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Stunts on the wii - an experiment starring Zak's hand

Started by zaqrack, February 16, 2015, 10:13:38 PM

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I have a well-treasured Nintendo Wii. We had a NES when I was very young, so I sort of grew up with Mario and his friends and believe Nintendo makes the best consoles ever. But that's beside the point. :) The Wii is a 9 year old machine now sold in great numbers and as such can be heavily customized.

That means DOSbox runs as well. Which brings us to... Stunts! Can it work? I had to try.
So I loaded DOSbox and Stunts on my Wii's memory card and started some experiments.

I have started DOSbox from the Wii homebrew browser - after dosbox.conf was pre-configured for 4000 cycles and mounting + auto-starting Stunts.

It starts!

It actually runs quite pleasant, not 100% smooth but playable. Raising the cycles unfortunately does not seem to help, movement becomes jerky. Screen quality is OK, I have a HDMI 720p scaler device plugged on the Wii, that probably does not help Stunts much, it could be better without it. But its OK.

Trouble is: controls. Of course I can play with a USB keyboard plugged in on thw Wii, but what's the fun in that? So off we go to the DOSbox Wii wiki to learn and the  keymapper to configure stuff a bit...

The joystick is an obvious choice. It is mapped to the Wii's Nunchuk and works without extra configuration, just needs the usual calibration.

All I had to configure was to map the shifting keys to the two buttons on the Nunchuk. There we go, see it in action!

Well, nobody said it will be easy, have you tried driving a car with your thumb only? :)

But I know what everyone is interested in... after all the Wii has a motion-controlled remote. Can we motion control Stunts?
The motion control maps to the... mouse. Damn. I guess none of you play Stunts with mouse controls. No wonder.

I mapped the mouse buttons to the B and A buttons on the Wii, activated mouse controls in Stunts and went for yet another test drive:

Mouse controls... duh. I actually recorded four videos in all of which I was unable to stay on the road longer than in this one. You are supposed to center the mosue before turning in the other direction... not what motion control was meant for.

So for now: no motion control suitable for Stunts is the conclusion of my experiment. It may be continued :)



Quote from: Shoegazing Leo on February 16, 2015, 10:43:29 PM

But, please, turn off the flash

no way I could have taken proper pictures using my smartphone with the flash off. and using a camera is not an option when you are driving with one hand :)