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Visiting Europe

Started by Cas, May 28, 2022, 05:08:07 PM

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November, I'd suggest central-southern Europe: more light, possibly better weather. But you would have the odd chance of torrential rain :D   Nothern Europe gives you increasing darkness, and guaranteed light-rain ::)

Up here in Edinburgh I'm a bit out of the way, but there's a spare bed. The local airport is just outside the city* and well connected.I would need to know about dates quite early though, because I'm likely to travel in October-possibly-November too.

(*) Beware that some airports in Europe are ~2h bus away from the city they allegedly connect to.


Thanks!  Well, I have a problem. From Argentine, we can enter the UK without a problem, but I'm travelling with my girlfriend and she's Peruvian. She needs to get a visa and it looks complicated, so we'll see if I can make it to the UK. If it weren't for that issue, it was a must on the trip for me.

To visit Europe, I would've preferred March, but again, my girlfriend doesn't have a flexible choice like I do. I can technically get my vacations whenever I want.
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Still don't have a place in Utrecht, so looks like you won't be crashing at my house if and when you visit it. (Tone of this remark: mix between :( and 8).) My current city was much easier to move to.


Oh... I'll be in Utrecht on the 16th of November. I will actually pass by on the 15th, but the 16th and 17th are the days when I will actually spend time there
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.