:34 PM
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Shoegazing Leo - February 27, 2024, 11:24:45 PM
Stunts Chat / Re: My personal take on a "Stu...
Last post by Matei - February 27, 2024, 10:31:25 PM
C, obviously, but why smaller pixels? Trying to figure out what's in front of you is part of the game. Where's the fun if you can just see it?

[edit] Github was bought by Micro$oft, so it's compromised. [/edit]