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Most winning cars for driver

Started by Mark L. Rivers, September 07, 2009, 05:33:12 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Another interesting statistic, I think...

The table below includes the races competed in two contests where all cars are used, that is ZakStunts from 2001 to 2007 and USC from 2003 to 2008. I didn't include the ZakStunts results after the introduction of the formula that always permits to use every car (bonus system) because I think it alters a bit the meaning of the statistic.

Anyway, keeping in count that DB reports only one-car-for-track races, you can see:

1) The percentage about the cars used in the 146 races included. For example, the most used car is the Indy (23 races, 16% of the races competed) while the car used for the lower percentage of races is the LM002 (7 races, 5%), excluding some cheated cars (Skoda, Knight R., Lada Niva)

2)  The car mostly winning for every driver. For example, it's confirmed that Jaguar is the favourite car of CTG (4 wins on 22 races, 18%), while Bonzai Joe seems to prefer Acura, Countach and Porsche 962 (3 wins for every three cars, that is 9 wins on 18 races competed, pair to the 50% of his total wins in this table).


1) No one has been able to win more than 2 races with Indy. It seems that, obviously, there are a quite high number of specialists with it.

2) Ayrton has won with 8 different cars but not with Acura, Audi, Corvette and Ferrari.

3) Bonzai Joe has won with 10 different cars but not with Corvette.

4) CTG has won with 12 different cars but not with Countach


ZCT Plus tracks were not counted? Because I won one with Skoda  :P



As for me, it feels weird how I have victories with the only cars I actually despise (NSX and Countach) and yet never won a pure Ferrari race (3rd in both USL rounds and then Visegrad was a multi-car race, not to mention the notorious defeat to Mark at FTT0107). Maybe it's just there are too few Ferrari races nowadays :)  


How did I miss this topic... :-\ Countach SUCKS! ;D


Wow! My only Zakstunts victory is with a car with which none of the 2 drivers I consider the best (Ayrton and BJ) won: Corvette! Suddenly my victory with Corvette over Ayrton even when I shared my .rpl with him back in 2005 got even bigger!
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)