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Sports 2008-

Started by CTG, April 20, 2008, 11:07:27 PM

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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Russia won again ice hockey WCH, beating Canada in the final. Swedish team, missing all its key players still having work in NHL, earned promising bronze medal. Hungary finished last.

In the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Washington Capitals after a very long a tiring series. They won 6-2 in the decisive battle in Washington. This was probably the real Conference Final, because after this, they swept out the Carolina Hurricanes 4-0, only one game out of 4 was a close one. The mighty Detroit Red Wings will wait for them in the Stanley Cup Final - just like last year. Let's hope the Pens will win this one, too - unlike last year. :)
Chürműű! :-)

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dirty dicksucker cheater overdrafted penguins - Detroit Red Wings 2-1 (series "won" by pit, 4-3), but poo has still no job and he has penis cancer in his hand. :D

Topic closed for a while. :P