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Partnership to Stunts LOL

Started by Shoegazing Leo, November 24, 2002, 03:57:49 AM

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Shoegazing Leo

I need a partner to Stunts LOL administration: help me to refresh the replays and give some ideas to website and to competition...
If i not find the partner the "one replay allowed rule" will continue, because i don't have effort time to administrate mny replays....
With the partner, this rule falls...
The International Stunts LOL 2003 Website is almost ready to go to the web... on the next weeks this will be ready to the Official Release Of Competition (The 2002's Champion is Krys Toff).


YEAH  :!:
I'm the Champion  :!:
I like the "Only one replay allowed" idea then. :D
I was the fatest to send my rpl and my time was the best... :D
Maybe Argammon won't consider me as a trainee anymore. :wink:

As for site admin, sorry Leo, but :
1/ i don't know anything about HTML and so on,
2/ i don't have the time,
3/ i'll be too busy trying to keep my champion title,
4/ i don't have the time,
5/ i've got only a single modem and a 50 Hours/month connection,
6/ i don't have the time AT ALL.

Sorry again pal.
But keep up the good work on Stunts LOL :!:
I'm with u in thoughts.


I'm really sorry, but neither I have enough time for helping you.  :(
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