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Comments about races: why so poor?

Started by Mark L. Rivers, September 18, 2009, 01:32:39 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Too much rarely drivers express their impressions about the track (for example about its crucial passages) and the races (for example their feelings about the challenge in act or about their thoughts about the final results).
It's true, the members of this community, like any other community, talk about a quite large number of topics, but I think that the comments about the races are too poor. Everyone has logically different interests and sure there's the pleasure (someone more, someone a bit less) to talk about that. But, I mean, we are here because we are Stunts [r]acers. It's the passion towars the game and the races that lead us to join in this community. So I think that everyone should focus a bit more on the races, not to let that passing weeks before public own thought about a track or a race. Otherwise the members of this community will live only expecting special events (as ZCT100) or mainly replying when "spammers" write.
Real sports lives on comments, reactions, dazedness watching amazing challenge and fantastic results. The passion is supplied by that. Since we are mainly and fundamentally [r]acers, the thing should be the same things even for us and our little world.
It's strange these args come from a retired or, maybe better, an "occasional" driver as I am. But that's my thought. I only hope that my passion, so faced by lack of time, won't be higher than the passion of regular drivers.
When the passion decreases, it could be really dangerous because keeping high the desire to race becomes very difficult, with logical consequences even on other community's activities...


It's always fun to read what the other pipsqueaks read at the moment.