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Started by Mark L. Rivers, February 03, 2009, 10:27:54 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

I think it will sound quite unexpected and strange, but, without many preambles, I announce here my retirement from all the official Stunts races.
It's not easy for me finding the right words to explain the reasons, and maybe I would need a lot of time to express correctly my thoughts. Anyway, even finding time and words, I think I wouldn't be able to explain the thing so to be comprised, and the guilt wouldn't be mine or yours.
I can only say that, as I recently realized, it's time for me to spend more time for most essential activities related to me and my family. This would reduce drastically the time I could dedicate to the races, not enough to obtain results paired for what I'm able to do. I'm not able to race as someone does, that is racing often just to write own name on the scoreboard. I like that spirit, but I haven't it. I want to give my best, and when I can't, I prefer not to take part in a contest.
But, anyway, this is only a side of the issue, the most explicable one. The other one is that would result only partially comprehensible.

As it's usual for a non affected "good-bye", I wouldn't like spending many speeches, but let me spend only some words as compendious of this extraordinary period of my life.

Well, it has been really a wonder ride, three years full of emotions, a joyful dive in the past, an inimitable way to keep alive the children inside me. I found special people, students, fathers, retirees, jointed by an unwonted passion for an old-new toy, as if they had inside a special material so to be attracted by a unique magnet.
I'll bring with me, the consciousness to have lived a very special experience, matchless with any other one. And I'm very happy to have given my contribute with my presence, and all my actions (SDR, SWR, born of the Official NORH contest and Speedgate XSD) to fillip and preserve this magic world.

Will I succeed to stay away from all of you, Stunts drivers? It won't be easy, that's sure. Stunts is, in a certain way, inside me. But, anyway, I'm not thinking to cut every bridge behind me. I think that between whiles you'll see me appearing suddenly and unexpectedly in a certain race, or maybe as designer afterward a kindly invite. And it's not sure that it won't be a certain contest in 11 months... ;)
But if, for any reason, all this won't be possible, I hope that my name will sound good when you'll remember it.

Thanks all for the emotions all you permitted me to live, and... long live to Stunts!


Quote from: Mark L. Rivers on February 03, 2009, 10:27:54 PM
Will I succeed to stay away from all of you, Stunts drivers?

My experience tells me: No, you won't!  :) One day you'll go into your old-cars-garage, lift the foil, smell this perfect oily smell of an attended machine, pet your good old Indy, just for fun sit down inside, take on your helmet and in a thousandth of a second you'll be back in a Stunts race!

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pipsqueaks come and pipsqueaks go. Sometimes even the best ones need to have a rest. You will come back, I'm sure.


Mark, I completely understand your decision even though we are not the same as I'm one of those who prefer to race for only for fun as well.
I'm sure you won't completely disappear, and will lurk around in the forums in the near future as well - after all, the forum is not only about Stunts. :)

I have learned a lot from you as a contest manager. Seeing your enthusiasm forced me to return to ZakStunts and start improving it, exactly when I was in the worst mood ever and the competition started to fall apart. 4 months absence, and it took a year to recover. Seeing the freshness of he 2009 season I dare to say ZakStunts is finall back to its former glory - but there is a constant decrease in the number of top drivers. Or there isn't?

Perhaps your goodbye (and Ayrton's absence, Friker's appearance along with many new newbies and teams) is the sign of a generation change, a new generation of pipsqueaks emerging again. I have already lost count which generation this will exactly be, I should really update the competition history before I forget what happened. After all, I've already spent almost 10 years in the Stunts competition world, but still these years seem so short and went away so fast. And I guess I am one of those ones who never will (and never can) leave.   

So I hope that even though you'll retire from active racing you'll remain an important and active member of our little community and find the balance between Stunts and Life. :)



What ? :o
Why ? ???
I can't believe it. :-\
No, that can't be true. ::)
Oh damn, it's true. :-[
We'll miss you...  :'(


How very sad :(

When I saw the thread title, I thought "no, it can't be his retirement...". You are and have been important to the community because of your initiative and innovation, expanding the world of Stunts.
I'm glad to see you are not "banging the door" saying you will never return. This sounds more sensible, and if you decide it wasn't the right decision, please don't feel too proud to return fully :)

That said, I understand perfectly that you want to spend more time on other things. Stunts is after all only a game. Then again, it's not a problem I myself have. Maybe I have more free time than you, so I still have time for other things, but I also find it easy just to race when I want to and have the time, and then stay out of it (or just send quick listfillers) when I want to spend my time on other things. It would be great if you could achieve a similar philosophy, because you will really be missed from the community!

Au revoir, hopefully  :)
But we can't be quite sure.


This announcement has definitely struck me, Mark, and I'm still sort of at a loss for words... the name "Mark L. Rivers" will surely remain associated with a number of innovations on Stunts racing, as well as with the ever-present dashing enthusiasm. On a personal level, however, there is something beyond: I grown up as a pipsqueak by racing with, and then against, you. From marvelling at your times on my very first race down to our epic struggles at FTT, I always looked up and saw both a powerful pipsqueak and a gentleman, and it was a true honour to be able to relish in our peculiar rivalry. Now that you decided to, gracefully as usual, step away, I can only wish you fortune, and hope this won't be the last time we'll have our paths cross and cherish it in this very special place. And... just one more wish... if someday in the future there happens to be another Kalpen race, I'd really enjoy to, even if for the last time, be able to challenge you again... :)

Thank you!


Well, what can I say... I'm really surprised to see this. Specially after yopur fantastic performance in FTT0201. I hope you retires from RH racing (Which absorbs more time) and will still take part in FTT. I loved our battles in SDR and I loved FTT races where I had time (and mood) to race seriously against you. We hadn't have many RH fights, as my only serious races happened to be when you weren't here.Maybe that's why my sorrow lays more on the NoRH side of stunts. The starter of it, out of it is kinda sad...

Good luck with everything you do with your life, and of course, come back to forum every once in a while and drop some lines for us.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)