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ZCT80 - Newborn

Started by zaqrack, January 01, 2008, 05:49:38 PM

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It's "P?linka"... Do not taint its holy name with misspellings.
By the way, I very much doubt that's the prize.
But we can't be quite sure.


most likely it'll be a high quality Cordura shoulder bag, preferably black, with the yellow Stunts logo on it and the text: "ZakStunts champion 2008" below., only one existing in the whole universe.  :)



P?linka? Hmmmmmm... Maybe I should open Stuntcoholic Championship with the mentioned fluid prize. ;D

Or Borsodi Cup.  ;)


deadline as announced, but site update will only take place during the weekend.
Reasons here:

Mark L. Rivers

Great challenge with Ayrton! And very different choices of path between us!
I tried to make a short analysis and, here it is!

While Ayrton chooses to follow the shorter path, I research the Powergear (find it) since the beginning: short PG tract but I'm first at red line, -0,45 on Ayrton.

Then Ayrton demonstrates me how an elevated corner has to be approach (I've never seen a faster driver on elevated corner than Ayrton...) and he leads strongly at orange line: -0,95 (partial in this section: +1,40, shame on me...). I'll try to make a useful training...

And we are at the long final PG tract! I succeed to invert the direction before than Ayrton choosing then not to approach the U/D corkscrew directly but passing around it (touching its angle just not to take a penalty). Ayrton follows a longer line but then a cleaner path than me. Anyway, I rescue a lot and at the black line my gap is only +0,20.
Then, due to the previous choices, I have to follow the bank road while Ayrton can cut the curve: in this way Ayrton arrives at the hill with a new increased gap on me (+1,05) but, again due to the previous choices, I approach the hill with a better angle and this permits me to reduce again the gap until the final +0,40 (sure both amazing our final slides even if Ayrton finds really a useful rebound).

Congratulations to Ayrton! I have only a big disappointment, that is not to succeed to finish a final replay where I had made a very shorter inversion before the U/D corkscrew (as you can see in the attached replay), even if I didn't succeed to avoid the penalty for, I think, some inches...: really a pity, because at the black line I had a time 1,30 seconds better... :-/
But it was anyway a good race for me! When I stay so near to Ayrton with Indy, it's anyway a win for me. :)
OK, let's see if the thing will be on Z81 too... ;)


My congratulations to Ayrton for the extraordinary victory, and also to Mark, to have fought span to span during the whole competition.
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.


Nice analysis Mark, Z80 was a hard battle.
i think that must have some way to put both to cars in the same replay, like when we run with the opponent, it could be amazing,
but i don´t know about programming  :-\
Thanks Abu and congratulations to you, 5 isn´t bad.