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Stunts sequel projects

Started by Krys TOFF, September 09, 2005, 12:01:35 PM

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Ultimate Stunts :  (update informations)
Version 0.7.1 was released since my last post. Now, it seems the project is not in "stand-by mode" anymore, good news.
Web page :
Add-on page for Ultimate Stunts updated too :

Pictures of developpement of current version :

1/ New background, map of the track in top right of the screen (version 0.7.1), indy with texture

2/ Nice lens flare effect (picture of version 0.7.0 without track map)

3/ More user-friendly track editor :



I always searched for Stunts/4D Sports Driving remakes. But I never thought of searching for Hard Drivin' remakes.
Hard Drivin' 1 and 2 were Stunts-like games, with some features different from Stunts (passive cars racing on the tracks, some Stunts elements different) and with a built-in track editor too (but much less interested and easy than Stunts' track editor).
Physics were more realistic compared to Stunts, no powergear or bugs possible. So, less fun.

Anyway, I found a dead project started iun 2002 and stopped in 2003. Name is HD2002 (Hard Drivin' 2002) and I think it's worth its place in this topic due to Stunts-like game remake.

Website :

Pictures : (links only as direct view using img forum tag doesn't work)


Stunts Playground (no new version, still 2.0)

Official trailer of this Stunts arena game :
Another video :

New design and full english version of the fan website for Stunts playground :


Nitro Stunt Racing is now named Nitro Stunt Racing Stage 1 as 3 stages are planned.
It has been months without news, but French deloppers finally found an editor and it seems game is already released in Germany.


Ultimate Stunts will be a cool game once... but how do I change the view to F3? Is it already possible to build an own track? Last time (long time ago, very old version) I couldn't do these.


Check there :
Change view with right ALT key. ;)

Regarding Stunts Playground, now that I have a new computer I'll finally be able to test it. :)


Mania Drive

Still no special news about this game, version 1.2 is still played (around 500 downloads per day, quite good for a small game like that without any advertisement). Only a new track with snowy scenery until my last post.

BUT there are some news anyway : instead of adding new things to Mania Drive (MD), the project leader told on his blog ( in French) that next MD evolution will be a Mania Drive 2.
What new ideas ? Instead of a TrackMania-like with more realistic driving like MD is, they plan to do something more fun, more Stunts.

That is :
- less realistic driving, more arcade/fun
- "open" track (that means shortcuts, which were not possible with MD)
- new game modes : not only "racing", but also stunts targets to reach (like going throught the open wagon on the bottom picture), online deathmatch of racing teams, and so on...
- built-in track editor
- create/tune your car (create a monster truck from a on Ford Fiesta :D ) : tyres, suspensions, chassis, engine, ...
- management of car destructions (needed for deathmatch concept, but also for Stunts targets like "destroy only your back left tyre")
- ...

Some pictures :


Quote from: Krys TOFF on March 23, 2007, 05:32:03 PM
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Quote from: Krys TOFF on March 23, 2007, 05:14:12 PM
Quote from: CTGWe should race with Stunts truck (at start line) once... ;D
See previous posts => ;)

Or enjoy "real racing" with trucks with the "18 wheels of steel" games (5 so far) by the Czech company SCS (the guys who made "Duke Nukem : Manhattan Project").
They also made a bus version a few days ago named "Bus Driver".

There's also the Hard Truck 1 & 2 / King of the road / Rig'n'Roll truck games serie by the Russian team developpers Softlab.

More infos about Truck games :

/Off-topic OFF
For trucks fans (off-topic but I'm sure some may be interested), check there :
An off-road game freeware (but not open-source) French game with bus and trucks under developpement, version 0.31a so far.
To download, use top right link aty the blog and go to "Official" directory. Other directories are new tracks, trucks or scenery.
Windows and Linux versions available.

Some videos :


YEAH!!! That's for me!!!  ;D I'll check it out later, now I have to study...  :-\
I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus against the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid...and I went ahead anyway.


Which of all of these "stunts sequel projects" will you recommend me to try? I don't feel like testing them all and neither have the time to do it.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


Ultimate Stunt is the closer and most advanced "real" sequel. If you prefer a full finished un-bugged Stunts-inspired game, choose TrackMania United or Crashday.


Open Stunts

Brand new project started yesterday at !
No file or picture available so far of course.
Designed to be compatible with original Stunts tracks, developped for Linux only.
url :
Let's hope it won't die until it's finished like numerous projects.

Stunts 2002

Another dead project found, engine of the game available for download. Maybe useful for future projects deloppers ?
url :

Stunt Challenge

An advanced project discovered today too with a built-in track editor !
url : or
OS : Windows 32 bits.
No loops or corks, limited elevated elements, but all the rest seems good : banked corner, jumps, boulevard, ...
Check track elements :
Still missing background/sky too. Only 2 cars it seems. More infos when I will have tested it. ;)

Some pictures of game and editor :


Unfortunately -  I think -  my computer is too weak to run most of these games. :(


Quote from: CTGUnfortunately -  I think -  my computer is too weak to run most of these games. :(
My old one was too, but new one is fine.
I tested Stunt Playground 2.0 yesterday, fun and cool, but no real Stunts sequel as main purpose is to perform some stunts in an arena and main interest is funny crashes. ;D


Stunts Car R acer (always a blank added to avoid the "pipsqueak" transformation)

Website is beeing re-designed, check there : http://stuntcarr (delete the space character, still the "pipsqueak" feature...)

And design improvements are doing well (images told from game engine, if it's true then it's really a good looking game !).

I can't post image links because of "pipsqueak" feature, but check the link above and see by yourself. ;)

As you can see, game continue to improve graphically compared to last year's version (see previous posts in this thread). A demo is supposed to be released this year (so far it's still the old v0.2 version source files available for download at old website. Again, check previous posts in this thread).


Nice! :)
And thanks for keeping us up-to-date! ;)
"Why can't we not be sober?"


Thanks DJ.

One funny thing : the project Stunts Challenge is now finished. It has been made by students in programmation (like Stunts 2005 or CarWorld or Stunts3D) but, unlike the other projects, this one was completed, thanks to their Spanish authors.
They published in the sourceforge page of their project their documents presented, and we can see that Kalpen website is the source of everything (see attached pic).

I also forgot to give you feedback about Stunts Challenge :
- only 2 cars (7 were planned initially) : Hummer and Fiat Panda
- works with checkpoint sustem like TrackMania, so when designing a track you have to think of checkpoints positions to avoid big shortcuts
- track editor is not built-in, it is a separated program and crashes very often sadly. And sometimes it's necessary to modify track files to make the tracks correct, which is boring
- online play peer-to-peer is supposed to be possible, we need to try it someday
- no loop, no corks, no water, ... And too small areas...
- you can create hills
- nice driving : cars slide well
- cars parameters are easy to modify to create new characteristics with a simple text editor,
- new skins are easy to create too (simple jpg images),
- new 3D shape of cars will be harder to create sadly...
- new scenery items could be also possible to create (like 3D shape of cars it will be difficult, but not impossible) and modify current ones design is really easy (jpg images too)
- unlike the photos in previous posts, there is a background : it's a simple cube with jpg skin. 6 skins (incuding a "Simpson" one) are available, new ones car be easily created I think

That's all for this one. Nice to play anyway.


Not only inspired but made by! 8)
Vintage Stunts Racing at