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How serious are the records?

Started by BonzaiJoe, February 05, 2006, 08:19:56 PM

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A new era of the permanent competition has begun, now that Renato has seemingly started working on the permanent tracks as if they were competition tracks. Now the holder(s) of the records have/has not only found a very fast way to drive the track, but also maxed out that way as much as possible. There will be no more "lucky rides" leading to a record on one of the tracks.

DEFAULT: I shall not speak about this record...

BERNIE'S: my 59.30 (recently improved to 59.05) was beaten after having stood for many years. I had foreseen this coming, for although I had driven the track in a way which I can't imagine not being the fastest, I drove it in 2002, a time when there wasn't such a huge tradition for maxing out. So it is flawed, and my first corners are actually a joke, nearly at noRH level. I'd say Renato's record is beatable, but I don't think anyone will ever go below 58 seconds (or maybe 57.90 or something) on Bernie's. There is simply no faster way to do it than the one we have already done (except in extreme cases without unexplainable magic carpets in the beginning of the track, etc.).

JOE'S: I know how Gutix and Renato drove it so fast, and I think because Renato holds so many records now and I can't really feel pity for him if he loses some, I will reveal it to you all: in the first jump, reach power gear and go sharply left. An unnaturally small jump is preferred if possible. Then turn in power gear, and go down the road that turns to the left, towards the tunnel on the hill. As soon as you are on that road though, turn away from it again. Your object now is to reach the last possible point of the other way, join the road there and finish as fast as you can. This is extremely hard. you have to somehow go over the hill in the middle, past the finish line (careful not to come too close), and then make quite a wild power gear turn, on the grass between the two hills, and end up facing the opposite way, and on the other way of the track. This is made harder by the water and the fuel tank. I don't know exactly how to do this, so try anything you might come by. The rest is simple. Cutting the corners as short as possible without penalty time. However, I don't see how the record can be beaten except from by 0.05s. Maybe by doing that extra-small jump in the beginning.

Nothing much to say about this one. It's just complete power gear madness. I can tell you that 2.25 is extremely strong, and if you want to beat this record, you must not compromise anywhere. Just get power gear as early as possible, never let it go, and cut everything is short as possible. No compromises. Your replay will screw up, but don't mind that.

Same as Cherry's, although there still might be cases where you have to let go of the power gear in order to finish faster, or because it's simply the only option. Never let any opportunity pass you by though, 3.31 is also extremely strong. My 3.48 was the result of maybe 2 hours' work, and 17 seconds is a big margin, even on such a long track, so this won't be easy either.

Again, I shall not speak about my own records, Renato can do that :P

About closed tracks: I think they are a joke. Only Cherry's and Skid's are remotely interesting, because there is no option for trickery on them. I don't get the point of a track in which you can do some tricks and shortcuts, but you can't do others. I've always thought closed track should be = ISA rules, and on Cherry's and Skid's, it nearly is. The record on Cherry's Closed is superhuman, and the one on Skid's Closed is also strong, but beatable.
But we can't be quite sure.

Renato Biker

good commentaries, Bonzai  :wink:

Default: i know how you did it, but it need have lucky to get over gear after first descending, and i didn't it yet. The continuation is a secret  :-D

Renato Biker

Bonzai, i did 1:27:45 on skids closed, it is almost perfect, if you will beat it i know where improve  :wink:

on Cherry Closed, well, i am working on them and i will improve it...
this is easy  :P

Renato Biker

well, just now i learned how drive on curves :D

i finished my new lap on Cherry Closed. My record is 3:02:95.

Renato Biker

Quote from: "Renato Biker"Bonzai, i did 1:27:45 on skids closed, it is almost perfect, if you will beat it i know where improve  :wink:

it was truth, but 1:27:05 is perfect  :P  :P  :P


Renato is not a ghost, he is a robot...
But we can't be quite sure.


Robot is a slavic word that means automat. ^_^


let me modify Jacky's sentence : Renato is not a ghost, he is a racing machine.

al il professore

Quote from: "alanrotoi"Robot is a slavic word that means automat. ^_^

the teacher's correction: "robota" is a czek language (slavic family) word that means slave... no pun intended. slave like slavery. we don't care the praise whatever the skid...

It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.

Renato Biker


BJ: now I don't think I can agree entirely with your analysis of Joe's...  :)


You broke the record? Congratulations!  :o

I know, my analysis is probably way off. Although it's possible that's how Rotoi or Renato did it. You are quite a lot fast after all...
But we can't be quite sure.


Another Renato Biker record falls...

Only the two really good ones left. Especially Cherry's is crazy.
But we can't be quite sure.


Quote from: al il professore on February 06, 2006, 03:19:27 PM
Quote from: alanrotoiRobot is a slavic word that means automat. ^_^

the teacher's correction: "robota" is a czek language (slavic family) word that means slave... no pun intended. slave like slavery. we don't care the praise whatever the skid...


the correction of the teacher's correction: "robot" was firs time used in Karel Capek's R.U.R - one very good drama. Robot is working machine, it has given tasks and it is doing them 'without help'. "The word 'robota' means literally work, labor or serf labor, and figuratively 'drudgery' or 'hard work' in Czech and many Slavic languages." (= Slovak, Polish, Ukranian, Russian) (from wiki)


The current permanent track records:

Default       31.25
Bernie's      57.60
Joe's          48.70
Cherry's    2.25.55
Helen's     3.31.60
Skid's       1.10.65

Sum of times: 9:15.35.

I remember the old records from Lukas Löehrer's site. They were:

Default       54.70
Bernie's    2:00.30
Joe's        1:11.10
Cherry's    3:43.50
Helen's      4:56.00
skid's       1:38.80

Sum of times: 14:24.40  :D We have cut 5 minutes. Back in the day, I thought those records were extremely good.
Something I would really like to see is a graph for the various track records, showing each new one as a new (date,result) value.
But we can't be quite sure.