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Started by Duplode, September 28, 2009, 03:22:16 AM

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Track building started today. So far I can tell you two things about the next round. First of all, expect a long track, as I do not think I'll be able to pull off the desired effect with a standard-length circuit (those of you who raced or followed JACStunts will have a rough idea on what to expect). Second: a key design goal this time is making the track as beautiful as possible  :)


Nearly ready; now just need to fine tune a sector or two and do further landscaping work. Listened to Coldplay, Opeth and The Sisters of Mercy during design, so nevermind if the resulting track feels a bit schizophrenic  :)


Track is now open. With the non-standard length, Melange deployment and even a little multi-way switching puzzle, it became sort of a tribute to USC-style designs. Which is a good thing I guess  :) I tried to keep things balanced so you'll find the long ride diverse and enjoyable throughout... let's see if you'll find that as well ;)


I really hope I will be able to hit the track this time. ZCT100 design and preparation made me skip the previous track :(

Mark L. Rivers

Lovely track, with exciting passages through hills and sharp curves! :)   Winning time around 2 minutes, I hope to find time enough to manage my Melange in order to lunging my winning-stripe... ;)


I am slightly shocked by the lap I have just done, considering it was done on a quite short (relative to the track length) session and that the pre-release "sanity check" lap was around Mark's time. Either way, I guess the winning time guess should be lowered to about 1.55. And I can enjoy some leading at last, even if not for long  :)


Hope you don't mind the delayed update, as the new laps surely can make the proceedings more interesting  :) BTW, there will be a brief "quiet" period very similar to this one as I will be away from Sunday to Wednesday evening next week - but don't worry, final days will be reported as live as it is possible.


As you may have noticed through, I am back from a brief travel; so expect normal updating to resume from tonight onwards. And I really should start to put effort on the final track, BTW...


Just a further warning: I intend to attempt improving my lap. Having myself winning a race in my own contest wouldn't be good for anyone, so you have another good reason to try and race hard!  :D


With that track and car combination you kicked me out of the race. And there's no fight for the leading time because of it :P Hope Mark will race serious on this crap track, and will win it. Yuck  :-X


Partly because I am still racing this time I am declaring quiet days until the deadline. If anybody feels that is inappropriate or somehow unfair, please let me know of your complaints. All I'm saying for now is that so far there are three new replays waiting unopened in the mailbox... ;)


Pardon me for any inconsistencies: I have just hurriedly finished the partial update and am sleep-broken... anyway, Solsbury results are available...

Mark has mathematically assured the title - congratulations!  ;) As for his lap itself, the highlight is probably the incredibly simple and clean line took at the highway split/hill slope/sharp turn/highway split combo that precedes the final section. The other highlight of the race is SuperBrian, who performed some mighty fine sections. Hadn't auto-gearing cost him significant time on the fast-jumping parts my second place would be under serious threat... it was also nice to see BJ taking part, as well as Mingva sending at least a semi-listfiller in order to avoid undeservingly handling me overall second place on a plate.

Fifth track preparations suffered some delays, but I still hope to be able to release it tomorrow. If not, Tuesday at the very most. Stay tuned!

Mark L. Rivers

Cervical pains pushed me to wake up early this morning...  ::)

But checking this topic I can said it was a very good way to start this day!  :)

Thanks for the congratulations! :)
Since Duplode began (last February) to talk me about a contest managed by himself, I promised him that I would have honoured the competition with my presence, even I had just announced my retirement from the official competition. And I'm glad to have kept my word in the possible best way, also because The Southern Cross Stunts Trophy is really a great contest, impeccably managed, with enagaging and exciting tracks and also strong opponents as Mingva and Zak have been in the first rounds.
I have to say that I was lucky not to have found Ayrton on my path, since I think that with O(T)WOOT rules he's even more strong than with RH standard rules... And also I was lucky that Duplode didn't show all his O(T)WOOT skill (until here... ;)) in his own competition.

Anyway, there is still another round and you can be sure that I'll try to realize the en-plein winning even the last race, above all thinking that "rumors" from another topic say that the car to be used has a big rear wing and a strange boost over a certain speed...  ;)  I hope in a great challenge with many top drivers engaged in the final round of this contest, that really deserves a big tribute for its elegance and refinement, and for its excellent management!  :)