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International Stunts Master 2007

Started by Mark L. Rivers, November 26, 2006, 03:38:46 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Thanks for your congratulations Zak and CTG!  :)
And thanks also to Krys for his congratulations why I haven't bless!  ;)

Last work for ISM 2007: Analysis!

Check Single Race Standings and go after Maps to see Analysis of the races (use float-menu to go quickly to the race desired). Highlights:

Ayrton built his victory during 2nd section. He was in fact only 0"10 ahead Bonzai Joe at 1st intermediate and his 3rd section time is the same of Bonzai Joe and Mark L. Rivers (!). But his 2nd section time is fantastic: 1" faster than BJ (and 1"50 than Mark L. Rivers). High performances for CTG and Zak McKracken in 2nd section, but the way choosen didn't permit them to have enough speed to jump over the tunnel in last section.

Bonzai Joe reduces gradually his initial gap: 3rd at 1st intermediate, 2nd at 2nd int and 1st at finish. Great final section for him and great final section for Zak McKracken, both faster of all other drivers which choosen their respectively way.

Great first section by CTG over 1" faster than others except Krys TOFF (0"90). Remarkable result for AbuRaf70, 4th at first intermediate, ahead Gutix, Mark L. Rivers, Bonzai Joe, SuperBrian and Ayrton. Excluding Gutix's magic final, another great performance by CTG at third section (about 1"50 better than all others) and very valid time for SuperBrian at second intermediate (4th ahead Mark L. Rivers, AbuRaf70, Bonzai Joe, Krys TOFF and Zak McKracken)

See ISM site for all details!  ;)