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possible to create own scenerys and horizons?

Started by guest, February 19, 2005, 11:28:18 PM

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is it possible to create own horizons or edit the standard-horizons (which seem to be saved as *.pvs-files, whatever this is :roll:), and is it possible to create own scenery (whose files i couldn't find, perhaps not saved as single objects but as "libraries"??)?
imho the standard-house is scrap, because it's so small that there will always be a big, green field around every house, which doesn't allow to build realistic-looking town scenes (well, realism is not the topic you should care for if you play these old games, but... anyhow). so an alternative would be for example, to create blocks of houses, which completely fill one field, perhaps with a pavement on its border. used in combination with the severed street elements (the ones with traffic islands in its middle), it could result a town with a better concentration of scenery.
just as one example... but i just bubble over with ideas for scenery :oops:.
are tracks and obstacles saved in the same file format as scenery?
another question: is it possible to change the green terrain color into... anything? for example there's a desert horizon, but i don't think grass is a common thing in the desert :lol:... or in the city :cry:.



Unfortunately as long we can't identify the format and structure of the *.pvs files and the others of these kind, we cant design any new graphics. If you're into coding, you should examine the files, maybe you find somethin we cant find.


hi zaqrack,

:cry: if others already failed with it, i don't think that it would be worthwhile for me to try it... because i have nearly no experience with coding (except of qBasic, if someone wants to call it "coding" :lol:).
i thought it would be similar to the trk-files, for example, in its complexity, whose structure i explained on various sites... or even a common used file format in other games of this time, too...



i tried to change random single bytes in a *.pvs-file to see what it brings, but i can't see a logical principe in it: i changed byte 0000054b from 46 to 53 (which is the first change i made which does NOT cause a crash), which results that the whole picture, except of a small stripe of about 30 pixels (i didn't count) on the top border, is displaced to the left for 7 pixels (i used the sdmsel.pvs which is the main menu-screen with the car in the middle and traffic signs to arrive at car select, opponent select and so on).
has anybody who reads this an idea what it could mean?

ps: don't think i'd be crazy, i don't really think i could tackle it. but why shouldn't i try...?



I would definatly not pay more than minimum wage for advice like that.


i guess unfortunately noone hacked into those files this much from the people at the forum. Possibly Mark Nailwood did that (he wrote Track Blaster) long time ago but we have no contact with him anymore :(


Did you really understand that weird sentence? :roll:  :lol:

I guess it's a stallin Spambot again! If you search google for that sentence, it appears in several forums.
"Why can't we not be sober?"


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