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Started by CTG, January 23, 2007, 12:35:54 AM

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My web browser is...

Internet Explorer
3 (13%)
9 (39.1%)
2 (8.7%)
Google Chrome
6 (26.1%)
1 (4.3%)
1 (4.3%)
1 (4.3%)

Total Members Voted: 21


Damn it, my computer is infected again by a Trojan shit - my old Norton Internet Security can't kill it, other antivirus softwares can't recognize it. The whole system is slow and I can't do anything against it. The worst thing: there are infected files on drive D: too - this is for important things (work, games, web, etc). Format, re-install... how I hate it! I'll lose my South Park collection again.  >:( :-\


Did you try Avast! or BitDefender ? (here's an online version of virus detection) (online virus check there too)


I have bad experiences with Avast. Norton Internet Security works fine, only the version is getting a bit old. But finally I fixed my problems - or I hope.


IE7 spent 40 minutes on my computer. Not less because the installing - very-very short testing - uninstalling process took this interval. It's a piece of crap without logical structure and with senseless handling + stupid design.


FireFox and Opera rules ! Forget IE.
I use IE only from my job as there is nothing else, but at home I use FireFox 2.0.


Well... I'm quite satisfied with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 - with well optimized Norton Internet Security. In most of the cases they work fine together and I have no real problems in use . On the other hand, XP is necessary for me at work, because most of the current scientific softwares need this operation system.


The problem with Internet Explorer is that it is by far the easiest browser to get hijacked.

And the problem with hijacking is that firewalls or anti-virus software don't really help you to much since it is actually your internetexplorer which is causing all the damage.
And since it's from Microsoft and integrated into the operating system it can do a lot :D.
So the only thing which you can really do is tediously removing all the damage after it happened.

So the bottom line is that you should not use IE if you don't want to get hijacked to my knowledge...


Maybe I am lucky with having no real problems (except once but it turned out to be my own fault).  I don't visit risky places, I don't open strange e-mail messages and never click on links I don't trust in. That's the most important security system, the human factor. :) I had some viruses earlier coming with files from spectroscopy databases (;D) because I trusted in the content and switched off firewall when it protested against the download.

Windows XP is far the best in Windows series. I use it since 2004 and I had blue death only twice (both because of Avast vs XP) and very-very rare other system failures. Another positive aspect is the handling: XP is logical, even a child can use it on high level. What's more, I have no significant problem in running Stunts under this operation system... :)


Hijacking doesn't have to do anything with opening files or making files.
You would basically just type and your computer is screwed. Easy as that.  :o

And about windows. There didn't really change much between 95 and XP....
All of them are close in architecture...


Quote from: ArgammonAnd about windows. There didn't really change much between 95 and XP....
All of them are close in architecture...

Win 9x series (95-98-98SE-Me) are close : FAT 32 file table (well, not really for 1st versions of Win 95 that were only FAT 16, FAT 32 started with Win 95 OSR2), full compatibility with real DOS or Win 3.1 programs, still a real DOS behind the Windows system (last one was number 8 for Win Me).

Win NT-2000-XP are close : NTFS file table, no more real DOS as (Internet) Explorer is now the core of the OS (that's why you can't remove IE, even if you don't use it as your web browser).

But between these 2 groups there are some differences.
2nd group is :
- much more stable (the only real benefit),
- has much more risks of hacking,
- requires twice more system memory to work (and even more with SP2 installed),
- have some compatibility problems with numerous real DOS, Win 3.1 or Win 9x programs.
For me these are main differences, especially because of compatibility problems and memory requirements. That's why I never used XP at home.
Apart from these differences, they are close. For example, none of them are real multi-tasks OS >:(. IBM's OS/2 published BEFORE Win 95 was a real multi-tasks OS. I still don't know how Win 95 managed to sell more than OS/2 Warp... ::) I used OS/2 Warp in 1995-1996 and I can tell it was much better than Win 95. But MicroSoft lobbying made OS/2 without any programs except IBM ones, so OS/2 got killed in a few years... >:(

Regarding sstem requirements, with Win vista it's even worse than XP SP2 ! Beautiful to see, but CPU and RAM requirements are pure madness for a simple OS.
I think Win 98SE remains the best Windows OS : enough for regular use, the most stable of the Win 9x series (but far from XP stability sadly), and can work properly even with 128 Mb RAM only. Only problem is to find drivers for new elements : USB ones mainly.

I still don't know when I'll change my computer (prices decrease but I still don't have enough money for it), but I already know that my OS will be Linux Mandriva (named Mandrake before) not Win Vista.
Mandriva 7 has a Windows XP compatibility feature that seems to work better and better. I tested it at a neighbour's computer, it's really efficient. We played some Win XP games like FlatOut and Counter-Strike without problems. Maybe I'll have both a Win 98SE (for older programs) and Mandriva if needed, but I don't want Win XP or Vista.


mandriva is a fine choice, but you can get nearly the same level of windows copatibility on each linux distribution. Mandriva is just more user-friendly. And french :D


Zak, you've never mentioned that you wrote such an amazing software for geology! :)
Colour of living being is determined by the gene.



Oh sorry, completely forgot, I wrote it between to chess matches :D

Did I also forget to mention that I spent llast year a defender in Vecs?s SC Football Club?

and lately I am the responsible one for Danish faxulty at the ELTE :D

so now you can see why I'm so busy ;)


 ?cs P?ter, a VIII. ker?leti rend?rkapit?nys?g b?n?gyi oszt?lyvezet?je lapunknak elmondta: a Combin?kra festett mot?vumok k?z?tt a rend?r?k felfigyeltek a PZA ?s a CHE bet?jelekre, amelyek k?t riv?lis graffitis csoportot jel?lnek. Ekkor jelentkezett egy fiatalember, aki azt ?ll?totta, t?bbeket ismer a k?t csoportb?l.

I also am a graffiti expert :D


Finally I was able to buy myself a decent notebook! I desperately needed one for one of my jobs, so I simply had to, altough I planned to ask my brother to bring me one from the USA in the summer, I found one in Hungary for a nice price, so bought it :)

It's an IBM ThinkPad X20 subnotebook.
Of course it's used, but refurbished and with the brand new batteries it can run for almost 4 hours without AC power.
Thin and light - only 1.6kg, the 12" LCD displays a sharp 1024x768px resolution, which is enough for everything.
I've also got FreeDOS installed with a boot menu - so I can play Stunts as it should be played - native from DOS! :)

With it's excellent condition, the new batteries, new 40GB HDD, wifi card and a docking station for 240EUR it was quite a bargain :)