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Started by CTG, April 28, 2006, 11:54:15 PM

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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Bye-bye, Akoss Poo's wisdom tooth next Monday...
Chürműű! :-)

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It seems my heath is more or less healthy... I have serious chest+upper arm pain for a few weeks. The cardiologist said it must be a non-cardiac muscle issue.


Are you afraid of Ebola? It's spreading faster and faster...

1, Naggers are still eating bats and monkeys.
2, I've read in the news that several families try to avoid the quarantine by throwing the dead bodies to the street.
3, I guess several inhabitants will (try to) escape illegally from that zone - even some infected one.
4, Western countries are stupid enough to transport the infected missionaries to treat them in their own country. I think it's a huge mistake to create potential new outbreaks (even if they say it's totally safe, the human factor is always dangerous).

I predict a worldwide epidemic in a few months.


Quote from: CTG on January 06, 2014, 07:49:11 PM
I have an irreversible eye problem (quickly spreading eye floaters covering about 5-10 percent of my vision field, strongly vibrating vision, eye pain ---> headache, dizzyness), getting worse and worse every day - also causing some psychological problems.

Since the eye problems and headaches are still getting worse and worse, I've visited a retina specialist (probably one of the best ophthalmologists in the country). He made a thorough examination of the ocular fundus & retina (it took about 10 minutes for both of my eyes, cf. the local opthalmologist spent less than a minute with the same test) and finally he was the first one to discover the real problem. It seems the vitreous body started to separate from the retina, which is quite rare at this age (typical eye problem of 50+ years old people), but it explains all the symptoms I've experienced in the last one and half year. The primary cause is the irreversible dehydration of this border layer. However, the underlying cause of this sudden dehydration process is still a mystery: the doctor specified a huge scope of possible reasons for that condition in young people, mainly with non-opthalmic background, such as various inflammations, metabolic disorders (including food allergy/intolerance ::), causing osmotic irregularities in any tissues), infections and many other things. As other functions of my eyes are more or less perfect (0 diopter, healthy vessels, normal eye motions, etc.), the doctor dissuaded me of any eye surgeries, because most of them can cause even more problems: YAG laser treatment is not really effective and safe (especially that close to the retina), vitrectomy has a huge surgical risk (e.g. causing rupture of retina, cataracts), while the effect of vitreal injections is not proven for this indication. So, unless a sudden worsening appears, I have to wait, spare my eyes as much as I can (e.g. from gazing at the screen), live healthier (less caffeine & alcohol, sleep more) - but still together with these fuckin' annoying symptoms. However, I still don't know the underlying cause and how to slow down the proliferation of the floaters... :-\