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ZCT 93 - crossworld

Started by Overdrijf, March 01, 2009, 12:07:09 PM

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I'm betting on large time differences within the board, some people are bound to find a really good line in this one.


I think we will see small time differences in the top (below Ayrton). It's an extremely simple and easy track, which is nice for finishing laps with several different cars. But it also means you really have to dig into the treasure chamber of your skills to find the gem that is a truly sparkling lap.

Likely cars:


Out of the question:

But we can't be quite sure.


I'm going for this great looking longcut for which I need loads and loads of replay handling, and all it does is make my replays longer. :(


Of the replays for this track, I was most impressed by Overdrijf's, which was just like a talented newbie replay should be: some really impressive and innovative trickery, and then some very elementary faults. You could really go and win a race soon - you just need to work very much on your corners. No use doing a wild trick if you lose the same amount of time driving simple corners. And then you could choose a better car. Speedgate was better than Jaguar on this track, for example. But I see so much potential...
But we can't be quite sure.


Yeah, the cornering is a problem. It's also the reason I picked the jaguar over the speedgate, I didn't get the handling right so I came in slower. Well, at least I'll get plenty of time to practice corners on track 94...