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Why do we use the chat and why don't we?

Started by Cas, May 26, 2023, 11:19:29 PM

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Hey, guys. We've been previously discussing the possibility of switching to another form of chat or improving it in a way that will make us use it more. At the same time, the Telegram group came up and also, we experimented with Element. Our official chat, we still use, mostly for live races and to gather to wait for the end of ZakStunts races, but sometimes, it and the forum won't let somebody in when there are many already online.

So my question is why each of us uses or does not use the chat at any one time and how important it is to us to have an official chat. I'm not the one running it, but I do care about it, so I'm willing to help if we can do something about it.

Personally, I like about the official chat that it's part of our community, run by community members and that, potentially, we can have access to older chats, we own the data, there's no spyware involved, etc. I find it very "family-like" when we gather there for a live race or to wait for race results and I enjoy that. What I don't like is that I sometimes can't log in if there are many people connected, that there isn't a way to use an external client and that, I think, it's not possible to share files and images there, but none of those is a serious matter to me. However, because the Telegram group exists and I can open that immediately and I see many other folks use it, I tend to get directly to it instead of going to the chat, but I would really like for that environment to be "ours".

About Telegram, I like that I can get to it very quickly, because I have the client on my computer and that so many of you guys use it and that we can share files and photos quickly. I don't like that it's spyware, like mostly every commercial chat nowadays, that it doesn't use a standard protocol that would allow me to easily find another client personalised for my tast, that we never know when we might lose the chat text and we can't easily export and store all that in a way that we can comfortably analyse it later.

I liked Element too, although, even being free software, it is spyware too because it relies on Google reCAPTCHA and similar stuff, but it is much freer (is it spelled that way) than Telegram, but well, it wasn't well embraced.

Although it's not my case, I realise that probably, being able to run a chat platform on your cell phone is a reason why many of you feel comfortable with Telegram better than Stunts chat, but I don't know.

Anyway, what are your reasons?  Would you, like me, like that Stunts chat were comfortable enough so that we can just use it all the time instead of Telegram?

What I can help with is this: I could develop or help develop a web based chat that looked more like something modern and very Stunts-looking, with some perks that would facilitate Stunts-related activities. I can make my source completely open if I do and give it so it can be modified, enhanced or whatever and put where you think is best, maybe to co-work with the current chat or whatever. Would that help?  Or otherwise, I'll help any way I can that's good.

Also, for those of you who're heavy cell phone users, are web-based platforms comfortable to pull up and use or are they a lot less comfortable than native apps?  I have no idea about how to program cell phone applications. But who knows... maybe, say, there is some software that allows to convert web-based code into compiled apks?  Anyway, I'm here offering any help I can give if needed. Cheers!
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I'm somewhat allergic to chat generally, and in fact I have surprised myself with how active I have been on the Telegram group over the last several months. I think the messenger app model really makes the chat more inviting, not just due to the convenience of running it on a phone, but also because of the notification management features, and more broadly the ease of leaving it on the background and joining the conversation as desired.

On the alternatives, I feel implementing a chat system of our own would not give a good return for the time we'd have to invest in that. If we were to migrate from Telegram and unify the chats, I think Element could be a good compromise between various visions of what our chat could be, as outlined some time ago by @dreadnaut . Technical aspects aside, The key thing in setting up a new chat would be having a critical mass of users so that it sees constant activity. (Ideally, of course, we'd for one have everyone from Telegram moving over...)