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Started by Looger, December 10, 2006, 10:21:26 AM

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3.45 with the JAG, it really crashes less...


NoRH try (with numerous mistakes and car slow down) made with manual gears and without sound at my job (damn, Win XP make the game run jerkly) after some track learning attemps.
I only cut some loops, no other big shortcuts.
Replay attached.
edit : I forgot to tell : my time is 3'22"xx (don't remember exactly and I can't open Stunts as my colleagues are back from lunch and I'm not supposed to have any game installed on this computer ;D)


2:55, RH only when I crashed or totally left road. ;D



Available best is around 2:48-2:50 (with Jaguar)



Replay handling. When you rewind the replay to avoid a crash and continue.

I have some nice videos about it. Check YouTube and search for user MasterCTG. :)


Quote from: OverdrijfAnd what's RH? Replay help? ???
noRH is real racing. RH racing is search for optimum and maximized replay.
Once you know all the game tricks and possibilities with RH, you can do it racing noRH.
For example, I used the loop cut bug 3 times without RH at your JO track Overdrijf. ;)


You cut 3 loops (going under the right side) in one noRH race? That's nice luck, or a secret skill :)
But we can't be quite sure.


Quote from: BonzaiJoe on January 24, 2007, 11:25:25 PM
You cut 3 loops (going under the right side) in one noRH race? That's nice luck, or a secret skill :)

He uses dope. You know: at his age Viagra is necessary. ;D :P


Quote from: CTG
Quote from: BonzaiJoeYou cut 3 loops (going under the right side) in one noRH race? That's nice luck, or a secret skill :)
He uses dope. You know: at his age Viagra is necessary. ;D :P
Oooops ! After re-watching my replay, I have to admit that I cut only 2 loops this way, not 3.
I just had luck and enough speed. I don't need any pills. :P Doing loop cuts this way with Jag and enough speed is easy in noRH because Jag handling is precise and good.
One thing I can do easily in noRH too is boulevard entrance jump. I did it more than once during WSM in Aarhus Jacky, you where there to see it.

I made a dozen attempts, mainly with RH, in order to learn the track before making this noRH lap.
This track is not difficult, it's just that I lost a lot of time at the finish part of the track because banked corner don't have a straight part before the corner and so it's harder in noRH to keep track on the road properly. With RH I'm sure I can reach a time below 3 minutes.


Mmh, I keep crashing on the loops, but at least I can now rewind. Tried some of the RH (as you can see, not too much, it still looks like shit), on a new track. I'm sorry, I appear to be a total Jaguar fan, on this track mainly because the indy crashes when you make the big jump at full speed, it lands just after the hill. This is a map I made with trackbooster. It gives a nice overview, but it sucks for using a numpad I don't have, numlock isn't ideal.

EDIT: Jay! It works! Even I can do 3.20.55 on Jo...

I hate the calculation times staying the same when rewinding. I crashed into the looping at full speed and I couldn't get him to believe I should go through ones...

EDIT again: I hate pushing restart driving instead of continue all the time... :(



Oh Nailwood, why you never documented that Alt+F10 was "Skip to next track" shortcut in Track Blaster? I just lost about 15 minutes of terrain labouring...  :-\


Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

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