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Stunts MOBILE? J2ME version of STUNTS is coming?

Started by netsoftware, December 14, 2008, 12:49:17 PM

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Do you want to play this game on mobile phone?

Yes! Of cource!!!
May be... may be...
If I have nothing to do...
No... difenetly no! This game is not for mobile!


Hi, guys!

Quote from: Svenne
As a Stunts fan, I'd love to see this. I have a few ideas for it:
Improved graphics: Since you'll be writing it from scratch, why not add some more detail? I'd rather see a successor to Stunts than a remake. Examples are textures (of course), real transparency and maybe soft-body physics like this.
It's going to be a mix of Stunts and Trackmania, so you'll see some improvements...

  • textures - yes, on cars and tracks elements...
  • real transparency - forget it, it's a mobile game... and any transparency needs double repaint, and down the framerate
  • soft-body physics - it's cool thing, but not for now... it's not important for gameplay and we have a lot to do without this cool addition...  ::)

Quote from: Svenne
Two track editors: I also want a more sofisticated track editor, with more levels, and terrain editor. However, since people also wanted a simpler editor, why not have two of them?
Hahahaaa... may be three? Why not? We have 100 free of work programmers who need to do something... so I'll tell them... ;)
Sorry, but for this game will be only one editor... and no terrain edit abilities... guys, it's mobile game... and we have no budget to make such things, and belive me or not - THIS IS NOT REALLY NEEDED!  ::)

Quote from: Svenne
Gameplay: One of the ideas in the topic was easier gameplay. I'd say yes, to an extent. Keep all the realism from the PC game, but add more speed tolerance; 40 mph should be ok. Easier handling shouldn't be needed as long as you don't want to use auto-throttle, wich is an absolute no-no.
As I say before... we will make mix of Stunts and Trackmania... no one need car simulator on mobile, 'couse there is no "wheel" or "keyboard" at least - we have stupid "mobile keys"  :'(

Quote from: Svenne
Single/multiplayer: A multiplayer funtion via bluetooth would be great. However, the game should also have a singleplayer funtion, since you cannot always play against other people.
About bluetooth... we will think. But first is going to be another kind of multiplayer... guess what? ;)

Quote from: Svenne
Car names: Regarding names of cars, I think you should keep the old one. I doubt Ferrari or Porsche ever will find about this game, and even if they do, I doubt even Ferrari would care the slightest. At least as long as you keep the game free of charge ;)
Quote from: Duplode
Unfortunately I don't believe Netsoftware is developing a free game - it is not much of a viable model for mobile games...
Hmmmm... we plan to release 2 version of game... one, lets call it TM1 - will be free (may be with real cars names, may be not), and second one TM2 will be with sms activation (changed names, but I bet you will recognize em easy...)!

Quote from: Duplode
BTW, judging from their Wolfenstein clone I think Netsoftware will do a fair job in improving graphics.
It's not a just a clone, you should play it to see the difference, go or or and download free trial version of this trilogy game. But of cource we have made a game by inspire from original Wolf3D ;) John Romero like it too ;D



Sure, I want to play this game on Mobile, but only if is a good version, some games transformed to Mobiles Sucks.
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I spent 10 minutes making a control sheet (see attachment). I also have a question about the sound: will the game have realistic engine sound FX, like in normal racing games? All other games I've seen either have no sound (only music), or really crappy sound (NFS ProStreet :C).


But we can't be quite sure.




Many phones can run DosBox, so they should be able to run Stunts too. E.g. an older nokia s60, most android stuff, ios stuff, etc.


There is also the possibility of connecting a PS3 controller to your android through bluetooth.

Would be useful for console emulators and Stunts!!  Especially on a tablet.




Quote from: dreadnaut on February 14, 2013, 12:08:21 PM
Many phones can run DosBox, so they should be able to run Stunts too. E.g. an older nokia s60, most android stuff, ios stuff, etc.
But what's up with people, who have Nokia S40, like me? It's weaker than S60
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Quote from: GTAMan17 on October 30, 2020, 08:26:34 PM
But what's up with people, who have Nokia S40, like me? It's weaker than S60
I think most phones can run it. I have a cheap Motorola and have no problems.
I use magic dosbox, the free version only allows 1 game profile though. But you can customise buttons very well.
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It didn't quite work for me, but I don't have the fastest phone. Playing on a port of an emulator apparantly eats quite a bit of processing power. See this topic and this topic as well.

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