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Started by lised, August 24, 2006, 08:50:18 PM

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And I haven't mentioned my lecsó-chili beans hybrid yet... ;D


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All good things:

ITALIAN fooDball (sorry Krys:)
AMERICAN idiot (Green Day) hahaha
EXCELLENT final joke. Well done Mislav. ;D

And Russian Rulette is also the name of an Accept album if my memory is correct.


Now I need the recipes fpr Lecso (again, I lost mine) and khachapuri! I'm hungry!  :P
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here you go:


100g smoked lard
2 big onions
1 teaspoon paprika powder
pinch of salt
500g tomato
1kg paprika (yellow, thinner, accompanied  with some hot ones -experts can use only hot too. Avoid tasteless paprika from the Netherlands. The best for lecsó is Bogyiszlói paprika, which is slightly hot, however I doubt it is available outside Hungary:

cut the lard in 0.5mm cubes, peel and chop the onion finely. Cut the tomato in eights, and the paprika in round slices.

heat the lard so that the fat comes out. Add the onion and stew it stir it continuously until glossy. Remove from heat, cool for a minute, then add paprika powder and mix well. Add the sliced paprika, put over heat again and fry it for a minute while stirring continuously. Add the tomato, mix well, put some sale over the top, then cover and cook on low heat until it resembles a juicy stew.

its up to you as tastes differ. Possible common solutions:
- Eat it as it is with fresh white bread
- Cook some rice in the stew (you might want to use more tomato in this case for more juice)
- Add some sliced sasuage for 2-3 minutes in the end
- Add some sliced frankfurter/wiener for 2-3 minutes in the end
- Mix in some eggs, scrambled
- Accompany it with homemade "nockerln"
- Cook some pre-roasted (1min/side) and seasoned pork shoulder in the stew.


Aaah, thanks! And you're right: It's hard to get good paprika here, but I'll try at a wholesaler.
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KHACHAPURI (Georgian Cheesebread):
excellent dinner for hungry people :)
recipe is for 4 persons

for the filling:
500g Georgian salty cheese. I used 250g cottage cheese and 250g salty cow's cheese
1 egg
Put this all in a food processor and mix, or use a fork if you have the patience to break the cheese :)  

for the pastry:
3dl yoghurt or 2.5dl milk (I recommend yoghurt)
1 egg
50g butter, soft
500g flour (all-purpose)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 pinch of soda-bicarbonate

mix this all well (should not be sticky, rather bread-like, or pizza pastry-like), and half it (the whole amount is too hard to handle). So this amount will be enough for 2 khachapuris, if there are only two hungry people, just half all the amounts, just as I did :)
You can either create filled khachapuri or an open-top one.
Filled: Roll the pastry out in a 5mm thick circle, put the filling in the middle, leaving the outher part of the circle untopped. Then cover the middle part by carefully folding the outer part on the top. Water your fingers and glue together the folded parts in the middle.
For the open-top one, create a boat shape resembling this picture:

with thicker sides and put the filling in the middle.

Bake it in a preheated oven (gas mark 8 for me, electric should be about 180-200 Celsius), until golden brown (should take about 15-20 minutes).

If you made the open-top version, put a butter cube on the top and serve. Real men can also put a raw egg on the top :). If you made the filled version, just slice as you slice a cake, and serve warm.



Aaaaaaaaaah great! Reminds me somehow of a heavier Version of Langosch.
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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

The classic paprika:tomato ratio is 6:4 in many chef books, if I cook lecsó, I follow this guide or use 1:1. In my opinion, more onion is needed for 1.5 kgs of paprika-tomato mix, around 400-500 grams. Paprika powder doesn't suit lecsó, but some sliced hot paprika (dark green one) is definitely needed. I often eat lecsó with sausages, which I prepare in another saucepan, and I put it on my lecsó later, with its red fat.
Chürműű! :-)

2049.05 km


...I want it all... :-X
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Thanks to this forum, I've prepared my first ever lecsó, and have had it for dinner! (My family is in Hungary for holiday, so I occupied the kitchen.) I'm fully satisfied with the result, although I had to use Dutch paprika. (I was too lazy to cycle 4 km to the shop where "normal" paprika is available.) Btw, based on the taste I could not distinguish it from an average paprika bought at a Hungarian market. Of course it was mild, so I couldn't make a hot lecsó.

As I like tomatoes more than paprika, I followed the 1:1 ratio. About the sausages, I also followed Akoss' version (prepared in another pan, then put on the lecsó at the end).

Next week, I'm attempting to prepare chili beans.  ;)
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enjoy the adventures in the kitchen :)


Quote from: zaqrack on June 30, 2013, 03:54:42 AM
enjoy the adventures in the kitchen :)


Chili beans were prepared this evening. I've had them for dinner - they became hotter than I expected, but of course it wasn't a problem. ;) (I hadn't tasted the canned chili beans before, thought they weren't hot, so added quite a lot of extra chili and pepper.)

Plans for tomorrow: heavy farting and firey ass on closet! Luckily, no colleagues will be in the office.  8)
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I'm surprised to see that after so many years spent in hostel, Usrin learns cooking only now.


As a student I was too lazy, and I had no real need to cook. Those times I used to have lunch at the market hall close to the university (Fehérvári Road), where they had an incredible variety of relatively cheap and good meals. Moreover, cheap beer was available at the same place. But such places don't exist here.
Colour of living being is determined by the gene.